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Precariat USA in the media and academia:

marian baginski|Saturday, September 17, 2016

Precariat USA in the media and academia: Challenge to the Social Catholic Doctrine     Precariat USA in the media and academia: Challenge to the Social Catholic Doctrine (Essay for the Polish Catholics about the USA's socio-political challenges with lobbyist pressure in the media-academic discourse. Enlarged presentation the following remarks at the Conference 06.20-22, 2016)

  English Abstract This article suggests that our current understanding of precarity is insufficient to describe the specific challenges for citizens and noncitizens and like living in the contemporary circumstances. There is a talk about: "precarity of multitude." or'precarity of place '. Some of these terms described or, being focused on the way precarity manifests itself in the workplace, instead focuses on the other challenges related to the topic considered. This article draws several parallels between the growing literature on what can be called 'labor precarity ' and 'precarity of place '. This can be originated in colonialism and neoliberalism, or social movement responses to the contemporary challenges. (Susan Bianca Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought Volume 3 , Issue 3-4 2013 p. 450-463. According To  Johnsons ' a class-in-the-making, internally divided into angry and bitter factions ' consisting of ' a multitude of insecure people, living the bits-and-pieces lives, in and out of short-term jobs, without a narrative of occupational development, including millions of frustrated educated youth with strong emotions ..., millions of women abused in oppressive labor, growing numbers of tagged criminalized for life, the millions being categorized as "disabled" and migrants in their hundreds of millions around the world. They are denizens; they have a more restricted range of social, cultural, political and economic rights than citizens around them '. This present book explores the nature, shape and context of the precariat, evaluating the internal consistency and applications of the concept. The relationships between precariat and authoritarianism, multitude (another concept to achieve popular consciousness), and place as well as the nature of precarious identities and subjectivities among those working in immaterial labor (Precariat: Labor, Work and Politics, Matthew JohnsonRoutledge, Apr 14, 2016 p. 209. After some terminology discussion and to put in order of the epistemological approach, when Latin ploretarious and "proles" of Roman Empire are older brothers (as contemporary African-Americans, Latinos, some Whites, they supply the US military "boots on the ground", are their younger brothers), who after service became the precariat-contrary is a term used as Marxist Proletariat. The main topic of pecariat formation in progress will be entertained: 20-15% and shrinking from about 120 milions of living quarters are owned by Americans, but many of these properties are collateral for different types of on the spat loans of 93% of adult Americans live with credit, or on the credit (38 trillion in debt). Creaditocracy according to some is created. And 50 Americans (25 of Jewish origin) own the wealth of 2/3 of the whole world population world. Professor's Standing exhaustive pragmatic-sociological approach (33 translations of his book, Bildberg mystery group hired Professor Guy Standing talked about (precariat and middle class) precariat, where his theory is entertained. The theory presented by Guy Standing is considered mildly to American academia. This milieu is contributing and showing interest in particular questions of the precariat, is also showing usefulness and practicality of the research, which incidentally he discussed with his American Colleges with visible omission in The Evy League Universities. Due to the limited space, the singular attention will be paid to the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. EVY League universities and main think tanks are at this time on the side of the academic discourse, but Professor Standing was received warmly with his talks on some universities. Some thoughts about from proletariat to the precariat would be entertained (Proletariat is the Precariat. During personal discussion of this author with Professor G. Standing is can be detected that Professor Standing is not a fun of the leftist approach to his theory, as well his does not entertain neomaltusianst approach to the human grow population). Some of his proposals like basic income or failure of the welfare state is replaced by courageous tries and different initiatives in the United States. Due to the abundant writings and literature, the author will apply Critical Content Analysis method as well Direct Sociological Participatory Method to approach the topic. Relevant literature on the subject will be presented with some critical approach. Catholic Social Doctrine will be presented in terms of separation of Church and State, as non complaint approach.   Biography.  Author Marian Baginski is an independent scientific researcher associated with the known scientific communities in Washington. He   arrived and stays more than forty years in the USA.  He Started Faculty work presentation  at the Sorbonne-Paris V-eme. At that time, he was a scholarship holder of the French government, without any recommends or liabilities. He performed commissioned work at Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) at the same time collaborated with other scientists in that institution. After studying at the Catholic University (master's degree, as well as studies in philosophy, moral theology), his doctorate at the Sorbonne, one-year placement at the University of Chicago, he found himself in an academic environment the United States. Sparsely he was engaged in teaching, but he started full time the economic activities. Also, he took an active part in the presidential campaigns of Ross Perrot, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama. At the same time for many years he was pretending to be in the lobbyists USA and got acquainted with their tactics and strategy. For several years, he studies Jewish identity. At the same time he keeps track of comments on the above topics, collects documents and publications on the subject, as well he is in contact with experts on the subject. His interest in The Catholic doctrine would produce the research concerning   The Catholic Interest in social pluralism, as well as references to the Talmud ethics. At the same he is involved in the shares of social, political and exchange views with social policy w Poland and the USA. With scientific interest he keeps track of issues in unprecedented social changes, as precariat subject come recently as atopic world academia is talking about. The issue of precarity is shown in OWS and Tea Party is a sort of direct experience when his friends are the employer's disposal 24/7 without any assurance of the future.  He is publishing in Polish, English, and also is one of the authors of a web site specializing in issues of Judaism, Jewish philosophy and social thought: www.internationalresearchceneter.org. He published a research work on the Jedwabne massacre in English (Jedwabne Massacre, 2014), written articles in Polish and English, and often he granted in the media with interviews, and actively participates in scientific conferences on the issues discussed. His interest in the socio-economic reality is conditioned not only inquisitive scientific mind, but also his views are enrooted in the American reality by his family members conducting some classified work to the American Institutions.   * Speaking of precariat for the author is to mention that Professor Andrew Ross statement: money is created by banks, and their "owner" is a private company, not is rather unpopular in USA as Well as more complicated that it said.  On the other hand, you can find pictures of demonstrations in Poland with the inscription "I am member of precariat". These pictures come probably from the marginal demonstration organized by KP (Political Critique-marginal Marxist radical movement).  In these environment the study basis   of the manifestation participants seem to be ideologically bankrupt , PK do not have any timely and popular  political ideas as well as probably does not represent Polish Common interest. In the absence of the supporting ideas they want to “catch the wave of precariat”" propagated by Professor Guy Standing. In fact, mentioned scientist was a guest speaker of these marginal groups. His ideas, however, are not compatible with leftist neostalinism of the said group. At the same time these neostalinists attempted to introduce to the scientific discourse confusion and disinformation.        This article presented provides the basic information about the precariat  theory, and at the same time it  is connoted some concepts of Professor Standing like corporations in the Church’s  concept, fair share payment, personal dignity of human work, are  similar  the concept of the human person mutatis mutandis  can be found in the social teaching of the Catholic Church. Which, of course, does not to say that Professor Standing, when it comes to the interpretation and practical application of his theories can be attributed to the Church’s Teaching, as well as his observation and interpretation of specific pracariat’s symptoms in the globalization age?  Precariat USA in the media and academia: I. Terminology: a. precariatThe term itself raises already different meaning, or understanding’s associations with. In the current meaning of the term   is suggested different content when it comes to a description of the people’s conditions living under cutting edge off USA, or Europe's poor live. And it is proposed, to talk about “precarity” (precariousness) on the spot, like workplace, a physical presence in a given country, where precariat people are physically there. His counter concept to Standing’s is related, but distinct from precarity like ‘precarity of place ' 1.   Matthew Johnson returns to a different aspect   of insecurity underlined by Guy Standing’s, approach:"this is a social class in the process of its formation inside divided into different emotionally spited parts composed  and experienced from people being  uncertain in their a parts of life ( at the point of life  may be  temporarily without a promised professional development, couples ,or millions of women exploited at work or young without the future, often with prejudged  as of criminal behavior , be also qualified as "unfit" as millions of immigrants in the world. They are considered like inhabitants, and not the citizens. As such they have limited access to social, cultural, economic, rights which are accessible nationals of that country. “In this case, you can already talk about the identity of the precarity, where the subjectivities become objectivities and it can be applied to the nature of their immaterial world.   Taking in to account the nuances of discussion depending on the ideological beliefs of the researchers, it suffices to say the term precatriat, precarious contains in its core   Latin as expressed by "proletarius" "precare" (Latin: gather, ask for help), so it is a talk about American Proletariat. Let's start from that term "proletariat", which in the literature of the subject is preset long time. In particular, since the 1970s, it was more and more difficult to define and determine who is proletariat’s member, due to the confusion of work blue and white color work force, as well as the issue of small businesses owners, when the value of the small enterprise owned by such people was equal null, or minus. There have been already then the legitimate questions of whether the owner is proletarious? The term confusion as well as transition to the proletariat, was unattended and, in the US this parts of so-called “middle class “can be called neoploretariat. This term, however, in English (Anglo-Saxon) scientific literature is associated with precarious, proletarious, populus, plebs, and, mutatis mutandis, you can tell, about the current "plebs", "pauper" "proles" in the U.S.  They have having nothing so they are going to give the Republic of the UNITED STATES its children, or to go themselves to the American himself as soldiers. Other understanding of the term "precariat" indicates a chilling effect  approach to the phenomenon, and at the same time determines the way the media approach, its understanding , when the  research directions pick and choose  issues, ways to  approach  often controlled by finance to their advantage.   Your last even says also "middle precariat" (how about a middle class), especially when, when technology comes into play in the labor and employment, such as medical robots, robots considering inquiries whether the bookkeeping, economic teachers-roboty3.became “almost” humans. At the same time, to describe this new  societal situation in which  precariat was to be   found  in the global society in the post capitalist, or neo-liberal economy.. Information describing the phenomenon, and analyzed the situation is due to the unpredictable consequences-it is done in a way that always offers opportunity sometimes very reality and often is recognized by the Government.. Putting this in terms of issues as side  -academic ways to approach this topic  requires that  the author to mention-if only partly some events of that media field, which are part of inquiry in particular ways  to present  some issues and facts –ways they accrued  in the United States and the “special” angle  they were presented to the public  Media ways presentation events associated with OWS and Tea Party  to the   world are going to be shown later as  distorted facts about  OWS or Tea Party politics).  To use the analogy in distorting the facts, it was said according to the Times of Israel on 13.11 15 in Paris subjects and objects of the Islamists were the only establishments owned and run by the people of Semitic (Jewish) origin.  Islamists shot and killed there at first owners of centers, later their employees and customers. In Istanbul on 19 January this year, the aim of the attack was only an excursion from Israel. Assassin walked behind the tourists group, he turned and then he blow=up himself. In San Bernardino assassin shoot first an employee of Jewish origin, then to the rest of the present in his deadly killing spree. The objective of the attack in Brussels was the position of the American Airlines – in the Islamists mind owned by American-Israeli. This distorted method of presenting socio-political and economic basic facts in USA is a particular narrative often used to represent these events. This was taken place, when it was reported about social protests associated with the Tea Party, as well as Occupy Wall Street (OWS).   The next pit trap is the way and the quality of the discussion on controversial topics in the American Academy.  To make a case, as a good example: August publication of the "Israeli Lobby" 2007. The discussion was conducted in academic circles, as well as political ones. In the absence of substantive arguments academia and politicians turned exclusively to the arguments ad hominem. 