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Judeo-Christianity (Jews-Christians mutual ideological infulence)-myth or reality?

marian baginski|Sunday, July 24, 2011

A popular ideology of "political correctness” has its source in the neoliberal approach to the history and critical thinking. This approach undermines and dilutes the spiritual heritage of Europe, and deliberately misleads to different and tortuous approaches of the reality around us.
 Political correctness as a curiosum is valid not only in the media, but what is worse; it is practiced in a pseudo scientific research. In many ways infiltrates awareness, turns plain false into true, distort the image of the world, which is consistent with the facts based on sound scientific research

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Now as a matter of fact, it is suggested that Judeochristianity has its genesis and development of Christianity and Judaism during the development after the birth of Christ.
  What is striking, even for unfamiliar with the problems of genesis of religions and of others is the fanciful language persistently existing for over twenty years? This is suggested in the media circuit, that” Judoeochristianity "is to be found in the origins of Christianity and in the Judaism.
When it comes to the reality, this term was freely used, and has long been cited for the early-Christian religious communities in the territories of Palestine which was then under the domination of the Roman Empire, as well as other religious communities formed in areas of contemporary Greece, which was also under the domination of the Romans. This term refers to the then Judeo-Christian communes located in what was then Palestine, referring only to ethnic composition (it is Jews), and had no ideological overtones.
Yet today, according to "political correctness" – people speak of "judeochristianity” as the only ideological formation grown from symbiosis of Jews and Christians... Amazingly, this term was introduced without any justification or basis in the research of the tradition of the Christian Fathers of the Church, or Judaism rabbinical studies. By this same it does not apply any scientific method or any   justifications and explanations.  And people using this term apply only the marketing approach instead of scientific one.
 Some ideologues allude more and more often here and there with an innocent face of a "Judeo-Christian tradition", "Judeo-Christian civilization," or for some special "Judeo-Christian values", never precise enough. This innovation was introduced, as if it had scientific support in the first centuries of the Church Fathers, and even if it was understandable by itself and could not arouse anyone's doubt. What's more, nobody asks whether such a tradition or civilization (?) exists or ever existed, or it has any base in the documents of the Church, or Jewish rabbinic-Talmudic tradition. Until now, almost over  two thousand years we lived convinced that our Catholic faith and tradition is Christian. And now recently we are told in Poland, it was a mistake: our faith is not necessarily "Christian", but only also "Judeo-Christian."
 Simply put, simple rape is done on our historical self-consciousness and national consciousness telling us that we have a lot in our faith of Talmudic Judaism. And what studies say about this?
 So why there are no objections? Are representatives of the Catholic Church, Catholic journalists, university professors do not have anything to say? Are we just afraid to think against   "political correctness"? And the reality is that many scientific studies, such as even recent Waldemar Chrostowski ,Prof. Rev.  Mark Starowieyski or other scholars suggest clearly that there is no indication of the existence of elements in the rabbinic, or Talmud teachings in our   Catholic faith.
 Talking about this, we put into question our freedom to expression, can we express ourselves freely, without intimidation, caused by “political correctness". Lack of courage in speaking, what we see, perceive  and state on the basis of scientific investigation shows that same  people are no longer felt  truly free, or consider to be as such. Freedom is not only a trait of our personality, but also the first exploratory feature of our approach to reality.
  And freedom of speech is constantly threatened not only by "political correctness", but also by the blurring of the facts, whether scientific research consistent with the scientific attitude. Meanwhile, defending freedom of speech should be consistent with our inner personality value and to be practiced   by its constant use. Otherwise, freedom of expression can be limping and can disappear, as unused muscles. Therefore, in the name of freedom of speech, to prevent its atrophy, we say loud and clear:  "judeochristianity “never existed as an ideology, or the research subject of the Church Fathers, according to the latest research on Judaism and Christianity.
The term "judeochristianity” is a propaganda fiction, and simply - a myth.
 This fiction propagated by the international left media and forced under pressure into the social consciousness, in order to blur the Christian heritage, and thus making impressions that Talmudic Judaism has much in common with the Christian tradition. The goal is clear- to make soft the ideology, containing internal contradictions ((Talmudic Judaism has nothing to do with Christianity, on the contrary it has always been hostile to it) is easier to crush, and also indicate the attractiveness is simply "outdated." About the formation of what is today ideological left directly characterized by unusual aggression? This is the subject of much scientific historical and methodological research (cf. Prof. Statements. Mark J. Chodakiewicz, as well as of many other researchers ).
 What is sad is that the myth of "judeochristianity" is part of a policy offensive to Christianity, and also to sabotage it. Clear   aims of the “political correctness” are to hide the Talmud demands arising from the notion of "chosen people", and Talmudic   division into "Selected" and Goyim.
