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Jedwabne - Policy apologies and remorse - slander payment for heroism,

iwo c. pogonowski|Monday, August 11, 2014

Today, when we are trying to get to the truth about the tragedy in Jedwabne,which happened sixty years ago, many of us feel a deep resentment watching fake apologies and remorse policy used by people who try to write a new version of Polish history. This is probably the deepest bitterness of my generation - veterans of the Nazi and Soviet terror . 
It is most appropriate that Mr. Miller, Polish prime minister, spoke with reverence the suffering of the Jews in Poland and other countries. however is in the highest degree improper assignment of the Polish nation Jedwabne, so clean guilty of this crime, the Germans - the Nazis and the the bleach while crimes committed by communists in Poland.

Jedwabne - Policy apologies and remorse - slander payment for heroism, by Prof. Iwo C. Pogonowski   JEDWABNE Polityka przeproszeń i skruchy - oszczerstwa zapłatą za bohaterstwo

Let us remember the terror of the Soviet and German in Poland was the payment for the heroism with which the Polish nation and leaned against the Bolsheviks and the German Nazis. Polish resistance prevented the outbreak of world revolution based on Russian and German forces under the leadership of Lenin in 1920. Then, in 1939, Poland derailed Hitler's strategy, through which it had to dominate the world. Poles fought heroically in the Army, Air Force and Navy, as well as created by them, most of the resistance in Europe and created the Polish underground state during the occupation. Heroic Polish armed resistance continued throughout the first years of the post-war Soviet occupation. 

Soviet terror threatened to Poland after independence when the Poles fought a war about the limits of his reborn state. Then, under the command of Jozef Pilsudski Polish most important victory was the defeat of Soviet invasion in 1920. Lenin tried to take Poland and unleash the Communist world revolution based on Russia and Germany. Millions of Germans, Communists, as well as people embittered by defeat in World War I, was ready to support the communist government, which was recovered by Lenin Polish western provinces - the former Prussian partition. Polish victory of the world revolution destroyed the plans of the Soviets, the Poles who paid with a terror in the years 1939-1941 upon  Polish citizens and murdered more of them, than Germany at the same time. Approximately four-fifths of all the deaths were arrested with denunciations to the NKVD by local collaborators, mostly of Jewish origin. Nearly 22,000 members of the Polish elite was inscribed on the list of L. Beria and made them a death sentence in the spring of 1940. 

In January 1939, Poland refused to join the pact antykominternoskiego. It was a turning point in the history of the world as Japan, after the conclusion of the pact with Germany against Soviet Russia in 1936, attacked the Soviet Union already in 1938 in the belief that the Germans with Polish soon attack the Soviet Union from the west. Hitler, a patient with Parkinson's eager to make his historical mission, which he considered that no other German would not have. He tried hard to get the Polish participation in the attack on the Soviet Union. 

Hitler warned by his generals that Germany did not have enough troops to carry out its plans, he tried to raise in 1935-1939 Poland, from which the expected three and a half million army. The key to Hitler's domination of the world was to be the conquest of Soviet Russia, mainly by German and Polish forces attacking from the west and the Japanese forces from the east. Getting the oil fields of the Middle East, Russia and Hitler was to ensure the domination of the world and provide fuel for his "motorized machines of war." 

Poland not only refused the pact with Hitler, but I July 25, 1939 gave the solution of German Enigma codes Britain and France - which, according to statements of the American specialist - DA Hatch'a in 1999, "has become a cornerstone of the Allied victory over Germany." (Center of Cryptic History, Fort Meade, Maryland.) Invasion of Normandy would not be possible without a zdekryptowanej Enigma by the Allies. 

As we know, in spite of the key Polish contribution to victory and enormous sacrifices Poland was betrayed by Roosevelt and Churchill at Teheran and Yalta. Poles are not warned bled in the Warsaw Uprising hopeless and lost there flower of youth, and the capital remained in ruins. Poland was given to the Soviets and the pacification of the NKVD became a satellite state subordinated to Soviet Russia. 

