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Dr Ewa Kurek|Saturday, March 18, 2017

A generation of future historians, who today  are playing with  toys in a nursery, or  some of whose, who are not born yet  are going to illuminate  one of the largest most outrageous  lie about event  from  historical, political and mass media  point of view. In contemporary history. The event concerned is about 1941 Jewish massacre in Jedwabne

Indeed, history is tough for both the biggest people of this word as well as the little ones, sooner or later always reveals the true face of events, phenomena and the processed action. The massacre in Jedwabne occurred 76 years ago and although it should be  long ago  as  being  research about  those events and it  should  historians’ responsibility as a free research of historians, unfortunately  it's still  in hands of the courts, politicians and the media  interests.  These actors continuously are and were resisting to the logical arguments they pretend to have an absolute power and efficiently they are blocking the work of the historians. Let's try to briefly summarize the results at this state of the game.  The first speakers about the event were the lawyers and court system (In 1949-1950) in Łomża. There, the Investigation has been carried out; the courts sentenced jail time for ten people. Next, investigation was also conducted in 1953 in Bialystok, no jail sentence imposed.  Next, from 1967 to 1974 by Bialystok Chamber Commission study of Nazi Crimes did investigate this same crime, no criminal sentences passed. Without going into details, Bolshevik methods of investigations were practiced and imposed, suffice to say that the courts of PRL work unlawfully in the area without gathering a basic facts or the basic evidence. The courts issued judgments, but none of them ordered the exhumation to determine the number of victims of murder in Jedwabne.  Without any evidence of murdered victims’ bodies, without courts, or the authority of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF POLAND they built in Jedwabne barn a monument with the inscription: "Place of execution of the Jewish population. Gestapo and Nazi gendarmerie burned alive 1600 people 10. VII., 1941 ". This monument, although is the only one, where appearing inscription was, and this monuments was there up to the end of 2001 in Jedwabne. At the turn of the 20th and 21st century to explain Jedwabne murder had been taken by the mass media.  First Agnieszka Arnold did a documentary film "Where is my older son of Cain".  This Topic was so attractive politically for a number of reasons and media took on it.  In 2000, sociologist Tomasz Gross in Poland and in the world for that matter, he published  the book called  Neighbors , where he presented his artistic variations on the events of 1941, and wrote that in 1941 the Poles killed the Jews  in Jedwabne by burning them  in a barn ( about 1 600 local Jews). Gross used the proverbial finger sucking information, taken from the monument built in PRL times (1963) .  He took the number of Jewish victims from the monument of that time, and only swapped perpetrators: in place of Germans as perpetrators, he put the Poles... Revelations from Thomas Gross were taken with noble acquiescence by politicians from left and right. the Polish media were to come ecstatic,  in almost in one voice , they had been banging and had been started to  make believe that  Poles,  as a nation are  perpetrators of the Holocaust of the Jews and should pounded in their breasts. In an atmosphere of political and media clamor of noise around Jedwabne, in the year 2000 the historians from Institute of National Remembrance conducted the investigation, and easily overturned Gross’s and Arnold revelations. Starting May 30 2001 Professor Andrzej Kola of the University in Torun began in the barn in Jedwabne exhumation, which supposed to give a definitive answer to the question about the number of Jewish victims. The archaeological works revealed that the barn in Jedwabne had 19 meters long and 7 meters wide, and located in the barn grave where buried the remains of burned people, has dimensions of 7.5 x 2.5 m. Simple mathematical account shows that the number of 1600 Jews in Jedwabne barn Jews was impossible to stick on one meter square 12 people. You do not need to be any specialist. Simple logic shows that to put 12 people on the one meter square is impossible. Therefore, in an interview in July, 2016, I said I was in Jedwabne barn could fit maybe 1600 dwarfs, but never grown Jews! 1 Just these initial results of the research done by the IPN historians in 2001 had been become so uncomfortable for POLAND and ridiculed publicized books by Thomas Gross. Therefore, in the study works of historians’ mass media, politicians, lawyers and the courts intervened successfully in the study works of historians. In that atmosphere of media bashing, with the blockage of Polish Law, proceedings, methods of action research denied to the historians IPN. At the request of the American Rabbi, Michael Schudrich, according to whom: the exhumation is