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The World Problem jew: Politically-Incorrect WWI-Era Classic on Poland's Jews

jan peczkis|Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nowadays, books on Polish-Jewish relations adhere to the Manichean view of the Jewish victim and the intolerant Pole. [This has been a trope in Jewish writing for at least a century, as is obvious from p. 67]. The present book perhaps goes too far in the opposite direction. If so, the student of Polish-Jewish relations can use this book to counterbalance the other, modern extreme, and come up with a middle, Judeorealistic view of Jewish-Polish relations.

The author’s portrayal of Jews is generally uncharitable. However, it is certainly not more so than the volumes of unflattering comments that Jews have written about Poles.

However, author Stephanie Laudyn was well aware, and appreciative of, the pro-Polish Jews (p. 89, 110-111, 215, 263, 350). Even so, she reckoned these Polonophile Jews a decided minority. (p. 263).
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