4. it is  needed to add, that the  general American pragmatic approach to the topic, as well as social importance, or economic consequences of this issue can be often seen in the description of the phenomenon of I precariat as-"pseudo-Socialist" ways to approach almost this global phenomenon.. Describing this new situation in which they found contemporary precariat  in global society of post capitalist, or neo-liberal economy. Information describing this phenomenon, or analyzed is often distorted in particular media reports concerned about mentioned above social events.  It has to be mentioned that, there is a universal concept among American academics undeniable requirement to respect the principle of normativity in the social sciences research area. 5. These conditionements, as well as methodological necessity of pluralistic understanding of insecurity -is still designed  when it comes to those who wanted to go to the “bottom line”  to learn “first hand” about precatiat and precariousness affected so waste segments from differ walks of life  of the  nations , or  international segments of these societies with had  the common characteristics.. Historically speaking, when in the 1980s in Europe, especially in England, they   discussed the symptoms or causes of the precariat. Similar statements can be found in American literature from different prospective 6. A breakthrough, about interest in the theory of Professor G. Standing is the year 2011. New York Times- the most ideologically influential the newspaper as well as directing the attention to the topics and suggesting ways they should be approached. Bill Cristol of 11 February 2014 was published a kind of imprimatur for different political orientations and, to start in a specific ways to speak about precariat. 6. The most active when it comes to theories of precariat -seem be the left side of the political American Spectrum.7. As the first important Conference was held on the University of Yale in April 2014, at the Faculty of German Literature, and the second almost at the same time in the Gorge Town University organized by Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor. Occasionally you can find news about the discussion on University of Illinois about precariat (Professor Guy Standing presentation) or Staigert Institute (March 2016). This particular approach as well as critical ways considered the rules referred to American neocapitalist economy, neoliberal economics or banking system is indicative of American ways to entertain precariat theory 8. In this context, according to Guy Standing  he discussed with American researchers the  issues, observed by his as well some of his American colleagues in particular  Tea Party and OccupyWallSterret.   He presented some issues systematically , at the same time tried to build this theories explaining  the processes  on the long run, indicated measures  to  improve living conditions  in a socio-economic and psychological sense that is-it seems to be a general human international  range. Yet his theory is based on social-economic studies of domestic commerce English and industry and industrialized countries like, Japan or Italy. Standing it seems that he  hit the nail  to the coffin  of the post capitalist  economy,  his theory  questioned  the solution of neo-liberal economics, the role unprofessionally understood at this moment, , as well as  the minimum pay within the meaning of Spaulding (basic pay regardless of person), what would have a long run  socio-political affects and  would touch the finances of national and international decedents bodies . Their portfolios would have been spoken about remedying problems associated with a new model of economic and banking.  Some suggestions that to remedy to these precariat questions raised by Standing through positive thinking, social mobility in search of employment, or freedom of  individual decision does not go far at all.  In general, the research statements of some American Academics do not have presented yet the analytical responses. The complain raised by Professor Tott  that Standing’s utopia (Professor Tott) should be considered , or lack of ontology considerations are particular parts are answers, often other individual researches are based undeveloped issues by Professor Guy Standing.   I.General presentation of the socio-economic reality USA with consideration of the social trends and perspectives in social policy a. an irrepressible decline of the middle class.    The  American economic  boom started in  1947  actual ,modernization of the  working masses employed as the proletariat to the middle class, progressive, the uncontainable contraction starting since 1970-ties , middle class tangible shortcomings  at that time  solutions in social politics, in order to effectively control, or purple character that issues. American middle class started slow but steady decline. Often American public opinion was feed by the main media about self-sufficiency; American prosperity and abundance were on the top of the top list as well American exceptionalism. Contrary to what was said for years 2007-2009-the economic crisis, from which not even completely recovered in 2016. What is essential is: 20-15% housing Americans although is free of mortgage; however, are collaterals in a different way, as a pledge for loans education, household articles, or even the cost of the holiday vacations. 93% of adults Americans live on credit or with a loan, and debt of Americans in 2012, was 34 $ 50 at trillions. ON wealth side 50 Americans (25 Jewish origin) were the owners of 2/3 of the whole world population wealth. 9. Selectively, you can say 10, with international corporations  did not pay  developing countries up tax on the sum of about 100 trillion and hiding taxes increased in quarto mode  between 2000 and 2014. This translates into no stability of countries involved, as well as on more and more inequity into the access to the goods produced, as also of progressivity of this process. This is confirmed in the different   research national and international origin as well as statistics. Changes occurring in today's the U.S.A . And different kinds of societies are topic of many researches. Among the abundant literature on this subject is worth mention about new class birth and the end of the masculine domination, where the authors analyzed the society from the feministic point of view 10. The statistics, presented at The Georgetown Public Policy review presented by Andrew r. Hanson and Arte Guilish, where the Governmental data. Those who entered the labor market since the year 2000 (Millenials) among 75 million 50 million found work, but not self sufficient, because the pay that they received does not guarantee the possibility of life at level medium and especially for these who not have any College diplomas 11 (p. 2). Employers wanted a lot more from employees on basic items, do not provide training, hence the people what or are not employed, or perform odd jobs activities not related to their education. Polarized labor market, with service jobs became majority hires. And the future of finding the job  becomes a bigger than it is a question mark at this present (p. 9)  At this same time the authors of that report say about the Government as a weak "actor" when considered about putting in to action results of science in making  economical changes (ibid s. 12) b. the financial monopoly market control it didn't really bother establishment. The financial crisis, which started from 2006, and highlighted its force, yet in 2009 was to be the beginning of a new financial policy as well as newly adjusted financial corporations. Financial Governmental Sector entered and bailed out big corporation present rules and legal provisions ineffectively improved, and this crisis is lingering in 2016. 