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The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was unprecedented, but now the precedent is there. One of the horrible lessons of the Holocaust is that it can happen again, it happened to a certain extent in Rwanda, East Timor and in Kosovo. The only way for us to relay the horrors of what happened,  its significance and to keep this from ever happening again is through "honest"  and universal education.

When you study the Holocaust, you are studying the highest level of organized hate in the history of mankind. Studying the rise of the Nazis, their extermination of the Jew's, the Roma's, the Jehovah's Witnesses and other "undesirables" is an exploration into how ordinary people canbe led into committing the ultimate horror  - genocide. "The Nazis victimized some people for what they did, some for what they refused to do, some for what they were, and some for the fact that they were." John Conway

The Holocaust was unprecedented, but now the precedent is there. One of the horrible lessons of the Holocaust is that it can happen again, it happened to a certain extent in Rwanda, East Timor and in Kosovo. The only way for us to relay the horrors of what happened,  its significance and to keep this from ever happening again is through "honest"  and universal education.

When you study the Holocaust, you are studying the highest level of organized hate in the history of mankind. Studying the rise of the Nazis, their extermination of the Jew's, the Roma's, the Jehovah's Witnesses and other "undesirables" is an exploration into how ordinary people can be led into committing the ultimate horror  - genocide.   "The Nazis victimized some people for what they did, some for what they refused to do, some for what they were, and some for the fact that they were."
John Conway

I always recommend looking through all Holocaust material with one of your parents, as some of the material can get quite graphic. They will be able to help you with any questions you have and you can discuss anything that might make you feel uncomfortable.
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                  Line General Resources
Holocaust: Cybrary of the Holocaust
Nizkor: a Response to Holocaust Denial
Simon Wiesenthal Center - Museum of Tolerance - Multimedia Learning Center Online
Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
Holocaust Understanding and Prevention by Alexander Kimel
World War II
Holocaust Education Resources for Teachers
The Forgotten Camps
Tolerance 4 Kids Website: Geared for Elementary School Ages 8 and Up
ThinkQuest - The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy
Holocaust Sites
BJ Swartz's Holocaust Resources
WW2 Holocaust links
Holocaust Links
On-line Holocaust Resources
The History Place
An Illustrated History of the Holocaust
Jewish Immigration/Vilna Shul TimelineHistory of the Jews in Poland
Genocide Web Sites: The Threat Continues
Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimony
Dickerson Holocaust home page
Snorri G. Bergsson's homepage

Museums and Memorials
Yad Vashem Online
Simon Wiesenthal Center - Museum of Tolerance - Multimedia Learning Center Online
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Holocaust Memorial Center: Illuminating
Holocaust Memorial Center Online Exhibits
C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Home Page
El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center
The Mechelen Museum of Deportation and the Resistance
Molly Brown House Museum
Tampa Bay Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Holocaust Studies Center & Museum Virtual Tour
Ghetto Fighters House: Museum of the Holocaust and Resistance
The Jewish Virtual Library - The Holocaust BUTTON.GIF Summaries
Short Summary of Holocaust
Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi
Holocaust Understanding and Prevention
The Holocaust:Genocide - Modern Parallels
Summary of the Camps
The Forgotten Camps
The Camps

Translation Sites
(If you need a translation to English)
AltaVista: Translations(entire pages or phrases)
FreeTranslation.com - Translations(entire pages or phrases)
Free Online Translation(entire pages or phrases)
Free Mezzofanti Translations(entire pages or phrases)
Eurodicautom WWW Interface(words or phrases only)
Dictionaries of Foreign Languages

Cause, Effect & After
Blueprint for the Holocaust by Prof. Robert Michael
What Makes the Holocaust Unique?
The Holocaust:Genocide - Modern Parallels
Holocaust Understanding and Prevention
Background, Tragedy & Aftermath
London Agreement August 8, 1945: War Criminals will be brought to Justice
War Crimes Tribunal: The Nazis and Nuremberg
Holocaust Assets - US Special Report
Families After Holocaust Project BUTTON.GIF Terms and Glossaries
Hollocaust Glossary
Holocaust Terms
German and Nazi Terminology
The Holocaust: A Glossary of Terms

Desperate Men - Judenrat & Kapos
(Desperate measures for desperate Times?)
The Judenrat: Victim's Self Destruction
Judenrat Definition
Shattered Identity - Kapos, Judenrat,etc.
Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski's Give Me Your Children Speech - Lodz Ghetto

Book for this topic
Judenrat : The Jewish Councils in Eastern Europe Under Nazi Occupation

Allied Knowledge of the Holocaust
Reports about large-scale Nazi massacres of European Jews reached the West in late 1941.
America and the Holocaust
U.S. Policy During WWII
When the Rabbis Marched on Washington, 1943
Immigration to the United States Table (1936­1945)
Simon Wiesenthal Center: Immigration to the Free World
Immigration Policies of Countries
America and The Holocaust Chronology
Assistant Secretary of State Breckinridge Long Memo: Effective ways to Obstruct the Granting of U.S. Visas
U.S. IMMIGRATION: Closing the door
The Arts & Media History: Did FDR Do Enough? Some believe the U.S. failed to save Jews during the Holocaust
Visa Application of U.S. State Department, Visa Division, January 1943, 4 pages long!
Barring U.S. Doors To Aliens/Refugees - The Documents and Memos
News of Extermination Reaches the US - Documents and Memos
President Roosevelt's Apparent Reluctance To Help Europe's Jews - Documents and Memos
Bombing Railways And Auschwitz - Documents and Memos
Decisions Taken at the Evian Conference On Jewish Refugees (July 14, 1938)
World Immigration Policies
John Pehle on: Establishing the War Refugee Board
The "Bergson Boys"
Will Rogers Jr. on: The State Department of 1943 - 1944
Jan Karski on: U.S. Knowledge of German Atrocities
Could The Allies Have Bombed Auschwitz-Birkenau?
Anti-Semetism in the US Army: Rabbi Gittelsohn's Iwo Jima Sermon
How the U.S. helped Hitler and the Nazis
Companies Affiliated With Concentration Camps
List of the Major Companies Involved in the Concentration Camps
A Abandoment of the Jews by A.Kimel
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc. History of the JDC
American Responses to the Holocaust
History on public TV: FDR and the Holocaust
Maps of Population and Atrocities Committed... While the Allies did nothing
What the Allies Knew by John Keegan
PBS: The American Experience | America and the Holocaust
American Jewish Labor and the Holocaust BUTTON.GIF Books to explore:
The Abandonment of the Jews by David Wyman
Auschwitz and the Allies by Martin Gilbert
The Jews Were Expendable by Monty Penkower
No Haven for the Oppressed by Saul Friedman
Paper Walls by David Wyman
The Politics of Rescue by Henry Feingold
Bearing Witness by Henry Feingold
Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy, 1932-1945 by Robert Dallek
FDR and the Holocaust (The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute Series on Diplomatic and Economic History) by Verne W. Newton BUTTON.GIF The Kindertransports
In 1938-39, nearly 10,000 mostly Jewish children from Germany and Austria were sent to Britain for sanctuary. The parents willingly sent their kids, between ages 2 and 18, out of the country for safe keeping.  The initial thought was that they could wait out the Nazi 's and then when it was safe, return to their parents and homes.  Some of these kids who had never as much as crossed the street alone were placed on trains to take them to England with nothing more than a bag and a name tag.  Those courageous parents who had the strength to send their children off to an unknown fate soon boarded transports taking them to concentration camps to perish.  Most of the children never saw their families again, close to 80% of the children became war orphans.
One Thousand Children
The Kindertransports
Children transported from parents and Nazis remember
Train Children of the Holocaust
Night of the Broken Glass and the Kindertransport
Famous Adoptees: Profiles: A-K, scroll to K
Kindertransport' director explores assimilation issue
Ruth Morley's Story
My Knees were Jumping - film on Kindertransport
Kindertransport Association of North America (KTA)
Kindertransport FAQs
Kindertransport Memoirs
Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust
The Stories of Children Survivors
Children and the Holocaust
From Exile to Excellence: Nobel prize laureate Walter Kohn
Children of the Kindertransport Grow up: Short Biographies BUTTON.GIF Books for this Section:
Ten Thousand Children by Anne L. Fox & Eva Abraham-Podietz
Unfulfilled Promise: Rescue & Resettlement of Jewish Refugee Children in the United States 1934-1945 by Judith Tydor Baumel
Kindertransport by Olga Levy Drucker
We Came as Children: A Collective Autobiography, edited by Karen Gershon
Solomon Schonfeld: His Page in History, edited by David Kranzler and Gertrude Hirschler
I Came Alone: The Stories of the Kindertransports, edited by Bertha Leverton and Shmuel Lowensohn
The Uprooted: A Hitler Legacy: Voices of those who Escaped before the Final Solution by Dorit Bader Whiteman
A Transported Life: Memories of Kindertransport: The Oral History of Thea Feliks Eden
Pearls of Childhood : The Poignant True Wartime Story of a Young Girl Growing Up in an Adopted Land by Vera Gissing BUTTON.GIF Deportation Trains
PAOLO TOLDO, Militars and Civilians deported in the Nazist Germany
The role of the Marechaussee or the Constables during WW II
The story of a deportation train