 As we know, Judaism and Christianity are two separate religions and traditions. Although during the time   in human history, the two were developed independently, and even have always been hostile to each other. The separateness of the two ideologies can be seen in all four of their components, which are distinguished in every religion: the doctrine, worship, organization and customs. Attempts to downplay the differences, or mash them, are the illusions and the byproduct the result of post-councilor "ecumenism", or is wishful thinking "of many ethnic hierarchy having Jewish roots. Tangibly, it can be seen in the failure of the Judeo-Catholic dialogue. Sometimes religious syncretism was proposed by   some representatives of the Catholic Church, however, not shared by the others represented different Judaism faces.
  Of course we must add, with Christianity and Judaism - as the religions of many different ethnicities, it is an important point out the   contact: Old Testament, as the trunk of monotheism. But it is also common with Islam.  Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three interpretations of the Old Testament: Three different ways of understanding. Jewish Understanding is expressed in the Talmud, and more precisely: Talmudic Judaism has become a rabbinical teaching without  taking Tora in to consideration)  was developed on time already of  the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  Understanding the Christian Old Testament can be found in four Gospels, the Epistles of the Apostles as well as whether the primitive theology of St. John the Evangelist.  Muslim Understanding Old Testament, as well as the Person of Christ is expressed in the Qur'an.
Without going into a specialized discussion of these religions, therefore we have three different interpretations of the Old Testament: the Talmud, which departed from the Old Testament, based primarily on rabbinical teachings, the Gospel, which is recognized for his source of the Old Testament and Quran as syncretism Old and New Testament. Hence arose three distinct religions, traditions and civilizations.
    As mentioned at the beginning, the historical relationship of Christianity and Judaism are known for two thousand years, just as a nationalist - Jews converted to Christianity, and not as ideological. Converted Jews ceased to be a "chosen people" and became the "chosen children of God” in "the kingdom of heaven", as well as others privileged “for the chosen sons of God." The issue of "selected" by the God is openness to God's call addressed to all the people living around the globe.
 It is amazing that during the nearly two thousand years did not come to anyone’s attention to make propaganda, that these two traditions as mutually penetrating and having an ideological community. Contemporary prefix "Judeo-" is to suggest some unspecified symbiosis of both religions, which in reality never was.
 Admittedly, Western civilization was founded as a great historical synthesis of three elements of spiritual: Jewish monotheism, Greek thought and Roman statehood. On the basis of this civilization appeared in "Christianity" as an expression of triple synthesis, but without any qualifying prefix.
 The trouble is that these elements have created something qualitatively new properties which had none of them individually.  It becomes dangerously ideological, when in controlled environment Judaism has awareness of Christianity, not Judaism can be Christianized by   Catholics.  It is characteristic that does not speak out about "chrystojudaizme" or the "Judeo-Islamic".).
 It was, and is loudly a lot said about how the Pope John Paul II spoke of the "elder brothers in faith" in 1986 during his historic visit to Rome's synagogue. Then twice more (in 1999 at a general audience and 2000 during a meeting in Israel with the two chief rabbis, Ashkenazi and Sephardic). Unfortunately, these words do not show, what is assigned to be meant by many as a wishful thinking (it analyzed once Fr. Waldemar Chrostowski).
The famous words of John Paul II on "older brothers in fight " was not ruling on the nature of papal Christianity, and  it was only a conciliatory gesture of the Church towards  the Jews: a historical proposition that rise above the long-standing two thousand years antagonisms and to undertake and  joint work in the difficult field of the mutual dialogue.  This historic gesture, however, hung in a vacuum, because the part of different branches of contemporary Judaism.
The words of the "elder brothers in faith" were an expression of good will and hope that good will is born in a second. Not born. Instead, the Judaism (and its different expressions) applies    "judeochristianity” as   guilty for the extermination of European Je This concept is moving increasingly from the Third Reich on "Christianity" - here already without the prefix, "Judeo."
Christianity renamed the politically-correct "judeochristianity" still has one goal: not only sow the seeds of uncertainty in us-who we actually are, in other words, how to identify the values ​​that essentially  are Christian, what is our spiritual heritage rooted in gospel and Old Testament interpreted in the spirit New Testament.
 Blurring this heritage leads to dilute the smear, as well as of distinctive color and blur the differences.
 One could say that instead of one vivid color we are dealing with a number as in the rainbow. Judeo-Christians are, in particular representatives of Talmudic Judaism of the nationality of "chosen people" and not ideologically close to the Christians. In the Talmud, 'Goiim "have their place in the hierarchy of" selected ".
  Rainbo colors to be diluted in image of Judeochristianity and, consequently, the myth of having nothing in the essence of Christ's teachings.
Marian Baginski Ph.D.
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