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Documents Untruthful WWI-Era Accounts of Massive Pogroms Against Jews,

jan peczkis|Saturday, October 26, 2013

The author presents an impressive set of WWI-era newspaper accounts (e.g., the NEW YORK TIMES), some reproduced in the back of the book in their entirety, that wrote of millions of eastern European Jews on the verge of starvation, or of victims of pogroms. Some of them actually use the figure of 6 million impending Jewish deaths, and even use the term holocaust.

Is all this GRUELPROPAGANDA? Is the 6 million figure a talismanic one? Author Heddesheimer would have us believe that the Nazi German Holocaust of 6 million Jews did not happen, and those WWII accounts of 6 million murdered Jews are just as untrue as WWI-era accounts of 6 million impending Jews dead. This is a non-sequitur. Recall, from the old Aesop's fable, how the boy cried wolf. He was untruthful the first two times. However, he was telling the truth the third time, and his mendacity the first two times had no bearing on the veracity of the third cry of wolf.

However, this book has value, to the reader who is not a Holocaust denier, in vividly showing that Jewish accounts of persecution are often exaggerated, untruthful, or even fantastic. For example, consider the January 9, 1922 (p. 19) issue of the NEW YORK TIMES (The entire article is on p. 117 of this book). The Very Rev. Joseph H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, declared that 1,000,000 Jews had been slaughtered in the Ukraine. [Because Heddesheimer is, or is reputed to be, a Holocaust denier, some readers may question his credibility. For this reason, I have checked this NYT citation, and found it accurate.]

This book is in no sense pro-Polish. For instance, in the Preface, German Holocaust revisionist Germar Rudolf repeats the usual line about 1918-1939 Poland treating her minorities very harshly, applying "ethnic pressure", in the form of discrimination and persecution, to "convince" them to emigrate. He thinks that this is quite similar to what Israel is doing today to Palestinians. (p. 11).

One shortcoming of this book is that author Heddesheimer fails to mention the alleged 1818-era pogroms in Poland. Various accounts had written of as many as 30,000 Jews killed by Poles. A commission, headed by Henry Morgenthau, a high-ranking Jew in the Wilson administration, found that they were 99% bogus. Please click on, and read, the detailed Peczkis review of All in a life-time,, and then go to the first comment, and click on each of the three items and read the respective Peczkis reviews of them.

Accounts of extreme Jewish victim-hood, of course, did not end around WWI. In 1937, at a conference in New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Samuel Untermeyer declared that at least 2 million of Poland's 3 million Jews are virtually starving, and that the entire population of 3 million Polish Jews is threatened with what Untermeyer calls annihilation. (p. 62). This information was taken from the December 6, 1937 issue of the NEW YORK TIMES. [I checked the NYT citation and found it accurate. It is on page 18, and the total of Polish Jews is given as 3,150,000, not 3,000,000.]

The reader should consider the implications of the statements of Rabbi Hertz and of Samuel Untermeyer. These were not Jewish cranks or extremists. They were very respected Jews. In addition, the publication was not some tabloid. It was the NEW YORK TIMES, at that time one of the most prestigious of all newspapers.

Now let us examine some supplementary information:

Long after WWII, there was a widely read book, THE PAINTED BIRD, authored by Polish Jew Jerzy Kosinski-Lewinkopf. He alleged that Polish peasants, under the Nazi occupation, acted in a sadistic manner to fugitive Polish Jews. Later investigation showed that these accounts were all bogus. Please click on Czarny ptasior (Polish Edition), and read the detailed English-language Peczkis review.

There has been, in recent years, a new round of WWII-era pogrom tales about Poland, this time propounded by neo-Stalinists such as Jan T. Gross and Jan Grabowski. The long history of untruthfulness of such accounts should behoove the reader not to believe such accounts unless they are independently corroborated.
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