The SS St. Louis Tragedy - May 13, 1939
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM): The Voyage of the SS St. Louis Index
The Tragedy of the S.S. St. Louis
Voyage of the Dammed
On the SS St. Louis - A Survivor
The S.S. St. Louis after 60 Years
St. Louis: The Other Ship
Friends of The St. Louis
The Tragedy of the S.S. St. Louis Part 1
SS St. Louis: The Story of Oskar Blechner's Family
Simon Weisenthal: SS St. Louis
The History Place Time Holocaust Line: St. Louis
Laura Margolis: Rescuer of Jews
Jewish Survivors of SS St. Louis Return to Canada for Apology by Christian Church
Immigration Policies of Countries
LCHR | Protecting Asylum Seekers | Never Another St. Louis
U.S. IMMIGRATION: Closing the Door - Immigration attitudes then and now

The Voyage of the SS St. Louis Map
USHMM: Map of the Route of the SS St. Louis
USHMM: SS. St. Louis - Visual of the Photo Album
USHMM: Captain of the SS. St. Louis
USHMM: Refugees aboard wait to hear whether Cuba will grant them entry...
USHMM: The Ship in Havanna
USHMM: Two women looking at possible freedom in Havanna
USHMM: In Belgium after the forced return to Europe from Cuba
Simon Wiesenthal Center - Documents
Simon Wiesenthal Center - Photos

Book Resource:
Voyage of the Damned by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts c. 1974, Stein and Day (New York) BUTTON.GIF Another Ship: The Struma
February 24, 1943 The ship 'Struma' sailed from Romania to Palestine with 769 Romanian Jews on board. The British refused them entry into Palestine (a mistake they were to regret), so the ship then sailed to Turkey who likewise refused them to disembark. At sea for 74 days, hopelessly overcrowded and with no country willing to accept them, the 'Struma' was sunk by a torpedo from a Russian submarine just a few miles from Istanbul. *All onboard perished except sole survivor, David Stolier.
Citations: Duncan, George R., "Maritime Disasters of the Second World War ", [http://members.iinet.net.au/~gduncan/maritime.html].
*"The Scribe - Journal of Babylonian Jewry"., "The Struma"., [http://www.dangoor.com/73page120.html].
Simon Wiesenthal Center: Struma - Photos, Maps and Text
The Struma: The Lone Survivor - David Stolier
Struma Ship - The Tragedy
The Struman Tragedy - 50th anniversary
The Sinking of the Struma
The Struma Story
Maritime Disasters of the Second World War
Struma: A Romanian Tragedy
Tuvia Carmely: summarises the Struma Tragedy - 50 years after
The Struma Project - finding the Struma
Greg Mossgfelt - In Search of The Struma
Struma: The Boat That Never Made It
The Struma Story

Book Resource:
The Struma incident : a novel of the holocaust by Michel Solomon BUTTON.GIF Statistics
Holocaust Losses by Country
Official Estimation of the number of Jews Killed in the Holocaust
Compiling Estimates of the Numbers Exterminated

1918-38 Page
Time Line: 1918 - 1946
Yad Vashem: Annotated Chronology of the Holocaust  1933-1939
A Chronology: Holocaust: 1933-1945
1942 Page
1943 Page
1944 Page
1945 Page
March 12, 1933 - First Concentration Camp
June 1933 - Nazis open Dachau
The History Place - Holocaust Timeline
History Timelines on the Web
Hitler begins the Anschluss
Nazis Liquidate Lidice
Chronology of the Liberation Paris
Holocaust Timeline
Time Line (3000 BC - 2051)
Time Line: 1918 - 1946 BUTTON.GIF Kristallnacht: Night of Broken Glass
Kristallnacht Perspective
Kristallnacht: first major attack on the Jewish population
Holocaust Timeline: The Nazification of Germany BUTTON.GIF Maps of the Camps
Map of the camps
Map of Numbers killed
Maps of the Jewish Population
Maps of Population and Atrocities Committed... While the Allies did nothing
Maps2 Misc
Abe's Story Interactive: Follow Abe's Journey
Sobibor & its layout
Chelmno Extremination Camp
Tour of Majdanek - A Killing Center
Liberation of Dachau
Operation Reinhard - Sobibor
Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp
Theresienstadt - The Model Ghetto
WW2 Concetration Camp
Mittelbau Dora Concentration Camp
The Forgotten Camps
The List of Camps
Hyperlinked Index
Major Concentration Camps
Hanukkah In The Concentration Camp
Kristallnacht Map
Map of camps & info
Nazi Concentration Camps
Camps inside Yugoslavia
Hyperlinked Index (you will find camp layouts under their names)
Maps of the Holocaust: Resistance, Camps, Victims, Persecution
Wall Tiles: Escape and Evasion Maps
Eisantzgruppen: Map of Gas Van Operations
List of part of the Nazist Camps in Germany and in the Occupied Territories
Partition of Poland 1939 BUTTON.GIF Daily Life in the Camps
Just a Normal Day in the Camps
The Language of the Camps
The Buchenwald Series: Watercolors by the Jehovah's Witness Johannes Steyer
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy - Eyewitness Accounts

Book or Film Resources
Night by Elie Wiesel
Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi
We Were in Auschwitz by Janusz Nel Siedlecki, Krystyn Olszewski, Tadeusz Borowski
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
Steal A Pencil For Me: Love Letters from Camp Bergen-Belsen and Westerbork By Jaap (Jack) Polak and Ina Soep Polak
Tomorrow Will Be Better: Surviving Nazi Germany by Walter Meyer, Matt Valentine BUTTON.GIF Concentration Camps by Name
Auschwitz - Birkenau | Buchenwald | Bergen - Belsen | Belzec | Flossenburg | Dachau | Drancy, France | Majdanek | Neuengamme | Gospic | Gunskirchen Lager | Hardt,Gross-Rosen | Mauthausen and Gusen Camps 1 - 3 | Mittelbau Dora | Ravensbrück | The Reinhold Killing Centers | Sachsenhausen | Sobibor | SubCamps and Small Concentration Camps | Terezin | Treblinka | Westerbork
Auschwitz - Birkenau
On October 7, 1944, one of the four crematoria at Auschwitz was blown up by Sonderkommandos. These were workers, mostly Jews, whose job it was to clear away the bodies of gas chamber victims. The workers were all caught and killed.
Auschwitz intro
Holocaust: Auschwitz-Birkenau
State Museum and Memorial of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim
Virtual Auschwitz-Birkenau
An Auschwitz Alphabet
Family names of person's transported to the Camp
Auschwitz: A Journey of Healing '99
EyeWitness Auschwitz
Overview of Krema IV in Auschwitz
Translation of USSR-8, Soviet War Crimes Repo...
Holocaust Deathcamp: Auschwitz-Birkenau
Concentration Camp Uniform from Auschwitz-Birkenau
HOLOCAUST FAQ: Auschwitz-Birkenau: Layman's G...
Birkenau Photos
Auschwitz/Birkenau - Photographs by Alan Jacobs
A Virtual Tour of Auschwitz: On Every Day Since...A Christian at Auschwitz
Gypsies in Auschwitz
Gypsies in Auschwitz Part 2
Survivor of Auschwitz - Pete
Online Book - The Dentist of Auschwitz: A Memoir
Benjamin Jacobs Author of The Dentist of Auschwitz: a Memoir Homepage
The Auschwitz Death March, Late January-March 1945
Documents Regarding Auschwitz
Family Camp Theresienstadt @ Auschwitz

IG Farben - Auschwitz
I.G.Farben built its own camp next to the main Auschwitz Camp. Called I.G.Farben, Auschwitz, it was built to produce synthetic rubber. At least 50,000 prisoners died during its construction from starvation and exposure to the cold. In its foundations lie the bodies of many prisoners who were buried where they fell, in the cement.
I.G. Farben's Auschwitz Diet

Liberation of Auschwitz
Destruction of Crematories at Auschwitz
Auschwitz Extermination Camp Liberated BUTTON.GIF Westerbork or Durchgangslager - Transit Camp Westerbork
Westerbork: portal of Auschwitz
The Deportation Transports from Westerbork to Auschwitz and Sobibor
Ground plan for Durchgangslager Westerbork
Map of Westerbork Transit Camp
Westerbork Photographs
Kamp Westerbork
Westerbork: History of
Map of the Netherlands locating camps Westerbork and Vught BUTTON.GIF Dachau
Dachau Camp
Dachau: Camps of Death
June 1933 - Nazis open Dachau
April 29, 1945 - U.S. 7th Army liberates
Dachau, The Virtual TourDachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site - The Official Pages
Text of Museum booklet about Dachau Concentration Camp
June 1933 - Nazis open Dachau
Priests of Dachau chart
Entrance to Brausebad at Dachau Concentration Camp
Dachau Gas Chamber as described in Nuremberg Trial
Dachau Nazi Concentration Camp Poet
Z.B.Dachau - Study-group for investigating contemporary history of Dachau
Medical Experiments at Dachau - Nuremberg War Crimes Trial transcripts and Photos

Dachau Liberation
Prior to entering the camp, the troops had come upon a train of fifty cattle trucks parked just outside the camp. The train had come from Auschwitz in Poland after a journey of thirty days. The trucks were filled with the corpses of 2,310 Hungarian and Polish Jews who had died from hunger and thirst. Enraged, the Americans rounded up most of the SS guard compliment of 358 men and shot 122 of them.
The Liberation of Dachau
The Kindest Words: "You are Free"
Albert R. Panebianco's Webpage
Liberation of Dachau
Ilan's Topicals - World War II Stamps
Dachau: Liberation of Dachau

Soldier's Memory of liberating Dachau:
LIBERATION OF DACHAU - by Albert R. Panebianco
1st. Lt. William Cowling: Report from the Dachau Liberation
Liberators: Dachau Liberation by Chuck Ferree