The tragedy of Jedwabne - German archives and Two Tombs 

July 10, 1941 it was Germany terror led to the place of the Jews of Jedwabne massacre them. They shot about 50 and burned alive about 250 (not 1600 or 1800 as the American press reported on the basis of false information contained in the book-libel against Poland "Neighbours" JT Gross, who ignored the Soviet and German archival sources). 

Germans organized themselves to help Volksduetch'ow (known traitors and spies), a primitive criminals and local area, and it is not inconceivable that a number of "Avengers." The latter, if indeed there were probably were convinced that some of the Jews of Jedwabne endanger themselves and their families to severe persecution by the NKVD and deportations to the Gulag. An additional group of Poles, Germans forced by threats of shooting rifle butts and blows to bring Jews to clean the pavement on the market.

Still living witnesses that detail the planned German executions of several hundred Jews of Jedwabne July 10, 1941. then Germany, about 300 Jews were forced to march in a funeral like concrete head of the statue of Lenin precipitated in the market. 

Germany divided into two groups of Jews. The first group was composed of about 50 men strong enough that they could defend desperately. The second group was made up of about 250 people, mostly women, children and the elderly. 

While the second group was stopped behind the first group of Germans had come to a small barn, which confiscated the keys of the previous day, when he emptied stored in the barn with the farm machinery. The first group of Germans ordered dig a trench in the dirt floor that supposedly there to bury Lenin's head. (Gross written incorrectly, that the scene takes place in the Jewish cemetery.) How trench was dug Germans opened fire on the first group of Jews and Poles probably ordered the Jews to bury a shot. Head of Lenin's corpse was placed on the grave of the first group of victims. Then the Germans ordered the second group to enter the barn, he poured gasoline and set on fire.

Stefan Boczkowski, Roman Chojnowski and five other witnesses testified that they saw the Germans burned the barn full of Jews. German pickup truck pulled up with German soldiers and cans of gasoline. Some of the soldiers jumped down, and the other placed in their box, the contents poured on the walls and set fire to the barn. The flames rapidly engulfed the barn. pyrotechnic analysis indicates that the Germans had to use about 400 liters of petrol for less than 100 square meters of walls of the barn that was once covered by the flames, which caused the deaths of the victims locked in a barn. The next day, the Germans forced local farmers to dig a trench along the barn and buried in the decaying and issue a horrible smell of human bodies in the second group, in a freshly dug grave. (The high water content in the human body requires 800 degrees Celsius for about half an hour to achieve complete combustion.) Local people had no time at all petrol. People had a small amount of kerosene oil lamps. Kerosene lamp is lit at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. It's hard to be a kerosene fire call so sudden because regrowth oil does not burn as rapidly as gasoline. 

Institute of National Remembrance in 2001 found that the bodies of victims of the massacre of the Jews of 1941 years are buried only in those graves. Unfortunately, studies of graves were interrupted by requests rabbi. Complete examination of the body according to the principles of forensic science and criminal procedure, based on the total exhumation of buried all the victims had not been made. Thus, it is not known how many people were buried and what was the cause of death of each of them. Based on the capacity of the two graves rated the approximate number of victims for about 200-300 people. In the absence of complete and accurate analysis of the exhumation based on the principles of forensic any final report of the IPN is worthless, because the failure to establish the death of each of the victims and the exact quantities. Just because exhumation will lack any emotional testimony of how - of what and in what circumstances - murder victims were killed in Jedwabne. Such is the way any prosecutor or any court considering a criminal case involving the human body (such as the examination of the Katyn graves). 