13. The authors of that report suggested changing the trade arrangements between national and international partners, specific behavior of global corporations, tax policy and Monetary Affairs, as well as financial regulations on national level and over international arrangements. 14. In the academic  discourse  about global economic and Financial crisis stalled, Guy Standing publishes works "Precariat" in 2011, much earlier we  can find his statements on this topic, on the subject of precariat previously  he published different articles, or even larger publications in English literature 15. (c) . Universalism of precariat Universal nature precariat characteristics can be apply to almost every a member of a class or social strata. It does not omit the university academic teacher or a lawyer.  IN 2014 lawyers license was required as employment condition 81% applicants, in 1985, only 15% was subject of request. Similarly, journalists, they can be substitute by machines, robots replace the end-user of surgeons, and recently spent on the study of more than one million us dollars to employ a nurse-robot-. 16. d. a new generation (Milelnials,) the current recession USA In this April 2016 it was observed between the Millenialls their different approach to the money, and money management. Millenials in the USA do not save money reduced, real estate is no longer a priority, and they spend as much as they earned. At the same time are more anxious than their older colleagues. The traveled by Uber they arranged blind date by doing on the Tinder. No wonder already, with currently about 1 billion investing in start-ups, and the investment company Wealthfront aided young inventors to sell their portfolio. What defines how to invest are the various types of a specific direction, innovative technology, and to avoid costs accrued. Financial services seems be a mesh in my head millenialls. 17. II. Socio-economic theory of Preariat according to Guy Standing     For the Guy Standing on the one hand, the great transformation, which was predicted by Karl Polanay18? takes on a real form in the precariousness of employment, despite the use of employment (proficints) does not guarantee the certainty of employment, or can be categorized as good according to the rules of distributive Justice 19, the second time as is postulated G. Standing this new social world of the peel able layer or class’ range demands is not only be diagnosed and represented, but it requires a new redistribution of good. In this context, the idea of the basic income for every denizen of the Earth, as universal values and the fundamental right of each social entity appears as something natural.  In that regard, Standing published the next work in 2014 Precariat Charter, where he called. He proposed many solutions, for the said basic salary to all.  He postulated that "Precariat Charter's" is essentially  full  of  exchange rules according to which we could change the society ethically starting with the granting of rights to the universal basic income (universal basic income), through the public service at list. (At the same time, redistribution of goods,  to end the corporate grants, or tax credits, which the beneficiaries are only the rich. He writes this word, with Recognition, Representation and Redistribution. “Precariatary people -are the most important in this process. As a suggestion and requirement G. Standing you need input of “deliberative democracy”). 20.  The theory of Precariat within the meaning of Professor Standing is rather characterized as unprecedented relationship to production, to work and the employment.  It had  have to accept as a fact that there were transient forms of work and employment are not predetermined, and man-made goods are not only as a product of work, when  in the reality  they can  be reduced, and the work is not performed even sometimes must be paid for.  The preparation for the profession, the practice on training on the job, the employee new tasks must be remunerated. Finally this new    class (information) has hitherto unknown and unprecedented relationships to the State, when both residents-denizens and citizens lose their right to necessary social economic, or cultural benefits. Such loss is to be lead to alienation and emotion, often expressed in anger. Hence also this "new" class is outside the democratic institutions, and awareness thinking preciousness people it comes down to a State of Nirvana suggested by Guy Standing. At the end his theory is like the first showing the system crisis and he indicated a progressive way out; because most of the democracies in the world had been lost in their art of govern. 21. Many bitter words  were spelled out by Guy Standing when  he was talking about social engineering, which places emphasis on tactics, and does not take into account votes from within the institutions that are responsible for action in the social policy and  community leaders and their voices are not enough heard. It   must come to the fore front as "the collective voice of democracy”. And, at this stage, that approach is not only seen, but this is something even the contrary it has been in process of destroying 22.  Guy Standing put forward the postulate to demand scientific, reflections. III. Selective  American academia of 1947 regarding issues of precariat   1. basic idea presented by the American Academy   a. precariat’s Ontology-Judith Butler "Precariat” released by Prof. Standing was not a total surprise to American academics. Views, like those of a Guy Standing some symptoms were known, research’s interests by Guy Standing, especially when it comes to the Tea Party, or, similar topics entertained by Professor Standing in Japan, China, Chile or India were not total surprise.  The unpredicted was the concise ways to present the theory of precariat, as well as political consequences in USA socialpolicy makers, government long haul goals and political world ends.  Extended in time response would be predicated, but the steam rather came from the second book Precariat Charter published as it was said in 2014. Breakthrough observed in 2014 in the United States could be a result of the publication in the NYT as well as political acidities in the election campaign for the Senate, the Congress-Tea Party phenomenon. 23. Standing’s pragmatic social relationship to precariat was met by the work published by Judith Butler. In 2006 she spoke about precariat, as ontological aspect of human existence. 24. As one of the first in its considerations, J Butler said about the global nature of ethical obligations, as well as the respective placement of the precariat in space and time 25. At the same time she noted that precariat found and the concept can be introduced as to result of political action. Some populations can be suffered subjects because of and are exposed in area to the governmental violence; sexual differentiation (LBT) can be part of it.26.   (b). the theory of precariat to be applied to the concept of "sale": precariat of multitude. Such approach suggested Ben Trott, when said about multitude in precariat concept. At the same time, this author suggests utopian character of the concept calling it ' policy of paradise ". And g. standing according to Trott in effect wanted to not only strange forms of employment, but also the related understanding idea work, employment, education and training. Guaranteed basic income would be introduced, and then as consequences would have been the denial of basic human right and need to “sell the work. Work, employment would lose the value of it 26.    c. the cultural nature of the precariat .A slightly different approach is presented in the other writings about the precariat- precariat as a cultural result. He looks on as cultural issue, when the understanding of culture has changed in the 19th and 20th century. Unifying terms within the meaning of the culture has become difficult. The lack of agreement between the representatives of different cultures, where the consequences of the "new proletariat" is parsed into category, where cultural replacement nave AAS basic communication are not simply not taken into account. 27.   2.  Social activists and theory of precariat a. BARBARA EHRENREICH (born in 1941)-the aspect of social-reformist A slightly different ways to look for at the precariat is presented by Ehrenreich. Barbara is a lecturer presented many ideas author of many books, political activist characterized herself as myths destroyer   showing the ruling class all the dirty tricks they used to come up with. More than 30 years ago she predicted consecutive disintegration of middle class. She prophesized also about final the fall of the middle class. Ehrenreich  in  Fear of Falling unmasks the myths, as also shows increasing poverty middle class. She pointed out women’s in earnings in the United States. To answer these challenges Ehrenreich spoke about "the whole part of whole society, which is subject to the precariat, attorneys, journalists, academics not speaking already about manual workers employed by large corporations. The work of the Ehrenreich although are the best sellers positions, which does not mean, that they are popular between policy makers elites, or the bankers. Ehrenreich seems to be one of the most influential in that group talking about precariat topic, when she placed her writings about precariat in the socio-cultural contest and poverty in the US is her central interest 28. Barbara Ehrenreich at the same time rejects religious thinking, where it said that way: "transition for our life on Earth without Divine intervention, and at the same time writes about the miserable low earnings, or about psychological remuneration as partial compensation. 3. the aspect of socio-political precariat-John Russo   (a). John Russo wrote about precariat as political activist pointing out on his web site he expressed opinions on the electoral campaign. As his predecessor, J.Ruso as fact accompli introduced the notion of permanent and progressive destruction of the middle class. In such context assess the chances of the party in the current presidential elections. According to Mr. Russo Republican strategists do not take in to account the phenomenon of precaution symptoms and that more unite working class by the precariat symptoms. 29., and struggle for the basic minimum  basic salary can be essential argument in the political campagne. 30. In another article advises Democrats and indicated requirements all taken from "The Precariat Charter", where his task in the proposed model of democracy by Standing.  Carful reader may find ambitious ideas in Russo approach when he goes about redefined work concept, paid income tax should be abolished, modified ways of education, or other ideas contained in “deliberative “democracy. 31. b. Nomsky’s plutocracy and precariat. One of the most progressive thinkers in this context is name of Nomsky. He considered Great Depression was easier, but nothing is out now, and the hopelessness that is now is greater than it was in the 1930s. According to Noamsky contemporary changes, as they have already  started since the 1970s, such as progressive decrease of revenue in the production of the U.S.A.  It led to the unprecedented changes in the production and sending it outside of the USA. This process caused has caused deindustrialization in the USA. There is just hope for a better view of the said scholar. As an important distinctive features of this hopelessness he coddled new term in power grab as plutonomie and practiced in the United States plutocracy, where banks are no longer to be banks.  In 19 70s money concentration in several hands fixed unlimited power. Plutonomy he referred to only and wealthy buyers of luxury items, what it used to be drive the economy, and income from the stock market may be sufficient. It is not enough at this time, however, you thought that strong economy would enough to assure reaches protection.  Unfortunately prekariat people cannot exist on the "outskirts of the society its existence is no longer peripheral but a basic component of American society. 32.   3. creditocracy in the precariat. Andrews's Ross (described as a scientist and social activist) is worth to be mentioned. His work consists of fallowing the trends employment in the United States. 33., This author contemplated not only about the precariousness of the life, he specified the particular approach to the work, but also Mr. Ross says about to reconstruct the idea of work and employment. Other scientists stopped on the status quo of work and labor considerations 33. Andrew Ross says about the new geography of employment, when work and it recruitment is a phenomenon of multicultural classification, or it is observed a multi-layer precariousness of people. It is composed from the coalition cultural spheres, political, or even aesthetic clans. Misunderstanding of the divergent groups could lead to the creation of a political movement that can have the social power. Universal the tendency for everybody is increased progressively uncertainty. According to the said scholar precariat goes hand in hand, about the question of rudimentary work like restaurant workers industry where he proposed to make a robot for the hamburger production.  The next proposed solution of Ross’s proposal is a basic income, where the primary guaranteed income will guarantee precariat’s people employment in social work. Ross paid  attention to the Jay Gould, saying:  if  you can always hire a ½  beggars  the second  of ½ I can  slaves. its geography is refinement  is a worth idea in the  employment, this can lead to such statement as   newer ending debt and pracariat go hand  in hand, where entrepreneurship of  one person becomes a exploitation for the other being.  His work  research related shows an alternative output to the crisis rage where only 1% of uses in full their money  and where 77% of American families are dangerously in debt and one from  seven Americans are prosecuted by the  debt collectors . Sarcasticaly he stated that   the basic human need is to be in debt. In that debt context he coined out the creditocracy as a prevalent form of the contemporary form of   . 34  Often he is making references to the popular reference to the idea metastability entertained currently in precariat considerations. This system can be described as something of an intermediate between absolute security and absolute unpredictability. Precariat can suggest some kind of stability, adaptation, flexibility, innovative opportunities to avoid unbearable pressure on the family, or disgruntled employers on the job.   IV. "Reality of " precariat: Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party     1. (OWS). 