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Fear of Gross

Marian Baginski Ph.D. Former research Associate in France and Poland|Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In his introduction to this book he states that he is going to describe anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz in the context of “the Holocaust and imposition of Communist rule on eastern and central Europe” (page x1v).
This premise is so ‘eccentric”, so uncommon to put two totally unrelated social phenomena together. Methodological annihilation of 3-4 millions Jews has nothing to do with imposed communist ruling.

“Fear” of J.T. Gross

 Is any real connection between holocaust and so called anti-Semitism in Poland? Holocaust was envisioned by Hitler’s My Kampf (Twenties) practically conceived (1941) and executed by highest authorities in German government including many” deciders” who happened to be Jews. Territorial placement of concentration camps on occupied Polish soil doesn’t have any bearing to the imposition of the Communist rule on Eastern Europe.

 Except that the “Lublin” government was brought by Russians composed mostly, if not entirely from communists’ ideologues, which happened to Russian, or Polish Jews.  I” fear” that in Fear,  this premise is so ill conceived  and off the mark that disqualifies  the scientific and serious discourse, Mr. Gross pretended to.

 After recognizing Russian Presence from mid September 1939 to June 1941., Mr. Gross is trying to place Polish Jews as a “fled or had been deported by the Soviet secret police, later he said “Some 100.000 to 120000 Jews were deported in 1940-1941 and forcibly settled in the Soviet interior as part of brooder repressive measure aiming at Socialization of this area.” Page 4-5.

 Unfortunately did they fled, or been deported, or booth.

 The facts are that, they fled with the precipitously leaving Russian soldiers (1941) as a part of their Russian administration, and some of them resettle immediately after September 1939 and later,   as “aiming to promulgate Sovietisation in newly acquired Russian territories from Poland as stated in Ribbentrop- Molotov pact.

 The facts are that only Polish families were deported by force to Siberia with the help of Russian administration and active Jewish participation and, which happened to be mostly Jewish lead, as was the case in Jedwabne in 1939 and 1941.Next innuendos, in reference to PKWN and KRD (Krajowa Rada Narodowa).

 Mr. Gross stated  that” Jews were at this point de facto fully enfranchised and equal in citizenship rights, and scores of Communists from a Jewish background who had always played important roles in the movement had already been entrusted with positions of responsibility in the emerging administration” p.32.

Mr. Gross conveniently admits that some of the Jews had responsibility, but he forgets to add that  this provisional form of government , security apparatus was brought by Russians and all the positions were taken by  the Party (PKP) members, who happed to be Polish Jews  from Russia, or saved by Poles and living always on Polish Territory.  T.

 Once again so called “innocent” socialist administration composed mostly from Communists who happed to be Polish Jews, imposed by Russians Jews, fought Polish Resistance.  This grab of power was considered by Poles as Russian occupiers.

 In Polish view there were political adversaries, Russian collaborators and happed to be Jewish.

Is anti-Semitic to fight political adversaries, security apparatus, oppressors, opponents of the Polish Independence (who happened to be Jewish)?

With light hart Mr. Gross states “Jews were also directly murdered by Poles who wanted to acquire their property.”P.40. the truth is:

 This event took place on July 10 1941in Jedwabne, Poles did not kill Jews to acquire their properties.  According to the evidence, documents, eyewitnesses, this murder was done under direction of Germans with some help of dozens disgruntled Jedwabiniens and immigrants from Generalna Gubernia.

 According to the evidence, documents, pogrom in Kielce was rather a politically motivated and inspired by others (security apparatus from outside Poland).

 After the war neither the administration not judiciary was well organized (crimes were committed against Poles, Jews...).

 The main focus what a fight against “wrogowie ludu” enemies of the People. They meant to be old resistance fighters, proprietors of bigger farms, intelligence uncomforted to the communist rules. Unfortunately in administration on almost every levels and security apparatus, in academia, many with access to power on every level, (including persecutors of Catholic Church), happen to be mostly Jewish unfortunately.

Jewish point of view of the events presented by Prof. Gross is far   from prospective of national polish interest (independence) and   self-preservation.  Unfortunately, political Jewish elites   never assimilated, polish deep desire of independence and self preservation. They see only alleged anti-Semitism as fight to annihilate them, not as social process created by specificity of Jewish behavior (more intelligent, richer more persistent, more psychologically perseverant), and inability to respect  the crucial interest of Poles.

 Polish point to view of their national independence, Jews perceived against their particular self-deception not as part of it. Polish desire to be free and independent was not the goal of, who happened to be Jews.  Their desire was self-preservation, no matter what including self-deception by collaborating with Russians and by facilitating there own destruction (Jewish police in ghettos) and collaborating with Germans in creating practical execution of Holocaust (Hendrch Eichman, top military brass in Wehrmacht).

 Zydokomuna (Judeo-communists) for Poles is and was considered the collaborators with communists who happened to be Russians- archenemies of Poland after World War II, and archenemies of Russia before World War I.

 Zydokomuna presented dependence from occupiers, and marginal political movement being outside of the main polish political aspirations.

Alleged spotty Polish collaboration with Germans was extremely marginal. Questions concerned only very marginal parts (mostly criminal and insignificantly extremes elements) of the society, unwillingly, or otherwise created by Russian- Jewish collaboration, directed against national Independence.

 Jewish and Russian collaboration from Sep 1939 to June 1941, and later was seen as traitors’ collaboration with the enemies. In the light of the documents Jedwabne event is seen as a partial result of Russian- Jewish collaboration to oppress then Polish inhabitants.   This was unfortunate event, but directed, sponsored executed by Germans with some help of marginal people of the Jedwabinien society.

 Marian Baginski

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