Gallery - Dachau Concentration Camp - Photos Charts, symbols and death marches
Aerial view of liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp
Death Camp Photographs - The Holocaust
German SS Guards at Dachau executed on liberation day

Books on Dachau
Books about Dachau Books about the Dachau BUTTON.GIF Buchenwald
Buchenwald camp
Open Railroad Car to Buchenwald, March 1945
April 12, 1945 - Allies Liberate
Liberation of Buchenwald, April 11, 1945, 3:15 p.m.
Buchenwald Camp
Buchenwald Concentration Camp (Germany)

Rescuer inside Buchenwald: Antonnin Kalina
Antonin Kalina (with Jindrich Flusser)
Bergen-Belsen camp
Camps inside Yugoslavia
Bergen Belsen Memorial

Living conditions:
Excerpts from The Belsen Trial (2/5) - Testimony concerning Water and Food
Excerpts from The Belsen Trial -Testimony of Josef Kramer
Seder Night In Bergen Belsen

Bergen-Belsen 1945, A Short Poem from one by a liberation soldiers:

Shofar FTP Archive Directory: camps/bergen-belsen/images

Books about Bergen Belsen:
Holocaust Memorial Center: America's First. Illuminating the Past, Enlightening the Future BUTTON.GIF Chelmno
Chelmno Map
First Death Camp with Gas: Maps, Photos and Text
The Testimonies of the Last Prisoners in the Death Camp Chelmno
Chelmno Extermination Camp
Nizkor: Chelmo
The Forgotten Camps: Chelmno (Kulmhof - Poland)
Nizkor: Eichmann ...and the Jews inside would be poisoned
Changed Forever BUTTON.GIF Flossenburg
Flossenbürg Overview
Flossenbürg: 93 sub-camps and external kommandos
Drawings of Fernand "Horn" Van Horen, Survivor
How a drawing saved my life by Fernand Van Horen, artist name - Horn
KZ-Gedenkstätte Flossenbürg - in German. Use a translation site
Flossenbürg Proof Set
The Flossenbürg Photo Collection
Liberation Story: A Personal Memory of Flossenburg
Liberation Photos of Victor Wegard BUTTON.GIF Drancy, France
Drancy Concentation Camp (France)

Built adjacent to the city of Lublin, Poland.Operation Harvest Festival or "erntefest" , run by the SS, was the code name for Hitler's plan to execute all remaining Jews in occupied Poland. More than 42,000 people, mostly Jews, were killed in the operation in the month of November 1943 at the Majdanek concentration camp, 18,000 prisoners were murdered in a single day.
Majdanek Concentration Camp
Majdanek Concentration Camp Liberated
Majdanek Extermination Camp (Poland)
Majdanek Report BUTTON.GIF Neuengamme
Neuengamme Concentration Camp (Germany)
Zyklon B Poison Gas & Neuengamme
Concentration Camp Memorial Neuengamme
Esterwegen Concentration Camp - subcamp of Neuengame

SubCamps and Small Concentration Camps
Vught Concentration Camp
Polizeiliches Durchgangslager - Concentration Camp Vught
Map of the Netherlands locating camps Westerbork and Vught BUTTON.GIF Mittelbau Dora
Mittelbau Dora
Mittelbau Dora Concentration Camp

Gospic, Yugoslavia
Gospic- Concentration Camps BUTTON.GIF Hardt,Gross-Rosen
Cattle Cars to Camps Hardt, Gross-rosen, and Auschwitz

Gunskirchen Lager
The 71st Infantry at Gunskirchen Lager BUTTON.GIF Mauthausen and Gusen Camps 1 - 3
Camps 1 - 3

General Information
Mauthausen-GUSEN Scope of Info-Page
Mauthausen-GUSEN Index of all
Bergkristall English
KZ Mauthausen-GUSEN Brief Histroy
KZ Mauthausen Central Camp
KZ Gusen III Concentration Camp at Lungitz
Mauthausen-Gusen I
Mauthausen-Gusen II

Cruelties & Segregatiion
The Jewish Prisoners of KZ Gusen II
Medical Experiments at KZ...
Gazations at KZ Gusen
Cruelties at KZ Gusen Camps
Jewish Prisoners of KZ Gusen
Mauthausen - The Rock Quarry

People who tried to help
Outstanding Personalities
Louis Haefliger & Al Kosiek
Father Jacques
Dr. Johannes (Papa) Gruber
Marcel Callo

Art & Artists
Arts and KZ Gusen
Contemporary Drawings/Pai...
Archeology in KZ Gusen

Memorial & Liberation
Memorial KZ Gusen
Liberation by Al Kosiek BUTTON.GIF The Reinhold Killing Centers
(The average life span of people sent to the Killing Centers varied from two weeks to two months.  Mauthausen-Gusen's quarry's contributed to this dismal average)
The Aktion Reinhard Death Camps
Reinhard: Selection
Reinhard: Financial Accounting
Reinhard: Gas Chambers
Killing Centers
Compiling Estimates of the Numbers ...
Operation Reinhard: Index of the
Vernichtungslager Kulmhof(1 of killing centers of Operation Reinhard)
Wannsee Protocol, January 20, 1942
Yad Vashem BUTTON.GIF Ravensbrück
Ravensbrück Concentration Camp Memorial
Polish women after their rescue from Ravensbruck
History: Women in Lager Ravensbruck
Barbara Makuch Rescuer Story, Part 4
Types of Religious Lives - Ravensbruck
Ravensbrück Concentration Camp(Germany)
Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp Photo
Photos from the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp - many pictures! BUTTON.GIF Sachsenhausen
CAMP Sachsenhausen
CAMP Sachsenhausen - survivor account
Sachsenhausen - Oranienburg
Sachsenhausen Trial - excerpt
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Photo BUTTON.GIF Sobibor
Jewish and Russian prisoners mounted an escape attempt on October 14, 1943. About 60 of 600 prisoners involved in the escape survived to join Soviet partisans. Ten S.S. guards were killed and one was wounded.  The escape from Sorbibor was very embarrassing to the nazi's. It had never happened before and it was a real shock to them that people were able to escape.
Sobibor map of camp with explanations of layout!
Deportations to Sobibor - Operation Reinhard
Sobibor Survivors
Reinhard: The Sobibor Wachman
"Franz Stangl, the commander of Sobibor and Treblinka
Reinhard: Sobibor
Escape from Sobibor
Hell of Sobibor
Mr. Showbiz Movie Guide: Escape From Sobibor
SS Testimony BUTTON.GIF Belzec
SS Unterscharfuhrer Schluch testified:Belzec
Belzec-the worst death camp by Alexander Kimel

Terezin Concentration Camp
Project Judaica Terezin
Music in Terezín: Recommended Recordings BUTTON.GIF Treblinka
Jewish inmates revolt in the Treblinka (extermination camp) in August of1943. Out of the 750 prisoners who tried to escape in the uprising, only seventy survived. The rest were hunted down in the forests by the Nazis and their helpers and are summarily executed. Only 12 survived the war.
Nikolai Malagon - Treblinka guard
Nizkor - Treblinka
Treblinka Extermination Camp (Poland)
Experiences of a Treblinka inmate
Holocaust Project - Third Prize Winner - Treb...
Testimonies of Treblinka SS-Men
Treblinka Camp
Testimonies of Treblinka SS-Men
Holocaust: Excerpts from German Court Judgements:Treblinka Trials
Concentration Camps, Death Camps: Auschwitz, Birkenau, Belzec, Treblinka, Sobib
"Franz Stangl, the commander of Sobibor and Treblinka
Wiesenthal - Treblinka
Treblinka: A Model of the camp
Peace Matters - preservation order: Medem Sanatorium BUTTON.GIF Nazi POW Camps - more coming
Nazi POW Camps -Table

Liberations of the Camps
The Liberators
Destruction of Crematories at Auschwitz
Auschwitz Extermination Camp Liberated
The Liberation of Dachau
"The Liberation of Dachau" by Chuck Ferree
Dachau Liberated
Liberation of a Subcamp of Mauthausen
Majdanek Concentration Camp Liberated
Liberation of Buchenwald, April 11, 1945, 3:15 p.m.
The Liberation of Buchenwald
Buchenwald Liberated
The Liberation of Ohrdruf
The Liberation of Dachau
Liberation of Dachau
Ilan's Topicals - World War II Stamps
Dachau: LIBERATION OF DACHAU BUTTON.GIF Liberator's Stories and Impressions
Eisenhower Tours Concentration Camp
Dwight D. Eisenhower on the Camps
Mauthausen Liberation by Al Kosiek
Albert R. Panebianco's Webpage
The Kindest Words: "You are Free"
Liberation Images BUTTON.GIF Einsatzgruppen
The Einsatzgruppen -- Mobile Killing Units
Einsatzgruppen Table of Contents
The "Jager" Report - Commander of a Soviet Union "Einsatzgruppen" Unit
Map of Eastern Europe Einsatzgruppen Massacres
Introduction to the Einsatzgruppen
The Einsaztgruppen Index
The Route Taken by the Einsatzgruppen (Groups A - D)
The SS Einsatzgruppen
Tasks of the Eisengruppen
Electric Zen: An Einsatzgruppen Electronic Resource
Eyewitness Account of Einsatz Executions
Hamburg Police Battalions during the Second World War BUTTON.GIF The Massacres
Babi Yar Massacre | Latvia: Massacre in the Forest | The Village that was... Lidice | Nicolaiev Massacre |

Babi Yar Massacre
A picturesque ravine near the city of Kiev. There, on September 29, the SS herded the entire Jewish population of Kiev and the surrounding area, into the ravine and systematically began to slaughter the entire 33,771 souls.  In 1976, there was finally erected The monument to the Soviet Citizens, war captives, soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army shot down by the German fascists at Babi Yar as it entitled. The original bronze plate contains no mention of the Jews. On October 29, 1991, a memorial sign, a bronze Menorah, was finally added to commemorate the Jewish victims.

