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Chicago Style politics-President’s Obama message ridiculed about creating new jobs: I witness account

Carlos Benson|Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recently, on January 18 2010 in the article President Obama said:”Small firms drive growth and create most new jobs in the country…we need to make sure nothing stands in their way”—and the reality is:  In June 2008 (my 68-th birthday I’m in business in Chicago since 1976)), I went to the City of Chicago and applied for a new business license-Public Place of Amusement. I wanted to have some pool tables during the week and at the evenings- to organize some concerts, private parties, or other social events. Suddenly < I learned that I needed Variance. After over 1/2 year with help of thee lawyer variance was granted for PPA for City of Chicago Council, with advertisement to the neighbors and the businesses around.  There were no any objections what’s so ever by nobody.

With a little financial help from Somer Cor in October 2009,i finished remodling and
 applied for PPA license. After many dozens of inspections of the space, about; on April 2010 the license PPA was granted. It's incomprehensible,  at the  beginning the inspectors did not wanted to issue PPA license, due to the fact, that I did not have amusement machines in place. On other hand I couldn’t get the machines, because I did not have PPA on hand. So I took Limited Business License and I get some machines... and they issued PPA license. Once again a perfect catch twenty two.                               I concentrated more the business on the concerts, parties, than on pool tables, due to the lack of interest of the surrounding population. Even, in order to satisfy one complaint about the noise I built 4 sound resisting walls around the concert area.  The business was picking up with concerts and private parties... and suddenly “pizza bread and nonexistent meat balls came up… AND this put me out of business... (Nonexistent pizza bread or meaty ball can put you also in Chicago’s jail:  It almost happened to me. I want just to mention that inspector did not find any traces of food, .Also he had hard time to distinguish between steeliness steel table and the freezer. )                                                                                           City of Chicago requested Food retail License, as a condition to conduct business, despite that I don’t store , I don’t sell, I don’t keep , I don’t make, ,I don’t serve any food. Since September 2010 I could not have any business activities, I lost many orders, and marketing credibility was curtailed…and I had expenses to accommodate to the new requirements (kitchen, sink, employee bathrooms, etc)                                                                                                 Finally in December 2010 I went to the City of Chicago and told them, that I’m ready for inspection for Food Retail License. Somebody showed up on January 5 2011... And told me about minor deficiencies. About  midle January  2011 I passed all the inspections, presented plans before    and still there is no food retail license as of  end of January  2011.Naturally, I have in my possession the document that I passed the inspection. And  over dozens of other permits documents plans ,paid fines…   This is a night mare to put a new business in depressed area  not counting City of Chicago requirements and “specific” rules , where  empty commercial pace on Milwaukee is a rather rule that exceptions, where almost every second property is  on foreclosure list , or owners have difficulties to pay their real estate taxes, where  Milwaukee Avenue  previously vibrant business location  now is  the empty street  without almost any costumers  due to the unusually high parking fee, depressed economical situation and simple human fear  not to spend the rest of the money. When you hear about president Obama of creating a new jobs and new businesses, you wonder if his massage is heard by   the deciders in the City of Chicago. When you apply for remolding of your own property, or for business license you must be prepared for years to wait. In my case since June 2008 and counting, you must be prepared  to make countless  visits to the Hall, you must be prepare that the employees do not know rules or statutes of the City of Chicago.. you must be prepared that you are treated by  some City employee, that you are   like a “pest “to be dealt  with , but you have to file the tax forms since the date you applied for the license … no matter if you are open for business.                                                                   On top of it the inspectors, or other city employees did not find any nonexistent items like pizza bread, or meat balls, but I was fined for it.  Next…  Be prepared that , even you  pass of the inspections , if you fill all the legal requirements, if you pay all you dues , City of Chicago employee’s humor, your  look , or accent can decide , if you can receive the license , or not. Complaints to Alderman are rather unsuccessful, unless….you find  old  Chicago ways  of doing business Frustration, resignation , fear about future  anger, plain stupidity , alleged criminal behavior of the City of Chicago employees, impossibility of fallowing the contradictory rules  are integral part of dealing in creating new jobs and opening new business. In The Windy City.  Your frustration grows, when in the present dire economical situation you spent over $90000 I remodeling cost and about $9000 in the City permits… and still you can’t open the business.  What about creating new jobs and Recent President Obama talk???                                                                                As  a total suprise as of  End of January , Zoning Department  suddenly denied the food retail license, without given any real reasons. What about my losses up to now Over $300000.00 since June 20008, Remolding costs of about $90.000.00 in my case: unpaid real estate taxes, no food on the table ,no money for the medicine, not to count frustration unnecessary expenditures, house in danger of foreclosure etc. They are direct consequences of the City “actions” and inaction during the last three years. What is  the next? And Mr President what is significance of your words about creating the new  jobs in your backyard?.
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