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Empty Streets in Warsaw welcome President Obama: President Barack Obama visited mainly Jewish descendants in Warsaw

carlos benson|Friday, May 27, 2011

Today's Friday-the first day of the visit of U.S. President Barak Obama in Poland. Flying out of France, the president flew to Warsaw, 20 minutes before time. It turns out that at the airport  Okecie  he spoke  with veterans invited to  welcome him, it is not known whether if  among them  was  Admiral Kolodziejczyk , who  on one time had  the name of  Robert Caimer (Semitic).

Surprisingly, when the presidential column rode down the street of Zwirki Wigury, in Warsaw nobody could see cheering Poles.

  Alongside President’s limousine, ambulances, buses from the teams to disarm bombs, as well as several police cars were present.  On his way to Presidential Palace, Obama stopped in front of the Monument dedicated to the Ghetto Heroes in Warsaw Muranów.  Before getting there he stopped at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where he was greeted by the mayor of Warsaw Grundbaum Haka, usually known as Hanna Gronkiewicz-Walz.
President Obama probably made a mistake, instead of stopping by the Monument of Warsaw Uprising; "he could" only get to the Monument of the Ghetto Heroes, where he laid flowers. There, he spoke to the minister Zdrojewski, who reminded him of the history of Polish Jews. It should also  be added  that Rabbi Michael Schudrich  greeted him  as an official of Polish entity .At the monument of the Ghetto Heroes Rabbi Michael Schudrich,  and the  President have long conversation. Next to him was Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, who talked for long with the President. Wladyslaw Bartoszewski speaks often about his Jewish roots.
 From the Ghetto Heroes monument, before arriving at the Presidential Palace, where the president was greeted by Bronislaw Komorowski who was born with Semitic origins.  

   It is notable that the press in Poland on the occasion of the visit criticizes Obama's massive security measures. Media describe the gigantic traffic jams in the city, the mess and the lack of good information and often only hypothetically existing diversions. Compared with Obama's visit in Ireland and the UK. Britain, Barak Obama and his wife greeted the crowds. There were handshakes, warm cheers and hugs with the President. In Warsaw, there's no chance, because of the unprecedented security measures, to the extent that the agenda of the visit of U.S. President does not provide for meetings with "ordinary people". And only those with the "chosen people" from Jewish origin.

  For Warsaw residents, it was not just a nightmare on Friday to return from work, but also a Saturday morning commute simply put the city was paralyzed due to the Presidents’ Obama visit.

  Although Mr. Obama has changed the scheduled  program , instead of going directly  from the monument to the Presidential  Palace he  came to the hotel  searching  for the opportunities  to take  pictures a  with the Poles, but he  looked for them  in vain.

 President Obama, riding in an empty Krakowskie Przedmiescie, saw only a few people here and there. When he came to the Presidential Palace, he was greeted by Bronislaw Komorowski  having  Jewish roots as well as by others with this same origin.   It is interesting to remark, that even Marek Siwiec from the list of Jews having an impact on the media in Poland regrets that the U.S. president has no contact with the Polish crowd but only the "chosen people “of Jewish descent. As is well known, Barak Obama is really himself, when he greets the crowd.

 During the Obama’s visit, sensation of the day is the refusal of Lech Walesa (apparently of Semitic roots: Leib Kohne) to meet with Obama.  It’s not known what’s going on, but it's hard to understand Walesa refusal to greed Obama in Poland.  One can only guess that the visit is not the best prepared, because such things should be handled before the visit taking place. It is remarkable too, that Aaron Bucholtz also known as Leszek Balcerowicz has refused a meeting with the President of USA.  One might add that Balcerowicz is trying to justify his refusal by going to a meeting of G-30 in Switzerland.

 As for the president of the United States he felt “at home” in Poland so he has already made remarkable promises. Barak Obama asserted in an interview that in 2013 he will come to Warsaw for the opening of the Museum of Jewish History. He even said that he is coming not  alone, but together with his daughters.
     To the disappointment of many the present    of USA did not   visited the Warsaw Uprising Museum, although in this uprising more than 120 thousand. Insurgents were killed and more than 200 thousand of Warsaw inhabitants. To shed the light on   the tragedy of Warsaw it may be mentioned that in the Jewish ghetto uprising only about 700 Jews perished.
 It should be noted that during the welcome and at the dinner, President Obama came without Michelle Obama.

After the dinner, Mr. Obama went to his hotel. Thus he ended the first day of the visit.
  On Saturday morning, the president will meet with U.S. diplomats working in Warsaw, as well as many representatives of the Polish-American interests. Many of them, if not all, are’ our elder brothers in faith.'' They are currently interested in the benefits to be gained from investing in oil and gas from Polish slate.  After lunch, the U.S. president is due to meet with selected families whose members died 10th of April at Smolensk. We also know that at the American embassy he is going to meet Martha Kolstein,   known as Mrs. Martha Kaczynska, wife of an attorney Dubieniecki.  Briefly reporting at Obama's visit to Poland, I purposely did not write about diplomatic discussions about  the presence of American aircrafts in Poland , current political problems associated with the Arab spring, or the war in Afghanistan. `
Carlos Benson
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