Babi Yar: Killing Ravine of Kiev Jewry
Soviet POWs Exhume Bodies at Babi Yar
Witnesses and Testimony about Babi Yar
Babi Yar: Mass-murder of Kiev Jews BUTTON.GIF Latvia: Massacre in the Forest
The Mass Shootings Outside Riga in the Rumbuli Forest
The Holocaust in Latvia 1941-1944
Latvia - Brief History BUTTON.GIF The Village that was... Lidice
The Liquidation of Lidice
Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Online - 04499 - LIDICE.FS
Central Europe Online - Travel - Feature - The Tragedy of Lidice
Lidice Children's Memorial
The New Presence - Lidice
Memorial of Children`s War Victims
Lidice, an Encarta Encyclopedia Article Titled "Lidice"
World War II in Ukraine: Kortelisy (Ukraine), Lidice (Czechoslovakia)
The Second World War and Jewish monuments near Prague

Sites you will need to use a translating site with: From German to English
Tschechisch-deutscher Zukunftsfond: Memento in Lidice

Books or Movies for this section:
Lidice - by Eleanor Wheeler
The Legacy of Lidice..
In the Shadow of Memory, a Legacy of Lidice - one hour documentary
Lidice: sacrificial village, by J. F. N. Bradley - out of print, will need to look for BUTTON.GIF Nicolaiev Massacre
In the period, 16th to 30th September, in the area around Nicolaiev, and including the town of Cherson, they rounded up and massacred 35,782 Soviet citizens, mostly Jews. This was the figure reported to Hitler from the SD office, dated October 2, 1942. BUTTON.GIF Occupied Countries - Jewish Treatment
Hamburg Police Battalions during the Second World War
A Forgotten Chapter: Holland Under the Third Reich
Jews and Iceland, until 1940
Discussion of Danish Rescue and King Christian's Moral Leadership
Danish rescuer of Jews tells story of simple humanity (10-20-1995)
Converson of Jews in Hungary
History of the Jews in Hungary
Gendarmes, Policemen, Functionaries and the Jews: Behavior of Hungarian Authorities During the Holocaust by Judit Molnar (in PDF)
Salvation of Bulgarian Jewry During WW II
Jews Murdered by Country in Europe
Concentration Camps Operated by German Collaborators
Nazi's kidnap Polish children - Hay Action
The Dutch Underground Press During World War II
"Their hair is to be put to use..."
The Nazi Occupation of Poland
Polish Jews in WW II
Conditions for Polish Jews During WWII
Yedwabne(Jedwabne), Poland
Thou Shalt Not Kill Poles on Jedwabne Massacre
Voices on the Jedwabne tragedy
Poland: Local Villagers Blamable For Wartime Jedwabne Pogrom
Jedwabne massacre '41 | Vicious Circle of Group Responsibility
Jedwabne - History
Statement by Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek concerning Jedwabne in Warsaw, March 6, 2001
History of Jews in Poland
Nazis Roundup Dutch Jews
France Resists Hitler
Polizeiliches Durchgangslager - Concentration Camp Amersfoort
Holland at War
Amersfoort Police Camp in Holland
Jewish Situation under the German Occupation of The Netherlands
Nazi directives aimed at segregating the Dutch Jews
Ommen, 1941-1945. A penal camp in the Netherlands
Some of the major Nazi concentration camps in the Netherlands
Netherlands Slave Laborers - WWII - Prison camps
The Judenrat for ghetto Amsterdam in the Netherlands during World War II
Schloß Hartheim 1940 - 1944: Mass Murder in the Castle, Austria
The German Conquest of Denmark and Norway
Greek Jews went from hiding place to hiding place
Lost Jewish Worlds
Beyond the Pale: The Fate of Soviet Jewry
Trapped in Darkeness: The Soviet Union and the Holocaust

Book Resources:
The Fragility of Goodness: Why Bulgaria's Jews Survived the Holocaust, by Tzvetan Todorov and translated from the French by Arthur Denner
Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland by Jan T. Gross BUTTON.GIF Women in the Holocaust
Women and the Holocaust
The Impact of the Holocaust On Survivors and Their Children
Women in the Forest
Women Rescuers
Women's Personal Narratives
Special Tributes
Interpretive Reflective Academic Essays
Daring to Resist: Three Women Face the Holocaust BUTTON.GIF Ordinary People and the Holocaust
Sociologist probes people's motives for supporting the Nazi party
Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
The New Discourse of Avoidance
Hitler's Henchmen: Willing Followers in Genocide
From the Supreme Teachings of Nazi Ideology to the Ramifications of Unprecedented Betrayal BUTTON.GIF Collaborators
Hamburg Police Battalions during the Second World War
Execution by Germans and Ukrainian Collaborators
Defense Technical Information Center
The Avalon Project : The International Military
Tunnel and Shelter Researching BUTTON.GIF Gypsies and Others Persecuted
Five Million Forgotten: Non Jewish
Gypsies in Auschwitz
Gypsies and the Holocaust
Gypsies in Auschwitz Part 2
Nazi Policy toward Gypsies
Roma & Persecution
Article 175 & the deviance laws
The Patrin Web Journal - Gypsy History
History of Deaf  Holocaust Victims BUTTON.GIF Jehovah's Witnesses
There were 6,034 Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany when Hitler assumed power in 1933. Between 1933 and 1935 a total of 5,911 Witnesses were arrested as enemies of the State. Over 2,000 were executed or died of ill treatment in the concentration camps.
*Alone of all the groups targeted by the Nazis, the Jehovah's Witnesses were victimized because of what they refused to do. They would not enlist in the army, undertake air raid drills, stop meeting or proselytizing. They would not utter the words "Heil Hitler." Their dissent was irksome, disciplined and systematic.Jews had no choice. Jehovah's Witnesses did. As such, they are martyrs in the traditional sense of the term - those prepared to suffer and even to die for the choice of their faith."*
Jehovah's Witnesses and Nazi Germany Index - excellent
Jehovah's Witnesses Official Web Site: The Evils of Nazism Exposed
Jehovah's Witnesses Chronology of Events 1933-1945
Unafraid to Speak
Why the Churches Kept Silent
One Voice in the Midst of Silence
Jehovah's Witnesses: Victims of the Nazi Era, 1933-1945
Persecution and Resistance of Jehovah's: see the document they could sign to be released from the concentration camps

Book Resources:
Persecution and Resistance of Jehovah's Witnesses During the Nazi Regime 1933-1945, a collection essays by famous scholars.
* Quote above comes from this book

THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES AND THE NAZIS: PERSECUTION, DEPORTATION, AND MURDER, 1933-1945, by Michel Reynaud, Sylvie Graffard, translated from the French by James A. Moorhouse, and with an introduction by Michael Berenbaum BUTTON.GIF Frequently Asked Questions
War Crimes - definition
36 Questions About the Holocaust
Holocaust FAQs Index - by name
S.C.J. FAQ: Section 16 Index
Online Holocaust Magazine -Can It Happen Again?
Background, Tragedy, and Aftermath
Genocide Web Sites: The Threat Continues
Deaths caused by the Holocaust
The Threat Continues... Genocide Web Sites
3 Steps to Genocide
Germany's Laws against the Jews
A Background to Kristallnacht November 9, 1938

Kristallnacht & Why the Name
nit Index
Soviet Killing Squads -Einsatzgruppe
Witnesses to Einsatzgruppen Murders
Auschwitz survivors describe the camp & daily Routine
Chronology of Jewish Persecution 1932 - 1945
First They Came for the Jews" by Pastor Niemoeller
History of Antisemitism
Source of Hatred: Anti-Semitism by Alexander Kimel - Holocaust Survivor BUTTON.GIF Second Generation Impact
Impact of the Holocaust on Survivor's and their Families - WOW!!!
A Global Perspective...
SECOND GENERATION Los Angeles - Sons and Daughters of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
The 2G-Legacy Mailing List
Delayed Impact: The Holocaust and the Canadian Jewish Community by Franklin Bialystok BUTTON.GIF Survivor Stories
Survivors of the Holocaust
Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann
Interview: Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann
Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
Memories of my Childhood in the Holocaust by Judith Jaegermann, née Pinczovsky
Chaim Blachman
Life Death Memories by Thomas T. Hecht New book!
Lodz Ghetto Survivor Stories
Yad Vashem - Testimony of Shmuel Krakowski
Louisiana Holocaust Survivors
"Haunting Memory" by R. A. Beecroft
Abe's Story Interactive Map: Follow Abe's
Keep Yelling! A Survivor's Testimony
Hannah Rosen Diary Interview with Jan Karski
Jan Karski
Ellen Nielsen Story
Uri Aloni Interview
Survivor Warsaw Ghetto - Jack Spiegel
Warsaw Ghetto
USHMM Web Site -- Table of Contents
Walter F. Interview
Natan Abbe
Excerpts from Courage Under Siege
"Haunting Memory" a Triptych by R. A. Beecroft
Nissim Mordehay
Hanna Blawat
Edzia Abbe
Seed of Sarah: Memoirs of a Survivor
Molly Brown House Museum
Simon Wiesenthal Center - Children of the Holocaust
The Empty Mirror
Living Through the Götterdämmerung
Jerzy Kosinski Interview
Wiesel on taking sides
Number of survivors today (July 1996)
Marek Halter's Search for the 'Righteous'
Memories of my childhood in the Holocaust
Survivor of Auschwitz - Pete
Benjamin Jacobs
Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy - Eyewitness Accounts
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy - The Survivors - Audio or Text
Survivor Stories: Audio, Text and Photographs
Holocaust Survivor Stories and Photos
Voice Vision: Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories
About.com's List of Survivor Stories BUTTON.GIF A Boy's Life in Holland 1940 - 1945
The War Begins
Tragedy and Humor - part 2
Shortages & Confiscations - part 3
Daily Dangers - part 4
Labor Conscription - part 5
End of the War - part 6 BUTTON.GIF Ghettos and Ghetto Uprisings
Ghettos were established in all major cities and towns. Jews from neighboring villages were rounded up and transported to their "new" temporary homes.

