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Saturday, July 18, 2009

There is an educational crisis in this country, and we have champions of it, by making it public, they try to address, and improve it. There is a political crisis here too, and we have some voices fallowing a common sense approach to discuss it. No wonder that an executive branch approval is about 36% similar to the executive. There is no firm statistics of the approach to the judicial branch, but it must be probably this same like others.

Social dissatisfaction, and discontent goes deeper than we want to admit, or we are aware of it. Just to say:

Judicial system keeps in the prisons over 2 mil population at   the cost of $34-60 000.oo a year pro person. TO INCARCCRATE IS EASEAR THAT TO EDUCATE DESPITE THAT TO EDUCATE COST EVERAGE OBOUT $10000.00 A YER PRO PERSON. As a paradox  

Education is more difficult at the first glance we have to transfer to the individuals not only knowledge, but also some acceptable by society value system and show to them   the purpose of the life. Unfortunately, our lives are linked to this question the strange way by the judicial system. At the end we have to pay for it. For the purpose of these remarks we put criminal justice a side.

What about our civil justice system? IT is at last overworked, conducted in the sloppy bureaucratic way, outdated, impracticable and so financially costly and burdensome for the society as a whole and to the individuals triggering higher taxes and more and more different fees associated with. The most civil suits pro capita in the e world are registered in USA. Are we maybe already hunted by the low level of education of the society thinking to solve the dispute is the best way thru the court system IN that regard we lost long tome ago the balance between the knowledge mitigating power, control and wealth As we can tell from the experience the solving by the court system the dispute is the most expensive and most ineffective. May be, purposely some of the groups directly interested in the outcome and during the outcome want to keep in the darken of analphabetism and lack of knowledge in order to better exercise the power and control with their wealth. Suppression of disseminating the knowledge is a well-known tool to keep the people in the dark and submissive to the rulers (if it thinks, it stinks).

Recently, emigration reform package and demonstrations that are fallowing are the wake up call, that there are some signs of participatory democracy at work. It shows that some of the legislators when they think, they stink. To create by the law instantly about 12 mil people as felons as illegally present in this country is a prove of it. Some other politicians came to the senses and still at last are claming that we are living in the “Empire of Reason” not in the “Empire of Fear” Unfortunately this fear is fuelled and disseminated all around us by so called “mass media”, to be” only 27 the freest press in the world”(Al Gore speech to the media conf act 6 2005). I don’t mention the other politicians talking always about to fear others than them.

This is one of the reasons between others, that we not only believe what they say, but also we have a big distrust towards them. (We can see the reaction of the press towards Vice President Cheney). On the bottom of our hearts and minds we think that they are taking away our basic freedoms, manipulate our minds thru media and 30 seconds advertisements in order to exercise indiscriminately the power and control over us. In fact we feel and reason that in the age of television, they abolish participatory democracy, Due to the manufacture of consent” it is not plausible to believe in the original dogma of democracy”. Practically in our hearts and minds we recoil this type of assessment of our democracy at work, by this same talking we feel powerless to change status quo, and we gave up our right to knowledge at work. IN this set of circumstances, we “must resolve to repair our systemic decay of public forum and create new ways to engage in a genuine and   not manipulative conversation about our future”(Al GORE IBIDEM).

As a starting point we choose this statement and condition sine qua non that the knowledge uncompromised and undisputed has to mitigate power of others, control of reality as is by powerful, and wealth of others as a unique and ultimate source of ultimate control over the governed subjects.

One of the components of the POLITICIANS powerful conducts is almost perpetual lay about fears created by them,  (In the literature as in politics we have classical example in Cervantes, who perceived its dander in the windmills and fought with them. Was he ridiculous?? Similar situations we found ourselves at the p resent by justifying inexistent facts and circumstances and fallowing somebody else agendas), or danger perceived in order to justify their hidden agendas, often contrary to the interest of the governed population. At present we have so many of proofs to that regard. Based on that approach, all of us

We resent about almost perpetual lays no matter where, no matter who, no matter the circumstances, no matter if it is family, friends, work place, business, policies, or politics, personal interaction or judiciary no matter if its criminal, or civil. We try to expose these lies, and make them known thru the media, straight talk, prosecutors, and other means of communication. Do we do enough?


More of it, if it is about judiciary process civil, or even criminal.