35. Occupy Wall Street is considered to have its roots in Paris of 1968, as a reply to alleged despotism of the United States. The country, the economy started  going in the direction of oligarchy, and "corporocracy". This form of contest   started to take place in the Chicago riots in 1968. The movement from the beginning took a Gandhi’s method "nonviolence", avoiding confrontation, and the only wanted to be seen as a peaceful protest. Hence Zuccotti Park has become a symbol of the peace protest. Similar demonstrations took place at that time in other American cities, or countries of the Middle East. Practically this movement was initiated by the poster publications Occupy Wall Street and started by publishing himself as free advertisement. 36. This movement in   the authors intention (and not considered  by themselves as leaders) had to cover all social classes from the blue color workers, entrepreneurs, teachers of all kinds, free competitors, government employees , seasonal workers.  It was color race blind. OWS presented in all 7-point program: Decomplete the Alliance between the Government big corporations and banks, carry out an investigation and punish Wall Street bankers, revert possibility  of caring the justice to the government employees, limit the authority and scope of the activities of large banks without  bail-out  with financial trouble in keeping with the saying, (e) the bank is too big to be bankrupt, to eliminate the so-called "bed debt “ status to large corporations, reject the rights and privileges of Government related to the law on patriotism (the Patriot Act) in the end, finish the war including those transactions including limitation of military expenses. Of course, there was no reliable information or not information on the movement in the main means of mass media. Misinformation was the rule of the day. A rare snapshot attempted to show a marginal behavior or trivia irrelevant questions from the said Park. It started not to have any; almost total locked information like political demands .None of the political players ever spoke with street occupiers. In the end the billionaire Blumberg, Government Homeland Security, including the FBI in partnership with other started hitting the town of tents in the Park, and other places main media credited them with the worst epithets as: radicals, terrorists, and social outcasts. , and so on. In a brutal way was demonstrations were pacified and strikers’ presence in the Park of Zukotti, as well as other places was dispersed. Interesting seems to be a statement of one of the main ideologues, as the organizers stated: "constructive failure that exposed the limit of the protest at this same time it revealed a practical way forward".  This movement clearly criticized dominating global corporations in averages around, the lack of transparency in our efforts to finance, as well as the class division of society in the Marxist sense. As an indication for the future he said  it about social movements, that should dominate elections in the cities, as also should be changed a way of life which is the  ideologues participation in the general life’s’ conditions.37.  As an indication for the future Mr. White says about social movements, that should zdominowac elections in the cities, as also should be changed a way of life what is the ideologues participation c. 38.       OWS, as a social movement, he suppose to grow up on frustration, which had to be expressed by a large human gatherings, the intention was also to speak on behalf of a wide range of U.S. residents who are unhappy, angry, and full of emotion and desire for change. In the end, however, this movement as media first circulation reported as radical, as anarchists or people located on the margins of political life. That trying to talk between representatives of these two movements when it comes to understanding tactical action went to nowhere. Interesting seems to be a statement of one of the main ideologue, as also the organizers of the general sales conditions.     2. Tea Party. This was about American two party systems, many times a few tried to create 3-th significant party system. So far the two-part establishment that was not to accept its existence, the invisible Republicans, as Democrats fight the rise of third sector in the political spectrum.  Ross Perrot’s party while around with 23% of the votes, it were disappeared from the political horizon after a few years after failed Perrot election. In like manner this was a destiny of the other attempts in the recent political history. Tea Party initially started as Citizens for Reasonable Economics (economy). Later it was taken as a Freedom Works.  Due to considerable work of Rick Santelli of CNBC TV station party showed up on the national level. He helped on and movement has won wide national awareness. On the basis of the economic crisis (2007-2012) and continued to this days movement began to win seats for its representatives in the Senate and Congress using methods of direct democracy. This party seems to be a little organized, but at the same time puts a goal to change the Government in Washington, as also criticizes the ever-present Government.  Party supposes to be antis system and anti-establishment despite that its organizers are republican conservatists. Leaders they go along well with the hart core Republicans.   But it suffice to say that , at the present time  this party is defined by the media the first circulation as radical, and at the present time in disarray , almost nonexistent.   3. Similarities between the Tea Part and the  OCCUPAY WALL STREET. When it comes to differences that are also eye catching: the age TP-older about 50 years, OWS-young 24 and more), the difference in tactics, to acting as also in principle totally different ideology. These social movements grew up as, sprout in frustration. Both  they wanted to express frustration by a large citizens groups they wanted to also speak with one voice  a on behalf of a wide range of U.S. residents who were ,or  are frustrated. At the same time, both movements are determined by the media the first circulation as radical, as chloride builds up anarchists or people located on the margins of political life. Both movements may, however, support politicos, performances artists whether leaders of the religious.36. .      (V) an attempt to indicate precariat’s solutions -?   a. David Bollier. Apart from Individual proposals to these activists like BArabara Ehrenreich Andrew Russo or John Russo, it's worth to mention here the attempts by David Bollier and his new initiative to organize independent contractors working for large corporations. Bollier’s proposal may be classified like make believe democracy (made in believe-democracy) .he proposed the creation and operation of a variety communities which may be sometimes practical alternative to corrupt the market. 40. Bollier offered suggestions for self-employed workers, recommended that workers develop strategies, organized vice versa mutual services. Government authorities may protect the self-employed interests, as well as help, when it comes to legal protection privileges. 41. It is difficult to talk about "American welfare state “in the European terms categories. But out of 320 million inhabitants of the USA, more than 100 millions of them are receiving different help from State, federal or other government agencies.   (b). it is worth to mention that proposals of Professor Guy Standing in the United States: Universal Basic income for everyone and the role of welfare state are a life and well 42. Although, I do not believe that this will solve all social problems, but there are some assurances to reduce inequities in revenues also will more altruism and tolerance in human relations. 