General Information about Ghettos and Deportation | Bialystok | Brest | Grodno | Jasionowka | Kobe | Kovno | Krakow | Lodz | Lublin | Lvov | Lubaczow | Opole Lubelskie | Plaszow | Siauliai |  Theresienstadt | Tuchin | Vilna or Vilnius | Warsaw |

General Information about Ghettos and Deportation
The Ghettoization of European Jews: Deportation and Resettlement in the East
Deportation and Resettlement
Songs of the Ghettos
American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters' House
Images of the Ghettos
Ghetto Partisans
The Mechelen Museum of Deportation

Kobe, Japan
The Jews of Kobe
The Jews of Kobe2 BUTTON.GIF Krakow
Photographs of the Ghetto
Krakow Ghetto Picture

Survivor Interview: Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann
A Prague Guide - Theresienstadt (Terezin)
Family Camp Theresienstadt @ Auschwitz
My Years in Theresienstadt
In the Camps
Theresienstadt Exhibition
The Terezín Chamber Music Foundation
The Women of Theresienstadt (in MARION)
Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories
Shofar FTP Archive Directory: camps/theresienstadt - downloadable files
Bergen-Belsen and Theresienstadt Lists BUTTON.GIF Lodz, Poland
The Lodz Ghetto
Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski's Give Me Your Children Speech
Lodz Ghetto Survivor Stories
Lodz Ghetto Part 1
Lodz Ghetto - Part Two
Natan Abbe
Chaim Blachman
Louisiana Lodz Survivors
Dobroszycki/The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto
Lenka Nadolna
Court rules in favor of Lodz Ghetto tailor
Lodz Ghetto Trolleyman
Yitzhok Brauner (1887-1944), Lodz Ghetto Painter
Newspaper Published in the Lódz Ghetto
New Arrivals in Lodz Ghetto
A Relic: Coin of the Lodz Ghetto, dated 1943
Judenrat Rumkowski on Deportation of the Lodz Ghetto
Chaim Rumkowski; head of the Lodz ghetto Judenrat
Execution in Lódz ghetto
Lodz Ghetto Pictures BUTTON.GIF Siauliai, Lithuania
Government Decree for Ghetto Prisoners

Kovno, Lithuania
Kovno Ghetto Menu
Hidden History of the Kovno Ghetto,Lithuania
Index of Kovno Ghetto Images
History of the Kovno Ghetto
Surviving the Kovno Ghetto and Eternalizing its Message
Government Decree for Ghetto Prisoners
Kovno Ghetto Images
Simcha Frumkin: Kovno Survivor BUTTON.GIF Book Resources for this section:
The Annihilation of Lithuanian Jewry By Rabbi Ephraim Oshry
Responsa from the Holocaust By Rabbi Ephraim Oshry

Vilna or Vilnius
Some inhabitants of the Vilna Ghetto began an uprising against their Nazi captors on September 1,1943. Most participants were killed, although a few escaped successfully and joined partisan units.
Abba Kovner and Resistance in the Vilna Ghetto
Resistance in Vilna
Partisans of Vilna: Songs
Jewish Immigration/Vilna Shul Timeline BUTTON.GIF Warsaw, Poland
Fifteen thousand Jews died in the battle, and most of the survivors were shipped to the death camps. The anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is celebrated by all the Jewish communities around the world. This day is called "Yom HaShoah," literally, the Day of Destruction. It is also the Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust.
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Photos
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Life in the Warsaw Ghetto
Teacher'sGuide: Life in Warsaw Ghetto
Survivor Warsaw Ghetto - Jack Spiegel
Warsaw Ghetto Chronology
Warsaw Ghetto Bibliography
Pictures from the Warsaw Ghetto
Warsaw Ghetto Armband
Yale'sAvalon Project: The Stroop Report : The Warsaw Ghetto is No More
The Warsaw Ghetto Is No More
Homage to the Martyrs of the Warsaw Ghetto
Warsaw Ghetto Chtonology
A Tour of the Ghetto
Items found after the War in Warsaw
Warsaw Ghetto Bibliography BUTTON.GIF Bialystok, Poland
Jewish paramilitary organizations formed within the ghetto attacked the German army when it was determined that the Nazis intended to liquidate it. The battle lasted just one day,until the resisters were killed or captured.
The Liquidation of the Bialystok Ghetto
Holocaust: The liquidation of Bialystok ghetto
Security Police plans to allow Jewish workers to remain in Bialystok
Deportations to Treblinka - From General District of Bialystok
Resistance in Bialystok
Bialystok District
The Partisan of Bialystok BUTTON.GIF Grodno
"The Last Sunrise" Interactive Map
Back to the Grodno Ghetto
Belarus Students Research Grodno Ghetto
Deportations to Treblinka

Deportations to Treblinka

Plaszow BUTTON.GIF Lvov
Jews imprisoned in the ghetto of Lvov
Lvov Ghetto
LVOV statistics
Barbara Makuch: Polish Rescuer
Lvov Ghetto Pictures

Lublin Ghetto BUTTON.GIF Lubaczow
(alternately known as: Libatchov, Libechuyv, Liubachev, Lubachov, Lubatchov, Lubichuv)
Remembering the Jews of Lubaczow
Simon Wiesenthal Center: LUBACZOW.FS
Remembering the Jews of Lubaczow - Time Line
Keep Yelling! A Survivor's Testimony
The Lubaczow Partisans - photos
The Lubaczow Partisan Survivors - Photos BUTTON.GIF Opole Lubelskie
Opole Lubelskie

The Brest Ghetto Passport Archive
History of Brest Ghetto

On September 3, 1942, seven hundred Jewish families escaped from this ghetto in the Ukraine. They were hunted down, and only 15 survived. BUTTON.GIF Symbols of the Holocaust
Holocaust Badges (11 shown here)
Pink Triangle and Related Symbols
Triangles and Tribulations: The Politics
Warsaw Ghetto Armband
Dachau Badges  (17 are shown on this site)
Nazi Symbols IDing Jewish people
Photographs of Camp Prisoners
Armbands from the Kovno Ghetto
Jewish Badges- Identifying Signs Worn by Jews in Nazi-Occupied Europe
Blue Armband for the Ghetoo Police
Blue Armband for the Ghetto Sanitation Worker
Poster of 33 Dachau Badges
Nazis Order Jews to Wear Yellow Stars - Image BUTTON.GIF History of the Star of David
The Ajax Star, article the history of the Star of David

History of the Swastika
The History of the Swastika
The Swastika and the Nazis

Book Source:
Berben, Paul. Dachau: The Official History, 1933-1945(Munich: Lipp GmbH, 1968) BUTTON.GIF War Crimes, Definitions and Trials
War Crimes: Definition
The International Military Tribunal
The Doctors Trial
The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military
The Kiel Trial
The Doctors Trial BUTTON.GIF Adolph Eichmann Trial
World War II Commemoration - Main IndexTrial of Adolf Eichmann - Timeline
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann - Eichmann Timeline
Eichmann: From Capture to trial
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann: "In His Own Words"
Eichmann: Trial Info
Background & History: Eichmann BUTTON.GIF Nuremberg War Crimes Trials
Nuremberg Code explanation
Nuremberg Principles
November 20, 1945 - Nuremberg War Crime Trials Begin
Complete Index of  Nazis Testimony
Execution of Nazi War Criminals at Nuremberg Trials
Nuremberg Principles
Nuremberg Code explanation
The Accused at the Doctor's Trials
Gallery - Nuremberg Trials- Photos BUTTON.GIF The Indictments
Nuremberg Indictments
Count One - The Common Design or Conspiracy
Count Two - War Crimes
Count Three - Crimes Against Humanity
Count Four - Membership in Crimminal Organization
A Factual Report on Crimes Committed Against Humanity

Verdicts and Sentences
Nuremberg- Defendants & Verdicts
Nuremberg Sentences - Summary