supposedly incompatible with Jewish law and religion, the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland on 4 June 2001 stopped the activities conducted to start exhumation in the barn of Jedwabne. The professional work of historians over the crime in Jedwabne was aborted. Based on limited exhumation IPN-we know only that the victims were probably not 1600, but about 300. The crime in Jedwabne is covered by legal protection. This means that anyone who contests the official findings he runs the danger of being punished 2... Legal protection in Jedwabne shall not, apply in Poland to those who write about Jedwabne nonsense sucked from a finger. For his lies, Tomasz Gross had been received Polish medals and despite the fact that his works were nothing else but scientific, he is still recognized in Polish universities as specialist of Jedwabne and Polish-Jewish relations. After sixteen years of blocking by the politicians and the courts of POLAND Polish historical research on the Jedwabne in the world, the following image is propagated in English vs. by Jewish Virtual Library:  Jedwabne, a small town in North-Eastern Poland, which for two years was under the control of Russia, fell into the hands of Germany on June 22, 1941. One of the first demands directed by the Poles to the Nazis was a request for the permission of murder the Jews. (…) The Nazis tried to convince Poles to spare some Jewish families as craftsmen, but the Poles responded: “we have enough of our own craftsmen and we need to kill all the Jews, so that none of them would an alive. (…) The Mayor of Jedwabne has agreed to provide assistance to the massacre, the Poles from the surrounding villages came to watch and celebrate the event as a holiday. Close to half of the population, with 1600 Catholic community took part in torturing 1600 members of the Jewish community of Jedwabne by gathering them in to the barn, which was later burned out3...  Those of several years of grilling Jedwabne Affair unexpectedly the religious Jews tried to stop it.   At the beginning of the year 2014 in the Bulletin of the Jewish newspaper “Kolbojnik" in Warsaw they announced that Rabbi Michael Schudrich lied about exhumation, because in accordance with Jewish law and Jewish religion exhumation in Jedwabne should be performed4... Polish lawyers and politicians of the right wing and the left do not have turned their friendly eyes on this Jewish stand, because they would be blocking research of Polish and Jewish historians, writing about their sucking from the finger of Poles and Jews history. Only the Radio Wnet on August 10, 2015, went to Jedwabne and tried to draw the attention of political and legal Poland’s establishment to the problem of Jedwabne lies 5. In the autumn of 2015 power in Poland was to be finding in the hands of Law and Justice Politicians. A few weeks later I got a call from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, which I relayed the Jewish report on the position of religion and Jewish law regarding the exhumation, published in "Kolbojnik". I was asked to present in writing the areas where historical tests must be carried out on the question of murder in Jedwabne and I was promised appropriate action from them... Expertise of the Jewish "Kolbojnik" and my own are today probably on some Ministerial shelf or landed at ministerial dumpster. I tried yet  to interest also an  another Minister, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament , as well as the Advisor of the President of the  Poland’s Republic, who are trained as historian and more than others is  aware of the need for  the start  of exhumation. All those great politicians L&J (PIS) are feared and embraced by some incomprehensible fear to me, and are silent today. This is why, June 30, 2016. I started “citizens ' action of collecting signatures under the project, which should lead to the right to complete an interrupted exhumation in the barn in Jedwabne in 2001. The historians should carry out methodology of history as a science for historical research 6. In the action of collecting signatures  I  included the "Gazette Warszawska" (Warsaw Gazette) ,  for  over  a half a year they  printed my  appeals , on behalf of myself and all Poles for  whom the good name of Poland  is the most important.  I’m most thankful to  Peter Bachurski .I  also wanted to thank  nearly 12 thousand Poles, who have trusted me as an independent historian and  had  the trouble  to  sign. Among them were both signers and sanded signed sheets individually and I’m thankful to those who collect in person signatures involved gathered tens and hundreds signatures. Special attention is deserved to be paid to the patriotic youth, which made me collected in Poland two thousand signatures. At this moment I'm dealing with the collected sheets and  I’m adding  the numbers  on my computer , and I  introduced only initials, and the   place of residence of the individuals who have provided support to the initiative the exhumation in Jedwabne. At the end of the inventory of this information I will be published on the emerging Web site www.ekshumacja in Jedwabne. The results of the inventory of are very interesting even when incomplete yet phase and is contradicted by the existence of social and regional divisions in Poland. Under the appeal signed up both residents of big cities and tiny villages, lying between Szczecin and Przemyśl, Suwalki, and Opole. They were signed by famous and less famous politicians, engineers, teachers, farmers, workers and a huge group learning and working youth. Especially I appreciate the signature by the renowned artist and graphics Alexander Turk, who did not live to see the results of our action, and recently passed away. May the Lord were with him and, where he probably would be interceded for the just cause. The exhumation in Jedwabne had been stopped in 2001, by the minister of Justice of Poland, who has power over over the IPN, I inventoried the signatures and will take to him in the company of my lawyer, who will help me to formulate the legal language, corrected letter requesting freedom for historical research and to carry out the Jedwabne exhumation. To participate in the Act of handing boxes with our signatures I invite all the people that will be able and willing to accompany me. The signature appears on the pages of "the Warsaw Newspaper" and the previously mentioned website. At the moment, as a historian, a Pole and a plain layman in trade law I can say only that by blocking the historical study and exhumation in Jedwabne, POLAND’S authorities have been broken all possible laws with the rights of the Constitution: in chapter I article. 1 says that: the Republic of Poland is the common good of all citizens. That is why we, 12 thousand. Citizens of the Republic of Poland, caring about the common good, which is good name of the Republic of Polish, we demand from the Minister to complete the exhumation in Jedwabne. We are supported in this case, by the art. 5 of the Constitution, which says that the Republic of Poland (...) provides the freedoms and rights of man and of the citizen, and [...] guards the national heritage. For the purposes of this article the RP must ensure that historians the right to free research and all citizens have the right to historical truth established in the course of the reliable and unhindered by the courts. This is confirmed by article 73 of the Constitution, which guarantees citizens of the Poland freedom of artistic creativity, research, and publication of their results. Because of the Jedwabne, Poland and Poles for the last several heard miles of nonsense. Requested the exhumation in Jedwabne is also compatible with the spirit of the article. 51 of the Constitution, which says that: everyone has the right to request rectification or to delete of false information, incomplete or collected in a manner contrary to the law. Only the disinterment and reliable historical study in the spirit of the Constitution allow for rectification and deletion of incorrect information about the massacre in Jedwabne. Finally, let me bring up the article. 63 of the Constitution, according to which: everyone has the right to submit petitions, proposals and complaints in the public interest (...) to the public authorities, and  to the Minister of Justice, to which place his request, I recall that include Office, solemnly swore that  he is  swore to the Constitution and other laws of the Republic of Poland. Also the Polish code of criminal procedure does not leave this event of having to carry out the Jedwabne exhumation of no doubt and in the article. 209 and 210 says: If there is a suspicion of crime causing the death, shall be carried out Visual inspection and the opening-up of corpses, and that in order to make the inspection or the opening of corpses.  Court may order or removing corpses from the grave. There is no doubt that the death of Jews in Jedwabne was a crime and it makes no difference whether the murder took place a year or seventy years ago. Research methods of prosecutors and historians are in this case similar and effective up to date... Law and Justice Politicians liked frequently to repeat, that right must be similarly for all. Last fall, when it was a matter of legitimate and justified the exhumation of Smolensk, Persecutor Marek Pasionek in TVP on 9 November 2016, said: we want to actually come to the truth.” Party Preses, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said   that exhumation victims from Smolensk are a legal necessity.  About Jedwabne, he does not follow through with the fundamental legal principles of Poland. With all the strength, along with 12 thousand. Citizens of the Republic of Poland I declare that in the case of the Jedwabne it is exactly the same. By submitting an application for exhumation in Jedwabne barn, we want to actually reach not only to the truth, but the Jedwabne exhumation is a must, because the legal arguments and the basic principles of Polish law. Mr. Preses and Mr. Prosecutor let me remind you that the right in Poland should be similarly for all. Exactly the same for the Jedwabne massacre and Smolensk massacre...
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