43. c. Another attempt in this enterprise can be seen the California initiative, where they were given money to the sample of 100 residents of Oakland. Each of the survey recipients are getting between $ 1000.00-2000.00 per month only because they live and want to take part in the experiment. 44. VI. Social doctrine of the Catholic us about precariat. a. Catholic universities in the United States. As the 70-million-Catholis population had produced about 197 Catholic higher education establishments (sometimes more if you can add 67 universities, which lost their Church’s affiliations). This number of Catholic universities is to provide not only Catholic upbringing or a scientific degree. Universities were to be having ambitions to bring up the "whole" person. Tradition and education  are paramount   as to the spiritual formation of Jesuit universities, or fanciescan spiritualities. Jesuit institutions claim to be champions in the social sciences, the arts, medicine or economics.  In this context, Church’s Social doctrine teachings have been spelled out at 1998 the Bishops ' Conference. As the leading topics mentioned were dignity of the human person, the rights and obligations of, the rights of workers, family matters, participation in the life of local communities, as well as social policy.  A topic of Precariat   in Catholic publications is hard to see except a few articles marginally mentioned precariat. .  The  only in the National Catholic Reporter in August 2015, printed article characterized the phenomenon precariat .The author paid attention to the definitions of precariat talking about stressed-out, uncertain, alienated and enraged the communities in different  countries.  Author stayed that Government were to produce the precariat phenomenon. He approached different ways to see it, and at the end he is looking for authority figures.  Precariat belongs are considered as outsiders in a political and social sense. Having the American context, the author of the article in question-Rotondaro Vinnie called attention to the situation of immigrants. It was not given to me to find similar articles or publications in other journals. VII. Instead conclusion The purpose of this article is to place issues of Precariat USA in that aspect of main media reports, the consciousness and consequences in American social policy solutions. When writing the author had access to the rich literature available both on the Internet, articles received from authors writing on the topic, as well as libraries, describing the topic from different points of view. An additional advantage of, maybe, the abundance of knowledge of the author  about  popular American studies placed in pragmatic aspect , and verified by the author according to his unique  experience.  His pragmatically knowledge of  lobby groups and lobbied policies , due to its somewhat "preferred" status and active participation in real facts of life as an  American with European prospective . What can be useful for the reader, as a methodological warning for frequent so called delighted proposals by American solutions, often financed and controlled by financial institutions? This has an impact in the academic discourse, when it goes on about whether his U.S. media ways coverage of precariat proposals Some of the academicians dealing with precariat are known to the Polish public  (Judith Butler, Nomsky.).  BY bringing the ontological considerations philosophical issues derived from Talmudic ethics, neomarksism or widely conceived Judaic thought. Well it comes down to financial issues or preferences, the author may mention organized scientific conference about Catholics religiosity of arrived Poles to the USA. Conference was organized by the descendants of Sefardists, with all the lecturers from that clan with newly discovered Semitic roots. As predicted almost nothing was said on the main conference subject.     Notes 1.(Susan Bianki ,Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought Volume 3, Issue 3-4, 2013 p.450-463. **  * ‘a class-in-the-making, internally divided into angry and bitter factions’ consisting of ‘a multitude of insecure people, living bits-and-pieces lives, in and out of short-term jobs, without a narrative of occupational development, including millions of frustrated educated youth..., millions of women abused in oppressive labour, growing numbers of criminalised tagged for life, millions being categorised as "disabled" and migrants in their hundreds of millions around the world. They are denizens; they have a more restricted range of social, cultural, political and economic rights than citizens around them’. This present book explores the nature, shape and context of precariat, evaluating the internal consistency and applications of the concept. Demonstrating the sheer breadth and depth of application, the chapters cover a wide-range of topics, from the relationships between precariat and authoritarianism, multitude (another concept to achieve popular consciousness), and place as well as the nature of precarious identities and subjectivities among those working in immaterial labour(Precariat: Labour, Work and Politics Matthew JohnsonRoutledge, Apr 14, 2016  p.209 2.(Precariat: Labour, Work and Politics Matthew JohnsonRoutledge, Apr 14, 2016  p.209 3. ( por 2013 McKinsey Global Institute report on disruptive technologies)  4.( It is going to be shown in the written exchanges between Richard Seymour Leninists and  Professor Guy Standing). 5.(Annals, AAPSS,658March2015). 6. (Articles from  importent to show the spectrum in the discussion in LA Guardian from  2016). 6(more:  Bil Cristol about ikon from neoewangelicals (etc) he opproach the precariat question in neoconservatists set of terms). 7( Barbara Ehrenreicher initiated many different social projects, as , Judith Butler, is going to be shown further in this publication). 8. It suffices to read boks publication edited by Barbara Eihnreich, Russo,  Nomky , Judith Butler  ,or others. 9.( more compre. Politics and Society 41(1)p73-101  Micheal McQuarie,other publications  and statists on the topic). 10.,(  Oxfam organization).  11.June Carbone and Naomi Cahn, The end of Men or Rebirth of Class?93B.U.L.Rev.871(2013). 12.The Gorgetown Public Policy Reeview ,Spring Edition vol.12 Number 1. 2016.1-22. 13 .( More: Rapport published by   RAport opublikowany by Nell Abernathy, Mike Konczal, and Kathryn Milani, builds on recent analysis of economic inequality and on our 2015 report.   This Authoris in psassion of the abundant literatured concerned on the crisis in process. These pubications atempt to show  virtual impossibility  to end the crisis , or solve it effectively). 14.(  to compere.  Noble laureate research of  Jozeph Stiglitz, Mell Abernathy, Adam Hersh, Suzann Holmberg,  Michael Konczal).   15.(Ruthladge publications,  Former publication of Guy Standing found in the internet). 16.(more: Berman’s site Leave Law Behind reads. When I spoke to him a few months ago, he told me that he sees his mission as “motivating” former lawyers that are now broke and frustrated to do something else with their lives..  more Economic Hardship Reporting Project) ( 17.Large  writtings on the topic in consideration in Forbes  NYT  and others). 18.  It’s worth to fall the scientific exchanges between Karl Polanaysides and Catholic Chur representatives on the subject.  . 19 Guy Standing,The  Precariat, The new dangerous class  Bloomsbary, London.2011 p.198.  