Looking Back at the Nuremberg Trials
Flashback: Nuremberg Revisited
Flashback to Nuremberg, 1946 BUTTON.GIF Unbelievable - 50 years later!
Bonn data laws prevent release of Waffen
Judicial files destroyed in Hamburg archive BUTTON.GIF Documents of Famous/Infamous Acts/Laws
Wannsee Protocol, January 20, 1942
The Wansee Conference Protocol -transcripts
League of Nations Fight - A Chronology
Euthanesia Killing Centers
World History of Anti-Semitism
Le projet "Lebensborn" - children kidnapped
Holocaust/Shoah -Archives and General
Chamberlain - Hitler: picture and more on appeasement
The policy of appeasement DHM, Document4 II, holding
The collections of the German Historical Museum
Jewish Medical History -- Moral Dilemma
December 7, 1941 - The Night and Fog Decree
The Final Judgement
Documents Relating to the Holocaust BUTTON.GIF Kristallnacht
The Kristallnacht Order
Jewish Virtual Library: Kristallnacht Table of Contents
Kristallnacht Perspective
Kristallnacht Perspective - mirror of above
November 7-10: Grynszpan Affair and the Kristallnacht Pogrom
Kristallnacht:The November 1938 Pogroms
Simon Wiesenthal Center: Kristallnacht
Kristallnacht & Heydrich
Jewish Witnesses Remember Kristallnacht
Kristallnacht Map: Destruction of Synagogues
Kristallnacht more
Kristallnacht & Why the Name
A Background to Kristallnacht November 9, 1938
KristallnachtATS-L Archives: history of Kristallnacht
ThinkQuest: Kristallnacht BUTTON.GIF Nuremberg Laws
The three laws, passed in September 1935, were drafted at a meeting of German leaders. One defines citizenship in the German Reich, another prohibits marriage, cohabitation and other relations between Aryans and Jews, and the third mandates loyalty to the Nazi flag.
German Jewish Response to the Nuremberg Laws
German News Agency on the Nuremberg Laws
Hitler on the Nuremberg Laws
The Nuremberg Laws
Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor
Law for the Protection of Hereditary Health: The Attempt to Improve the German Aryan Breed
The Reich Citizenship Law
The Reich Citizenship Law: First Regulation
The Burning of Books: May 15th, 1933
The Judenboykott of 1st April 1933
Germany's Laws against the Jewish BUTTON.GIF The Final Solution
The "Final Solution" - synopsis
English text of the original German-language Wannsee Protocol
"Final Solution" - camps, tattooing & more
Years Leading up to "The Final Solution"
The First Steps Leading to the "Final Solution"
The Beginning of World War II and the Origins of the Final Solution
The Wannsee Conference January, 20, 1942 BUTTON.GIF Nazi Eugenics Programs
Eugenics and Racial Mass Murder

Breeding Programs: Lebensborn and Kindersegen
Lebensborn & Kindersegen | Motherhood Cross | Marriage Loan | Nazi Sterilization Programs

These programs were aimed to breed a race of super pure blooded Nordics. Tall, fair haired and blue eyed men and women, who were near perfect physical specimens, were chosen. Nursing homes were set up (mostly properties confiscated from Jews) to accommodate the mothers until their babies were born. The number of children born in these homes is not known, as records were destroyed at the end of the war. However, one set of registers was found intact and showed that more than 2,000 births were registered at the STEINHORING home near Munich.

Lebensborn & Kindersegen
Le projet "Lebensborn" - children kidnapped
Norwegian - Nazi Children
Nazi Children: A Short History
Nazi Children: A Social Challenge
Aryan breeding
Description of the medal - 1st pattern Honor cross German mother BUTTON.GIF Motherhood Cross
The Motherhood Cross was awarded each year on the 12th of August (the birthday of Hitler's mother) to all German mothers of large families. The Motherhood Cross of Iron was given to women with four children, the Silver Cross to mothers of six, and the Gold Cross to a mother of eight. Hitler always acted as honorary godfather to the tenth child born to any German mother. This was a continuation of the practice initiated by Hindenburg. Hitler Youth organizations were expected to salute mothers wearing the Cross.

Program Number Three - The Marriage Loan - Ehestanddarlehen
A third program was aimed at married couples. In the interests of improving the German race, biologically sound couples who gave birth could reduce their government loans. There were special subsidies for the third and fourth children born to fitter families. Members of the SS were encouraged to father numerous children with racially preferred women. The term family was applied to households that had four or more children. Couples had to consider that they could be branded as traitors if they did not want to have any more children. And under this program a man could divorce a wife if she was sterile. Women who were found to be sterile were not allowed to marry, after the race laws took effect. BUTTON.GIF Book for this section:
Master Race

Nazi Sterilization Programs
Harry Hamilton Laughlin
American Bioethics Advisory Commission - Eugenics
Hitler's forgotten Namibian victims

Books for this section:
Kuhl, Stefan, The Nazi connection : eugenics, American racism, and
German national socialism

The wellborn science: Eugenics in Germany, France, Brazil , and Russia
'Life Unworthy of Life' : Racial Phobia and Mass Murder in Hitler's Germany BUTTON.GIF Euthanasia Programs:
From all over Germany, deformed children, incurably sick and mentally retarded patients were transported from their hospitals and institutions to the euthanasia killing centres of which there were six (Bernburg, Brandenburg, Grafeneck, Hadamar, Hartheim and Sonnenstein).
Medical Murder
T4 Medical Killing Program
Peace Matters - preservation order: Medem Sanatorium
Hitler's Unwanted Children In Nazi Germany
foretast of Auschwitz
October 1939 - Nazis Begin Euthanasia on Sick and Disabled
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust-Victims
Extermination of the Mentally Disabled - Nazi documents
Bullenhuser Damm: The TB Children's Medical Experiments
History of Deaf Holocaust Victims

Books & Media on this section:
The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide.Lifton, Robert Jay, London: Papermac,
Never to Forget, New York:HarperCollins, 1976:131.
Children Must Laugh. 1935. 94 minutes. Documentary. Jewish Life in Poland. Polish Jews. Medem Sanitorium. BUTTON.GIF Eugenics:
Attempts to improve hereditary qualities through selective breeding.
Eugenics articles | American Eugenics Programs | Cloning and Twin Experiments

Eugenics articles
Ethics, Law and Science of Using New Genetic Technology in Medicine and

A page for definitons of Med. terms
Jewish Law - Articles ("The Ethics Of Using Medical Data From Nazi Experiments")
Nazi Origins of an Anatomy Text: The Pernkopf Atlas
Pernkopf's Topographische Anatomie des Menschen
Nazi Medicine Ethics
SHAPING GENES:Ethics, Law and Science of Using New Genetic Technology BUTTON.GIF American Eugenics Programs: Nazi Programs modeled after
The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism
Glass Guide: American Eugenics Society
American Eugenics Society Scrapbook
American Eugenics Database
Eugenics: CGEP Resource Center
Raymond Pearl was the first biologist to criticize American eugenics
Lilliths Realm - ISAR: Brief History of European and American Eugenics Movements
Eugenics Archive
ISAR - Inventory of the American Eugenics Society Papers
Shrouded Legacy: The History of the American Eugenics Movement
American Eugenics Society Founders
American Eugenics Society Directors M-Z

Cloning and Twin Experiments
Auschwitz: Medical experimentation - Mengele
Aucshwitz - FAQ's
The Dentist of Auschwitz - table of contents
Science and Politics of Racial Research- SS St. Louis turned away
Statement on Eugenics
Gene Letter - Eugenics: 1883-1970

Books for this section:
"Mengele: The Complete Story" Gerald L. Posner and John Ware
Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz - Lucette Matalon Lagnado   Sheila C. Dekel

Books on Eugenics:covering the German history of eugenics as the science of "racial hygiene"
Race Hygiene and National Efficiency: The Eugenics of Wilhelm Schallmayer by Sheila Faith Weiss(1987);
Paul Weindling’s Health, Race and German Politics Between National Unification and Nazism, 1870-1945 (1989)
The Racial State: Germany 1933-1945 (1991) by Michael Burleigh and Wolfgang Wipperman BUTTON.GIF Propaganda
How it worked | Nuremberg Laws of 1935 | The Mastermind | The Films | The Propaganda Filmmakers | Leni Riefenstahl & Walter Frentz | The Posters | Radio, The Press & NewsPapers | Der Struermer - the most notorious | Interesting site | Pamphlets and Books | The Rallies | Nazi Youth Propaganda Ceremonies | Nazi Olympics

Nazi Propaganda
What is Propaganda?
Propaganda and the Jews
Propaganda in Nazi Germany
The Eye of the third reich
Nazi and USSR Art
Nazi Propaganda Archive
Propaganda in "Mein Kampf" by hitler
Nazi Propaganda (1933-1945)
Nazi PostageStamps: 1933-1943
More Postage Stamps: 1933-1945
Holocaust Understanding- Nazi Propaganda BUTTON.GIF How it worked
A training course for party propagandists held in 1939
The Meeting Campaign
The Work of Party Propaganda in War
14 Days in a Gau Propaganda Office
Mistakes in Meeting Propaganda - for those conducting Nazi propaganda (1941)
The Race Card
WWII Propaganda Forgeries BUTTON.GIF Nuremberg Laws of 1935
German Jewish Response to the Nuremberg Laws
German News Agency on the Nuremberg Laws
Hitler on the Nuremberg Laws
The Nuremberg Laws
Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor
Law for the Protection of Hereditary Health: The Attempt to Improve the German Aryan Breed
The Reich Citizenship Law
The Reich Citizenship Law: First Regulation BUTTON.GIF Interesting site
Comparison of Nazi Propaganda and Anti-Gun-Ownership Propaganda in the U.S.

The Mastermind
Joseph Goebbels
Goebbels - Master Liar
Joseph Goebbels... propaganda
The Reichspropagandaleitung of the Nazi Party
The Work of Propagandists in in the National Socialist State (1934)
Nazi Propaganda by Joseph Goebbels BUTTON.GIF The Films
Reel History Seminar Nazi Propaganda Films
Nazi films
Film Documentaries
War and War-Era Movies and War Propaganda
The Eternal Jew Exhibition in Munich, Nov. 8, 1937
Still Images from Der ewige Jude
Antisemitismus im nationalsozialistischen Propagandafilm. Jud Suess und Der Ewige Jude
(You need to use a translation page on the site above. Open the Translation page in a separate, new window before accessing the site above.) BUTTON.GIF The Propaganda Filmmakers
pabst - Nazi Propaganda Film maker
The Men Behind Hitler

Leni Riefenstahl
Riefenstahl, Leni (born 1902)
Show stirs row over Hitler's film maker
Leni and the Nazi Party
Triumph of the Will - nuremberg rally stills
Leni Riefenstahl's Self-Reflection and Romantic Transcendence of Nazism in Tiefland
Leni Riefenstahl - German-Hollywood Connection

Hitler's Cameraman
Walter Frentz: The Eye Of The Third Reich BUTTON.GIF The Posters
Rare and Authentic Propaganda Posters
Nazi Posters
Nazi anti-Semitic Propaganda Posters
The Eternal Jew Exhibition in Munich, Nov. 8, 1937
Still Images from Der ewige Jude

Radio, The Press & NewsPapers
Nazi RadioNazification of the Press
Reich Press Leader
Max Amann's Speech at Nuremberg: 1936 Transformation of the German Press
Reichsleiter Amann was one of Hitler's oldest friends, and controlled the Nazi Party's publishing system. The speech makes the rather remarkable argument that Germany had a free press. BUTTON.GIF Der Struermer - the most notorious
Der Stuermer - Nazi Newspaper
Julius Streicher and Der Stürmer: The Man Who Persuaded a Nation to Hate
Caricatures from Der Stuermer
The Guilty
Secret Plans against Germany
The Way to Slavery (1943)
The Way to Action (1943)
The Death Blow (Julius Streicher)
The Holy Hate (1943)
What is Americanism? (Julius Streicher)
Der Giftpilz - The Toadstool, 1938 BUTTON.GIF Pamphlets and Books
An SS Booklet on Racial Policy
The Jews in World Politics
Anti-Semitic Items
The Eternal Jew (1937)
A Nazi review of "The Eternal Jew"
Papers on 'The Eternal Jew' BUTTON.GIF The Speeches
Himmler's Poznan Speech - extermination of Jews, Slavs and others

The Propaganda Rallies
The Youth Rally at Nuremberg in 1936
The Nuremberg Party Rally (1936) - many of them
The Nuremberg Party Rally (1936)
The Women's Rally at Nuremberg in 1936
Oath Under the Cathedral of Light: Leaders' Rally at Nuremberg 1936
Pictures from the 1936 Nuremberg Rally
Nazi Party Day 1936
Labor Service Rally at Nuremberg in 1936 BUTTON.GIF Nazi Youth Propaganda Ceremonies
Nazi Youth Ceremonies
The Youth Rally at Nuremberg in 1936

The Nazi Olympics
The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936 BUTTON.GIF Famous and Infamous People

Anne Frank
The Truth About Anne Frank: A 12 Hour Class
Anne Frank Diary References
Anne Frank Partial Family Tree
After the Diary: Where They Were Taken (a graph)
Anne Frank's Life and Times: The Diary
Anne's Story: Frankfurt 1929-1933
Anne's Story
The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank
The Truth About Anne Frank: A 12 Hour Class ...
The Diary of Anne Frank
Anne Frank Educational Trust News and Updates
Anne Frank's Time Line
Anne Frank in the World
Anne Frank House
Anne Frank F.A.Q.
Anne Frank: Her Life and Times
Not to be Forgotten-Anne Frank
Anne Frank Webquest
Anne Frank Online
The VirtuaL Anne Frank House
Anne Frank Collection
Books on Anne Frank
Other works by Anne Frank
Anne Frank Educational Trust - Related Links
The Anne Frank House

The Diary of Anne Frank
Anne Frank: The Biography, by Melissa Müller, 1998, Henry Holt and Co
Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary, a Photographic Remembrance, by Ruud van der Rol and Rian Verhoeven
Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annex
Memories of Anne Frank, Reflections of a Childhood Friend by Alison Leslie Gold BUTTON.GIF Miep Gies
Dateline - Miep Gies (About Anne Frank)
Woman speaks of life with Anne Frank
Miep Gies: The Last Witness
Miep Gies, A Righteous Gentile BUTTON.GIF Elie Weisel
"Wherever men or women are persecuted because of their race, religion or political views, that place must, at that moment, become the center of the universe."   By Elie Weisel, Nobel Prize laureate, survivor, author.
Biography of Elie Wiesel - Nobel Peace Prize
Reach & Teach Holocaust Educational Topics
Press Release - Peace 1986
Elie Wiesel's Contribution to Holocaust Writings
Elie Wiesel
A Nobel Convocation
Elie Wiesel
Elie Wiesel Interview
Survivor of the century BUTTON.GIF Righteous Among Nations
Who Is A Righteous Person?
"Righteous Persons" By Country
The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
RIGHTEOUS AMONG THE NATIONS: A Selected Bibliography BUTTON.GIF The Rescuer's - more coming
ENTIRE town of Nieuwlande
ENTIRE Village of Le Chambon
The Dominican Republic's Haven for Jewish Refugees
Rescuers during the Holocaust
Famous writers
Helen L. Interview
Barbara Makuch
Book: Courage Under Siege
Yad Vashem - Visas for life: Diplomats who rescued Jews
Yad Vashem - Righteous Among the Nations
How you get to be included as "Righteous among Nations"?
Righteous Gentiles - Yad Vashem
The Rescuers' Stories
Righteous Gentiles:Benefits and Services funded by the Israeli budget BUTTON.GIF The Diplomats
Consular Officials  and Diplomats who often paid with their professional careers for issuing life-saving visas and safe passes to a combined total of some 150,000 Jewish refugees during World War II, contrary to their governments' orders.

Chiune (Sempo) Sugihara, Japanese Consul in Kovno, Lithuania
Sempo Sugihara
Japanese rescuer Sempo Sugihara
Chiune Sugihara: Visas For Life
Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara
Yad Vashem - Visas for life: Diplomats who rescued Jews
Photos of Visas for Life: Remarkable Story of Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara
Visas & Virtues - Acadrmy Award Movie about him
Exhibit honors 5 diplomats who saved Jews
Image: Shanghai Visa with Chinese symbol for Jew BUTTON.GIF Selahattin Ulkumen, Turkish Diplomat
Selahattin Ulkumen - Turkish consul
Selahattin's Rescue Attempts
History of Turkish Jews

Giorgio Perlasca , Spanish Consulate
Giorgio Perlasca
Yad Vashem - Visas for life
Photo BUTTON.GIF Per Anger, Swedish Diplomat
Per Anger: A Swedish Hero
Per Anger
Per Anger - The History of a Swedish Hero
Book: A Quiet Courage : Per Anger, Wallenberg's Co-Liber

Carl Lutz, Swiss Diplomat in Hungary
Carl Lutz, a Swiss diplomat
Carl Lutz, The Unsung Hero of the Budapest Jews
Carl Lutz: Protected Dukes-Dobos' family that he could
Appeal of Conscience Delegation BUTTON.GIF Jan Zwartendijik, Honorary Dutch Consul in Kaunas, Lithuania
The Story of Jan Zwartendijk and his Legacy to Judaism
Jan Zwartendijk--A Righteous Gentile

Hiram Bingham IV,  U.S. diplomat in Vichy France
Harassed and ejected, Bingham was the only State Department official anywhere in Europe who gave Jews emergency visas.
Lieberman Asks Yad Vashem Memorial to Recognize Connecticut Diplomat Hiram Bing BUTTON.GIF Aristides de Sousa Mendes, Portuguese Diplomat
A Spanish visa issued to protect Hungarian Jews
Aristides de Sousa Mendes; Portuguese diplomat, rescuer
Sousa Mendes, Aristides de (1885-1954)
Denver honors Mr. Mendes
One of the Greatest Heroes of this Century
Faro Jewish Cemetery & Museum

Frank Foley, British Official in Charge of Issuing Visas
Mr. Frank Foley the forgotten British hero
Foley: The Spy Who Saved A Thousand Lives by Smith, Michael BUTTON.GIF Partisan Groups
Some were politically oriented, while others were of a military nature.
The Lubaczow Partisans
Armia Krajowa Photos
Baum Gruppe Photos
Chetniks, Serbian Guerillas
Delegatura, Polish Gov't in Exile
Delegatura Photos
Gwardia Ludowa
Gwardia Ludowa Photos
Narodowe Sily ZBrojne (NSZ) -(Anti Nazi and anti-Jew)
National Socialist Movement (NSB)
NV Group, Dutch Underground
Schtuzbund, Republikanischer - Austrian
Zegota - Code name of Rada Pomocy Zydom (Council for Aid to Jews), Poland
Zegota Photos
The "Bergson Boys"
Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (1891-1967)

Mary Jane Gold
The other Schindlers: Mary Jane Gold
Mary Jayne Gold obituary in New York Times

Irena Sendler
The other Schindlers: Irena Sendler, Social Worker
Irena Sendler, Zegota member
Irena Sendler BUTTON.GIF Tina Strobos
Strobos Photos
Tina Strobos, Testimony
Tina Strobos Rescuer Story, Dutch Underground

Dmitir Peshev
Dmitir Peshev - The Story
The Peshev Memorial Home Page

Jan Karski
Jan Karski
Jan Karski: A Hero of the Holocaust
Jan Karski's Account
Jan Karski
Revisiting the Horror
Jan Karski on: What the U.S. Knew BUTTON.GIF Giorgio Perlasca, importer
The other Schindlers: The other Schindlers
Yad Vashem - Visas for life: Giorgio Perlasca
Giorgio Perlasca

Varian Fry, US Official  Established the Emergency Rescue Center
Varian Fry: A Hero for Our Time
Varian Fry/Emergency Rescue Committee Internet links
"And Crown Thy Good: Varian Fry and the ERC" background information
Americans Who Cared
New York Times Varian
Fry Obituary: America's Schindler is honored at last for saving 4,000 Jew BUTTON.GIF Corrie ten Boom
Welcome to Corrie ten Boom - History
Corrie ten Boom
Corrie ten Boom's 'The Secret Room'
Corrie Ten Boom

Raoul Wallenberg
Raoul Wallenberg - Home Page
Raoul Wallenberg
Raoul Wallenberg interviews
Who Raoul Wallenberg Was
Rescuers during the Holocaust
Raoul Wallenberg's Rescue Operation
Raoul Wallenberg - History
What Happened To Raoul Wallenberg?
The Raoul Wallenberg Project Interviews
Raoul Wallenberg - Yad Vashem BUTTON.GIF Oskar Schindler
The story of Oscar Schindler
Essays:Oskar Schindler The Man
Schindler During the Second World War
Heritage:Schindler's List
Schindler's Grave in Israel
Oskar Schindler Remembered
Oskar Schindler Remembered - review
Enamel factory Oskar Schindler
Schindler's List Teaching Guide - excellent
Chronology of Schindler
How to Cite our Schindler's List Teaching Guide
Oskar Schindler, Adolph Hitler & The Holocaust - video
Oskar Schindler
Oskar Schindler BUTTON.GIF Catholic Priests, Pastors and Bishops
Bishop Chrysostomos; Greek rescuer of Jews in WWII
Bishop Chrysostomos of Greece

Martin Niemoller
MARTIN NIEMOLLER, anti - Nazi Confessing Church (Bekennende Kirche)
Niemoller Photos
NIEMOLLER, MARTIN (1892 - 1984)
Martin Niemoeller: The Failure to Speak Up Against the Nazis

Father Jacques de Jésus
KZ Mauthausen-GUSEN Father Jacques
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Bonhoeffer Index
German court exonerates Bonhoeffer of Treason
Bonhoeffer, Documentary film
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (1906 - 1945)

Rescuer inside Buchenwald: Antonnin Kalina
Antonin Kalina (with Jindrich Flusser)
ANTONIN KALINA BUTTON.GIF The Resistance Movements
Resistance Books | Danish | Dutch | French | German | Jewish | Resistance - Main | The White Rose | Youth

Resistance - Main
"Haunting Memory" a Triptych by R. A. Beecroft
APAP Archives 1996: Fwd: Wladyslaw Bartoszews
American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters' House
The White Rose Home Page(Resistance)
Resuers Links
Rescuers From the Holocaust/Introduction
Anti-Nazi Organizations
Resistance and Rescue
Resistance by Country and Region
The Partisans
Locations of Resistance
Hide and Seek
Women of Ravensbruck: Portraits of Courage
Salvation of Bulgarian Jewry During WW II
The Holocaust: An Historical Overview BUTTON.GIF Jewish Resistance
The Century.com: Jews Fight Back
Jewish Resistance
Secret Jewish Soldiers of Britain - Striking Back: A Jewish Commando's War Against...
(they were comprised almost entirely of Jewish refugees)
Resistance at the Camps
Resisters, Rescuers, and Bystanders
Forms of Resistance
Labor in the Holocaust
Jewish Resistance in the Holocaust
A Family in Hiding
Movie: Daring to Resist: Three Women Face the Holocaust BUTTON.GIF French Resistance
French Resistance
The French Underground: Some Basic Equipment
The French Resistance
Jean Pierre-Bloch - French Resistance Fighter
France Resists Hitler
Maquis: The French Resistance Fighters
Center for the History of the Resistance and Deportation
Princess Noor: Code Name - Madeline
Special Operations Executive: Noor
France: WW II Escape and Evasion
CarpetBaggers: USAAF Special Operations & French Underground Missions
CarpetBaggers: Photo Archive
The Resistance and Honour of France
Women of the French Resistance
Canadian Operations in France: M.I.9 - Partners in Evasion
Canadian Operations in France: S..O.E. - Canadian Heroes in Action
1/29/40 Speech of the Premier of France Edouard Daladier: Nazi Aim is Slavery
IB Holocaust Project: French Resistance BUTTON.GIF Danish Resistance
Mr. Knud Dyby: Righteous Among the Nations
Discussion of Danish Rescue and King Christian's Moral Leadership
Jewish refugees ferried out of Denmark
Denmark in World War II
Denmark: The Occupation 1940 - 1945 BUTTON.GIF Dutch Resistance
Resistence Mounts: Dutch
A Forgotten Chapter: Holland Under the Third Reich
The Resistance in Holland
Doris Wohlfarth
SEMMY RIEKERK Active in the Dutch Resistance
Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema
BERT BOCHOVE Dutch Rescuer
Soldier of Orange For Sale - true story of Erik Hazelhoff
E! Online - Fact Sheet - Soldier of Orange (1978)
photo of Erik Hazelhoff, with Rutger Hauer
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands
Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands and his Military Career
Netherlands Slave Laborers - WWII
Liberation of Holland by Canada: Dutch in World War II ( WWII) Netherlands
Hot Links to Other Dutch Sites
Resistance Celebrity: Audrey Hepburn
A Forgotten Chapter: Holland Under the Third Reich BUTTON.GIF German Resistance
German Resistance
Anti-Nazi Organizations
The German Conspiracy to Destroy Hitler
Annals of Germany at war
The German Conspiracy to Destroy Hitler
Generals Involved in the Conspiracy to Kill Hitler
"Long live our sacred Germany" Famous last words of Claus Count von Stauffenberg
German Resistance Exhibit
"The Most Terrible Photo I Ever Took in my Life"  Former Wehrmacht-photographer saved document of the crimes of German soldiers for posterity BUTTON.GIF Youth Resistance
During the war, many youth groups were formed into resistance movements in opposition to Hitler. Such groups were, The Edelweiss Group, Werner Steinbrink Group in Berlin, The Alfred Schmidt-Sas Group, Die Meute Group in Leipzig, The Kittlebach Piraten in the Ruhr, The 07 Group in Munich, The White Rose Circle in Munich, and the Verband anti-Nazi movement in Bavaria.

The White Rose - Resistance
Memories of The White Rose - Part One
The White Rose - part 2
The White Rose - part 3
The White Rose - part 4

Books to get at your public library on Resistance:
Hell of Sobibor
"The War of the Doomed: Jewish Armed Resistance in Poland," by Shmuel Krakowski
"Mila 18," by Leon Uris
"The Wall," by John Hersey Facing History & Ourselves - new resource book - excellent
Book: Courage Under Siege BUTTON.GIF Europa Plan & Kastner-Brand Deals
It was the plan of Rabbi Weissmandl and the Bratislava working-group. The plan was to stop or suspend the deportations across the entire European continent, with the exception of Poland, Hungary and Germany. The Germans demanded $2,000,000 to stop. It was then negotiated that it would be in steps of $200,000 for each phase. Rabbi Weissmandl suggested that he offer the Germans $200,000 for the release 1,000 children, first to Thereisienstadt then after payment to Switzerland. After the group failed to raise the needed money and the kids were sent back to Auschwitz and murdered there. That ended all further negotiations on the Europa Plan.  The Kastner-Brand Deal were negotiations that later were called the Blood for Goods (10,000 trucks) deal. They tried to save Hungarian Jews from being deported. They tried to do what the Europa plan outlined, but on a much smaller scale, as they concentrated just on the country of Hungary.
The Story
The Unheeded Cry: Europa
Kasztner Homepage
Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov BUTTON.GIF Children
Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust
The Stories of Children Survivors
Children and the Holocaust
Children of the Holocaust: Biographies
The Hidden Child: Between Two Religions
Children of the Holocaust Discussion Guide
Association of Hidden Children of Holocaust in Poland
Children's Art: Child and War, Holocaust
Nazi's kidnap Polish children - Hay Action
Memories of The White Rose - Part One
Bullenhuser Damm: The TB Children's Medical Experiments
Simon Wiesenthal Center - Children of the Holocaust

Books for this Section:
Ten Thousand Children by Anne L. Fox & Eva Abraham-Podietz
"Mengele: The Complete Story" Gerald L. Posner and John Ware
Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz - Lucette Matalon Lagnado   Sheila C. Dekel BUTTON.GIF Art, Poetry, Literature and Music of the Holocaust
Art of the Holocaust | Stolen Art | Poetry and Literature | Music

Art of the Holocaust
Art As Evidence: The Nazi's Cultural War
DHM, Art II, In the Camp
Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps
Holocaust Education Through Art: Under the Wings of G-D
Josef Nassy: Images of Internment
The Arts and KZ Gusen
David Olère
Chaim Goldberg
Inmate art
Ken Treister's sculptures
Lake Baikal is full of Fishes
Picasso and the occupation of France

Stolen Art
Commission for Art Recovery
Research on Collections Provenance (history of ownership)forthe period 1933-45 (Getty Explore Art)Holocaust Art Restitution Project (HARP)
Spoliation of Artworks: Progress Report on UK Museums' Provenance Research for the Period 1933-1945
Holocaust Claims Processing Office: Art Claims
The Art Loss Register
Art stolen by the Nazis
Nazi Art Lootings: The Secret Report
Swiss Banks & Stolen Art
The Louvre: Returning Art
Chicago Tribune | Nation World -- Key to art Nazis stole may be locked away
British galleries packed with looted Jewish art treasures
Swiss kept looted Jewish art, according to U.S. documents
The Restitution of Art Objects Seized by Nazis and on Insurance Claims of Holocaust Victims & