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World Politics Review: Ukraine’s War Affairs: Contemporary Russia is like Africa

marian Baginski|Sunday, August 24, 2014

To speak to a terrible state of Russian minds is seams that Putin and his team is more liberal than the 80 percent of the Russian people. This means that if they hold now the completely free elections, we would get the chosen’s ones being the nationalists and fascists!

 Russia’s today is dominated by the belief that everything in its history was good. Positively evaluated  was  Ivan the Terrible who ordered to kill the Metropolit Philip.    Iwan the Terrible  was indeed a good deed for Russians. So with this same  set on mind about Stalin and the Bolsheviks were judged an appreciated recently. Politics’ people do not have to read the books on a complex and highly ambiguous issues of Russian history. And when they were read   the story is constructed in accordance with the Russian schemas. They create the story depending on the regime in Russia. They approached it as a belief, and   the struggle between the ideologies. But  the  history of the events  is known  little, just because everything here is  ideological , starting from "the history of the Russian State" written  Nikolai Karamzin,  about  the Romanov Dynasty. And later all well was written about the previous system.

 After all, Karamzin strictly wrote about the Ivan the terrible, and today some in Russia would like to canonize him. Still the Ivan the Terrible was not a part of the Romanov Dynasty, so he could still be written about.  So in Russia the history works for the Government, and not Government working for the history of the State. The Government is always right, and the one who it is, is not only the classics but this exercise of the Power in its history.The nature of the Russian  wars  is the shown  weakness  and the  strength  as well as  disinformation acting’s .Today  Russia wanted to be  be seen as a feared superpower t and as a poor attacked by adversarial forces.Włodzimierz Bączkowski, an expert on Eastern Affairs, noted that Russian imperialism and its  success is attained  by communicating  well  their  consistent policies and strategies, rather than the strength of the military."Moscow as a rule of its existence, are peoples   involved in a complete collapse in The State’s Affairs,  and not taken  part in their resistance  against the Government", he wrote.
  On other hand ,foreign policy of Russia'sbehaviour is often ambiguous and sometimes incoherent. Rusia is both a developing country and a developed country, a weak country and a strong country, a poor country and a rich country, an ordinary country and a superpower. As  the result of it, the Russians overtook and fallowed their imperial and political status from the Mongols who conquered them during the late Middle Ages .For several centuries they have learned to manage the largest in the world subdued territories. Russian Empire took over the Oriental culture from Mongols. Mongols ‘s the essence of the strategic "  politics was an acting   according to the variety of methods extremely subversive, not stopping in front of the massive acts of  including  a special kind of irregular war.", so familiar in the African countries.Irregular warfare is a primarily internal subversion into enemy’s territory; the aim is to reduce the defense potential and to target Governmental Institutions. The basic methods are: demoralization of the opponent, to bribe political elite and media, the unpredictability of the invader’s State moves, the surprise of using different methods as well as disinformation and concealment of strategic intent. In Russia’s and Ukraine conflict the Russian Weapon is the gas. Russia's action to annex the lands of another State is a violation of international laws.  Long time feeling is that the Russian power center is literally mad. In recent times, this impression is deepening that the authorities joined the feelings of a large part of society as mentioned before in accordance with the irregular war instructions. However this is just a temporary showing of this mad Russian chauvinism. The people would  quickly,  changed  their  minds  when  empty stores  without  the  fish, meat, milk and other products  disappeared .  Govarmentnt’s impact of propaganda is usually short lived.       Unfortunately, a first decision of the new Ukrainian authorities on the Act discriminating against the Russian language was a miss. This gave to Russia cause for war. The biggest problem in modern Russia is not the lack of freedom, but the freedom is not felt by the Russians it is felt its excess of cruelty on others. In other words, Eastern Ukraine’s war is about the cruelty felt and the cruelty exercised by others. It is clear they have annexed the lands of someone else's country and violated international law. But the main thing it seems is that the people who decided “to be reborn in to a Russian world" do not think that for this rebirth   people must die in The Eastern Donbas Ukraine.  The question to demonize Putin is Russia’s the important internal problem, so important to Poland's politics.  The people so quickly agreed on slavery, on aggression and hatred is a part of the demonization narrative.  And we are already at the point from which there is no turning point back and will be never at the point before Crimea’s invasion started.  To fall in love like Frenchman Gerard Depardieu did is a difficult and almost insurmountable   task. There is a few, if any self-madman, multimillionaires in the world who for the tax reasons fell in love with Putin’s 12% income taxes. At the end, it’s clear that we are dealing with an information war, but what is written on the Internet can be misleading, there might be the posting information which has been paid by the Russian actors of misinformation.
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