20.Precariat Charter , 2014 21 more: Guy Standing 27 January 2012 Krytyka Polityczna Cultural Center, Łódź (Poland)-2015University of Wroclaw (Poland) and Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw,-2014 University of Wroclaw (Poland) and Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw, University of Wroclaw (Poland) and Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw, Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts) (see edited videos of presentation and Q&A), University of Massachusetts, University of Maine (see remarks to OccupyBangor, Part 1 and Part 2), University of Wisconsin (listen to presentation), the World Bank (Washington DC), York University (Toronto), University of North Carolina (see videos of presentation),-2011). 22 .more in:Mont Pelerin Society , other Professor’s  Guy Standing answers in possession of this author 23 NYT american news paper witha large intelectual influence in USA.). 24.Judith Butler Amerycan  philosopher occupiet with  feminist  questions as well poststructularism . She was influenced – as she stated- by Kant, Platon, Kirkegard. She is approach pecariat’s questions in the terms of her philosophy , as a new human lived conditns, where political state institutions had to diminish precariat suffrings. ( more: Precarious life: The powers of mourning and violence  edited in  2006).  25. The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, 2012 – JSTOR ,  J. Butler Considerrations about universal harms, or unjust goods dissipations. This  universal harm should be a normative  indication  in the human conduct. More in : Cathrin Mills , Butler and Ethics Edinburg University Press. Forthcoming. 26.( From the Precariat to the multitude, Ben Trott  Global Discurse  vol.3.Issue 3 p 406-425) 27 .  Culture+Labour = Precariat, Toby Miller Communication and Critical/Cultural studies vol.7 No 1 March 2010 pp.96-99. 28  ( ore about her activities and rewords. the National Magazine Award for Excellence in Reporting in 1980 and she  received a Ford Foundation Award for Humanistic Perspectives on Contemporary Society in 1982, a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1987-88, and a MacArthur Foundation Grant for Research and Writing in 1995. Her earlier works include The American Health Empire: Power, Profits and Politics (1971), with John Ehrenreich; For Her Own Good: 150 Years of the Experts’ Advice to Women (1978), with English; The Hearts of Men: American Dreams and the Flight from Commitment (1983); Re-Making Love: The Feminization of Sex (1986), with Elizabeth Hess and Gloria Jacobs; and The Mean Season: The Attack on Social Welfare (1987), with Frances Fox Piven, Richard Cloward, and Fred Block. In 1989, her book Fear of Falling: The Inner Life of the Middle Class The Worst Years of Our Lives: Irreverent Notes from a Decade of Greed. Nickel and Dimed was published in 2001 and received immediate acclaim. Ehrenreich  wrote Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War, in 1997, as well as a novel, Kipper’s Game, in 1993. In 2002 Ehrenreich co-edited a collection of essays with Arlie Russell Hochschild called Global Woman. 29.(moe: Trump, Sanders, and the Precariat by John Russo 01/12/2016 This piece first appeared at Working Class Perspectives). 30. tamze, Trump, Sanders, and the Precariat by John Russo 31. wiecej: John Russo, Undestanding Millenial Mistrust June 15,2015  Working Class Constituancy). 32. wiecej: Plutonomy is pointed out in creative financement  and  the atended internationa profits . the essencial is : the lack of  equilibrium between  profit and the loss..  See :Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor Emeritus in the MIT Department of Linguistics and Philosophy.  A TomDispatch regular, he is the author of numerous best-selling political works, most recently, Hopes and Prospects, Making the Future, and Occupy, published by Zuccotti Park Press, from which this speech, given last October, is excerpted and adapted. His web site is www.chomsky.info.) 33. (more:. Nice Work If you can get it: Life and Labor in Precarious Times  New York University Press May 2009 p.254), 33.(  see: interview David Bollier April 28 2016).  34.(por.CreditocracyAND THE CASE FOR DEBT REFUSAL ANDREW ROSS LARB Business and Finance Section Editor Timothy Spangler interviewed Andrew Ross about his new book, Creditocracy and the Case for Debt Refusal, out now from O/R Books.more:  Andrew Ross explained in the interview his approach to the debt questions and to sove it.). 35 . (   Without taking parts in the fortcominig , this author do not take sides. More:.Hee Young Kim  Occupy Wal Stret:is it Monent or a movement?) 36.Adbusters, the hash tag#OCCUPYWALLSTREET and a “tactical briefing”that we sent to our 90,000-strong “culture jammer”, (MICAH WHITE OCCUPY WALLSTREET ,Washington Post) 37.( por.MICAH WHITE OCCUPY WALLSTREET Washington Post We will build momentum for a full-spectrum counterattack when the crocuses bloom next spring. editor@adbusters.org Kalle Lasn and  Micah White are editors in chief and senior editor)Micah White published“ The End of Protest “Published on  Monday, January 18, 2016. 38.In The End of Protest Micah Whiteplanned tactics and strategy actions.see more: The End of Protest is an exhilarating vision of an all-encompassing revolution of revolution. Published on  Monday, January 18, 2016 Al-Jazeera English)   39.    More  the Tea Party can be considered sometimes as religious  movement not as political one see www.thedailybeast.com/articles/.../the-tea-party-isn-t-a-political-move...Jul 13, 2014 . Whe Republicans need the Tea Party www.nationalreview.com/article/.../why-republicans-need-tea-party, Feb 26, 2014 . We killed Tea Party.www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/ Aug 14, 2016 - The Tea Party movement isdead killed from inside: scholar.harvard.edu/files/williamson/files/tea_party_pop.pdfHarvard University CBS News Poll analysis by the CBS News Polling Unit: Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus and Anthony Salvanto. 40(more:Pat Conaty “Not Alone:  Trade Union and Co-operative Solutions for Self-Employed Workers”. 41.more on the blog of Dawid Bollier 42 , More it’s worth to present:  that in 2011  governament spent almost one trilion.  Federal Governamment spent $14848.00   for a one poor person on the family it spent, $44.500.00.  In USA , there are about 126 different help programs.. (more:Policy Analyysis no 694  April 2012  Cato Institute p.2-10).  Present Walfare ystem do not work, as  Robert Reich suggested garanteed basic income is way to goe in the reformed system ( more: August 2014 issue of Cato Unbound). 43.  (more :Guy Standing Work after Globalization: Building Occupational Citizenship(2009) and Beyond the New Paternalism: Basic Security as Equality (2002).About basic incomeRead our report, 'Creative Citizen, creative state'  (see:  Universal Basic Income is a universally bad ideaBy Darryl W Perry from Free Press Publications link Jun 5, 2016 In short, Swiss voters were given the option of placing every Swiss citizen on welfare and soundly defeated the proposal. The Post adds, “Gfs.bern, a Swiss firm monitoring voter opinions, projected that only 22 percent voted yes for ‘free money’ on Sunday.”) 44. (more: This experiment is going to be run for  a year. The researchers wanted to know the practical effects of this experitise and  its social repercutions. By Jack Smith IV jack@mic.com.May 31, 2016 . Abunadnt literature on the subject , not presented here.
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