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Poles and Jews:Problems with the history;Jewish Religion Forbids the Disinterring of the Jewish Dead at Jedwabne--False

jan peczkis|Friday, May 4, 2018

To Zydowska Religia Zabrania Naruszenie Zwlok W Jedwabnem--Wcale Nie Prawde

Ta ksiazka daje czytelniku ogolne obraz Polsko-Zydowskich stosunkow. Ktos ktore ma nowe interes w tym temacie szybko sie zorientuje glownymi tendecjami tych spraw.

This book provides basic information. It is ideal for the beginner in Polish-Jewish relations.

The account of the Jewess Esterka, as the girlfriend of Polish King Casimir the Great, is probably mythical. It first appears in Jewish publications two centuries after the purported events. (p. 33).

The author delves into Polish rescue of Jews during WWII, as well as the decisiveness of Jewish collaborators in the German-made Shoah on Polish soil. Interestingly, it was the betrayals of Jews, and not those of Poles or Catholics, that had unmasked Jewish Christians.

It is categorically untrue that Jewish religious strictures would forbid the exhumation of Jedwabne's Jews. In fact, Halacha allows for the body of a Jew to be disinterred, and re-interred in a Jewish cemetery, or re-interred in a cemetery in Israel. So says Rabbi Joseph A. Polak. (p. 208).
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