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Delusion Of Justice

Manifestacja w obronie Israela a NArodowcy

Monday, January 11, 2016
W niedzielę w Warszawie wyznawcy nowych zborów protestanckich zorganizowali manifestację poparcia dla polityki Izraela wobec Palestyny, czyli manifestację poparcia dla zbrodni żydowskich na narodzie palestyńskim. Przeciw takiej manifestacji poparcia dla nazistowskiej izraelskiej polityki zaprotestowali narodowcy. >>more...


Wednesday, July 15, 2009
There ARE many people; they lost their lives innocently in the name of so called “justice”.
There thousands and may be hundreds of thousands, who spent, or are spending dozen or more years in jails just for a crimes they never committed.
There are hundreds of thousands hard working people who lost, or are losing their whole   lives swings placed in homes, or other properties. There are millions upon millions of persons their lives were ruined, or negatively impacted by millions or even billions or different judicial judgments passed against them, or for them. >>more...
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