The book "Neighbors" rife with errors, such as the claim that the first group was killed at the Jewish cemetery, and not where it was found, namely in the barn. Professor Jerzy Robert Nowak, author of "100 Lies Gross," says he actually found more errors than 100 symbolically referred to in the title. MK Dziewanowski, professor of history and author of many works (including "The History of Soviet Russia", fifth edition in 1996 r, Princeton Hall) wrote in a letter to the New York Times about the book "Neighbours": "Professor Gross's book is not a serious scientific analysis, it is rather tendentious propaganda pamphlet full of irresponsible powziętych conclusions without testing the available source material." [Translation ICP]. But it should also be noted that the book "Massacre in Jedwabne, July 10, 1941, before, during, and after" is already prepared for publication by Dr. Mark J. Chodakiewicz. It describes the background of the crime (before), its course (during) and used for the purposes of anti-Polish propaganda (after).

During the investigation into war crimes trials and Germany agreed that all the mass executions of Jews in the area of Lomza (in Radziłów Tykocin Rutki, Zambrowie, Jedwabne, pilgrims and Wizna) between July and September 1941 years have been made in the same way by the same group Gestapo Staying in Ciechanów and that led this group Hauptsturmfuerer Hermann Schaper, the witnesses recognized the Radziłów and Tykocin. Jedwabne method used was identical to that followed three days earlier in Radziłów by people Schaper. In 1964, an investigating official name Opitz in Ludwigsburg was sure Schaper led the execution of Jews in each of the above-mentioned village near Lomza. Schaper lied of course as he could to avoid a deserved punishment for a crime, despite the fact that the President of the German civilian administration Lomza region during the war, in which it is located Silk, Count van der Groeben testified in court under oath that Schaper moved all executions of Jews in 1941 in Lomza (including Jedwabne). 

In 1974, a German court sentenced a 68-year-old then Schaper to six years in prison for the murder of Poles and Jews as the commander of the SS commando Zichenau-Schroettersburg. (These facts are cited in publications: Alexandra B. Rosino, the historian, the Holocaust Museum in Washington, an article accepted for publication in Polin, Volume 16, 2003, and Thomas Urban, reporter Suddeutche Zeitung translated in the Republic, 1-2 September 2002.) 

It would be logical if the Institute of National Remembrance in 2002 demanded the release Schaper by the German authorities as a defendant on trial in Poland, or at least it has requested a hearing under oath by a German court. Instead, the people of the IPN interviewed worthless in the judicial investigation and then shared with the press message that Hauptsturmfuerer Hermann Schaper "confirmed what we already know" (pressure the question - what and based on what evidence is really known?).

"Evil Empire" and the politics of apology and remorse 

President Reagan was right, that the rule of the Communist Party were "evil empire", which for nearly half a century of rule by terror Poland. Now, under the post-communists of the Democratic Left Alliance are beginning to behave like rulers who blame the Polish nation for the crimes committed by the communists in the evil empire. They are obviously false allegations.

Polish President Kwasniewski and Prime Minister I want to L. Miller thus whitewash the crimes of the communist regime, in which both were high-ranking apparatchiks . It is the terror apparatus of the Kielce pogrom organized a party at the behest of Moscow in 1946. Ostap Dłuski Then, head of the foreign department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (PPR) Posted September 25, 1946, letter to a communist Polish ambassador in Paris, Stanislaw Skrzeszewskiego to the organized slanderous campaigns in France and received public condemnation of the Kielce pogrom Poles. was an action similar to today's action the Polish president and prime minister, both former members of the communist government in Poland, the same government that they are still apologists and accuse the Poles of guilt in Jedwabne crime in 1941. The government party in 1968, persecuted the Jews in Poland at the behest of Mr Andropov, then head of the Soviet terror apparatus. The elite of the Communist Party, which held the Polish authorities for 50 years, is once again in power and reproduces the previously tested models. Now is the most convenient way to hide the past accused the Polish nation for the crimes of communist leaders, who are the people afflicted. Today, they use 'policy of apology and repentance " which was the latest example of slandering the Polish nation by Prime Minister Miller by apologizing presidents of Jewish organizations in New York on 10 Jan 2002 in the Polish for crimes committed against the Jews by the Nazis and the Communists. They slander the Poles that supposedly murdered Jews while the Nazi advance in Jedwabne and then communist torturers in Kielce steel side and watched helplessly those crimes.

It is a strange procedure president, as well as Polish prime minister when they insist to give the world opinion that the Polish people under the brutal yoke of Nazi Germany is to blame for the massacre of Jews in Jedwabne. Course, for home use Kwasniewski said he apologizes to Jews in his own name and those who so desire. In fact, on the international stage, this meant simply that the head of state accepted responsibility for the crimes of his people with all the legal consequences of this expression. 

It must be remembered that during the solemn apology Kwasniewski did not know what actually happened in Jedwabne as he spoke at a time when the investigation was just launched by the judicial authorities. This conduct violated Mr. Kwasniewski independence of the judiciary and violated the Constitution, which requires that the legislative, judicial and executive power in the person of the president. 

The support provided by the Government of JT Gross, Polish President it is scandalous, given the nature of propaganda "Neighbours". For example, according to Gross Nazis unsuccessfully tried to save some of the Jews of Jedwabne Poles but they can not let (!). 

Blaming the Poles responsibility for the atrocities committed against Jews during the Nazi and Soviet forms in America wicked image of Poles in a hideous country - this is the typical image seen out on the screens of American television and cinema, in which Poles and Poland are portrayed in the worst possible light. The expression "Polish death camps" is used as synonymous with "Nazi death camps" with the result for many of the apparently Poles were Nazis. now on American television talk about "Polish exterminacyjnych centers." Many people in America think that Poland fought Hitler's side and helped him in the Holocaust. So think especially those who necessarily had to take part in the "Holocaust Studies", in which there is no mention of the role of the Jewish police in the ghettos and the Judenrat controlled by the Gestapo and ensure "peaceful" transports its kin to extermination camps. 

Instead intervene against such slander Polish diplomats in America insist that they feel personally guilty for the crimes jedwabieńnską and they feel it tarnished. They are mostly people born after the war, who apparently follows the instructions of his superiors. In this way, they publicly expressed contrition proves the Polish Nation responsibility for Jedwabne and reinforces the importance of an apology defamatory President Kwasniewski and Prime Minister Miller.

This is a picture of the grotesque in his perfidy, under which lies a political objective communists and their supporters. Propaganda does not stand a confrontation with the historical truth. Today, unfortunately, the dominant newspaper in Poland, communists and liberals supporting them so often "from the truth," that even the term of "misrepresentation" as the term falsehoods and lies propagated by the media. In the present investigation Jedwabne "justice" raises serious doubts. Local people say that when they began to exhume the graves of Jews murdered July 10, 1941 in Jedwabne, the investigators found holes from bullets in the first three skulls found. study two graves was immediately stopped as if on the basis of "rabbi protest" against the desecration of corpses. In no country such as USA, England, France and Israel have been ordered by the investigative bodies exhumation and forensic examination under any circumstances can not be interrupted for religious reasons, and others - are in fact the knowledge of the truth. It seems that this goal should be guided by the IPN. 

Many in Jedwabne are convinced of the holes in the skulls of the bullets were not what you were looking for conducting the exhumation and was therefore terminated. The emerging picture does not fit the "History of Gross" - shoot could only present the Germans - I think that this author would accept the idea that it enraged hatred of Poles snatched weapons trying to protect Jews and Germans began to shoot accurately at the head of their Jewish victims. I think that for such perfidy did not score even J. Gross. The decision to bury forever the evidence of property crimes in two graves in Jedwabne completely disqualifies conducted an investigation that must determine the amount of the victims and cause of death of each of them, on the basis of detailed studies in accordance with the art of forensic medicine.

The truth is sometimes very difficult to determine, but it is never as available as it was then when it's inconvenient.

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