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Know Your Enemy! byTete Harens Tetens;The REAL Cause of the Holocaust: Priceless Insights into German Supremacism, Militarism, and Departure From Christianity

jan peczkis|Friday, May 4, 2018

The author, Friedrich Tete Harens Tetens, was a German Jew and a journalist.

Nowadays, we see the customary de-Germanization of the Nazis, even a contrived dichotomy between Germans and Nazis. The Holocaust is arbitrarily blamed on centuries of adverse Christian teachings about Jews. The long history of pre-Nazi German thinking is ignored. The WWII conduct of Germany, and that of other European nations, is blurred. All these are relatively recent inventions, as is obvious from this eye-opening book.

This work is an extensive collection of quotes from prominent Germans. I reproduce a few of them below [with themes in CAPS]:


The German people is always right, because it is the German people and numbers 87 million souls.” (Otto Richard Tannenberg, Pan-German Propagandist, “Grossdeutschland”, (Greater Germany), 1911, page 231). [p. 40 in this book].

We teach that if the welfare of our Fatherland should require conquest, subjugation, dispossession, extermination of foreign nations, we must not be deterred by Christian or humanitarian qualms. (Editorial of the “Grenzboten”, (Messenger from the border), No. 48, 1896). [p. 39].

Martial force is the basis of all the political virtues; in the rich treasure of Germany’s glories the Prussian military glory is a jewel…Our military organization remains a glorious manifestation of German political idealism. (Heinrich von Treitschke, in “Das konstitionelle Koenigtum in Deutschland 1869-71.”)(The Constitutional Monarchy in Germany, 1869-71). [p. 26].

We Germans must, once again, learn to think of War as our savior and healer; without war no cure is possible. (“Taegliche Rundschau,” Berlin, November 1912). [p. 27].


The Germans are the chosen people of the Earth. They will accomplish their destiny, which is to direct the world and to govern other nations for the good of humanity. (Professor von Seyden, “Frankfurter Zeitung,” 1914). [p. 34].

Our race, with its culture, is superior to all the other nations and races of the earth… (Professor Joseph Ludwig Reimer, “Ein Pangermanisches Deutschland,” (A Pan-German Germany), 1905, page 32). [p. 32. sic].

We are the salt of the earth…God has created us so that we should civilize the world.” (Kaiser Wilhelm II in his Tangier-Speech, 1905). [p. 32].


Just as God has revealed himself in the German people, so He now reveals himself in the German Army. (“Volkserzieher,” (The Educator of the People), 1915, No. 10). [p. 51].

God Almighty stands and falls with Germany’s mighty armies… (“Deutscher Weckruf,” official organ of the Nazi Bund in New York, October 10, 1940). [p. 51].

We want no God except Germany itself. (Adolf Hitler, as quoted by the Catholic newspaper “Bayrischer Kurier,” (Bavarian Courier) for May 25, 1923). [p. 52].

I am tempted to believe in a Germanic God than a Christian one. (Dr. Goebbels…, speech in Cologne, May 19, 1939). [p. 51].


We have no place for a symbol of gentleness (the Christian Cross), but only for a symbol calling us to war, to defense; and I know of no better symbol than that of our Teutonic divinity Thor: the Hammer! (Pan-German Magazine “Heimdall,”, 1898, page 123). [p. 48].

I think our decline has come because we have followed Christ and because we have lost our German soul, while trying to gain a Christian one. (Ernst Wiechert, “Totenwolf,” 1924). [p. 49].

It is only on one or two exceptional points that Christ and Hitler stand comparison, for Hitler is far too big a man to be compared with one so petty. (District Governor Julius Streicher, in a speech before the German Academy of Education in Munich, July, 1935). [p. 55].


Greater Germany will be the aim and the task of the twentieth century! We will extend over all of central Europe as an empire of colossal national power. We shall then be in a position to meet all emergencies and contingencies that may arise thereafter. (Otto Richard Tannenberg, “Grossdeutschland die Arbeit des 20ten Jahrhunderts,”)(Greater Germany—The Task of the 20th Century), Leipzig, 1911, page 87) [p. 35].

We Germans have always been a nation of masters and rulers. (Wilhelm Schwaner, “Volkeserzieher,” 1916, page 16). [p. 33].


Finally, author Friedrich Tetens concludes that:

The German people lack completely the necessary respect for the rights of other nations. They have not shown any signs that they are willing to give up their overbearing claim of being the master race and are willing to take their place in a peaceful community of nations. [p. 109].
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