Principal reasons for this movement  

We want to expose the lies (in order to improve social and personal interrelations) of some pressure groups (Between others; lobbies), institutions, industrial and commercial institutions, or some social institutions towards the individuals. Should we have a place to do it? Despite that they are many other institutions doing it. An other avenue, one more can be useful. The answer is definitely yes. The way we want to expose is with facts, without fear, vengeance or imposed consequences, or one-sided approach. By doing this way, we feel up our desire to uncover the reality as is, not as “they think it was”.  

An other reason would be our deep desire in our personality: to watch and improve the behavior of some individuals, groups or institutions, In view of some basic social values, elementary laws regulating our every day activities.

Often it is good to have a place and the other manner to share, or to vent our frustration, even if we cant do nothing about it. When we share our frustration about a civil judiciary system, about its inability, or terrible ways of solving the dispute; it makes us feel better, when we talk about our grievances.

As a reasonable persons, and social animals we intend to achieve with others a “common good”, as a deepest reason for creating the social interaction and social life. More we want to spread the “good”” around us. When we learn about unjust, or unreasonable decisions, we are not only upholding by it, but we want to improve it according to the simple conviction that the people “embodied their reasoned judgments into law”. (Al Gore)  

There is an other deep human desire to live in pace with your neibour.  We want to have at last correct relations with some of our neibours, and to expect that when we are in some kind of trouble we can count on their help.  

This ultimate self-preservation may be other reason that we are locking for fair solution of the dispute to everybody’s interest, putting a side short term our self-interest invested in lies and by avoiding the misrepresentation o f the circumstances deceived for the outcome of the dispute.

To expose some lack of basic justice for average citizen in the system so called “participatory” democracy and exchange the ideas for improving our civil judiciary. Accumulation, presenting and putting in use the judicial evidence presented in the court and use it in the view of laws applied is a basic right for the individual. This approach conducts us to the heart, and essence of this movement: Justice left over for average Doe”. Unfortunately, on individuals level, there is a lot of misfortunes, misapplied laws, misfits, or simply put a lot of damage is done and destroyed lives, lost or shattered.

This appeal is addressed not only to those who can bay the “justice” they are welcome, but mostly to those, who primary cant afford to pay, or are left over by the society, and to these citizens, who happed to be the subjects of the misapplied laws often against any common sense. At this form, they would have a platform to share, complain, to discuss their grievances.

This in an essence of the grass roots movement. In the title “left over” implies and signals that it is impossible that the civil justice is served at its best and without hearting anybody. This system operates in the real world, not in abstract, and its objects are humans, as even we try our best somebody is going to be hurt. Later on may be we will change and abounding this world, but now in order to accentuate the problem e want to keep it as it is.

Natural, there are different organizations for promoting the justice nationally, and internationally, but they have strict structure and hierarchy particular goals in minds and make appeal to certain groups or segments of our society.

We make appeal to ewer age Doe to exchange ideas, complaints, suggestions, to listen, and eventually expose, protect, particular individual, without any prejudice, particular goal in mind, or specific profitable financially interest. Gras root movement appeals to everybody and anybody who cherishes these goals and ends enumerated before and I sable, ready, willing, to share his knowledge, expertise, time common sense to achieve these goals and promote and work for the “just” as a civil justice. We want to be identified with the average person on the street, with public figures “image makers, knowledge (academia), people understanding cause and effect relations in the society, with the “reformers”, who put human face on their actions, we want to be inclusive with politicians, who not worry only about their reelection, but react, understand their electorate, or with judicial branch, who lives on and from justice system, with the business and professional people who appreciate equality and professional ethics in their enterprises with  every day of these people always directly or indirectly influence distributions, character of he civil justice to the average Doe.

At the beginning, this in not an individual effort, but already a group afford of concerned individuals to wake up and make them grow already existing desires, aspirations about the mishaps “her and now” but not to create additional emotions of perception of the imagined reality and to   distort existing one.

We want to make p u b l i c meritocracy of ideas and discuss, exchange. Our personal wives in reference to the applicable laws for the average Doe. The knowledge about his destiny as a free from fear of the judiciary having in mind monetary rewards not his personal, developed  interests, or social satisfaction and safety.

This task is overwhelming, with far reaching consequences. To show distorted picture of the reality s easy and convenient, but to change it, add additional facts, to show complexity is more difficult that to write the decision. This marketplace of our ideas we   want to share at the beginning thru modest means like Internet and some mailing lists.  As honest brokers, we want to defend expose, protect if necessary each and every person Doe from outgrown bureaucracy within the legal means and common sense accepted by most of us. In the future we will adopt other multiways conversations between interested people and change and improve this resolution of this colossal human problem and social burden for all of us.
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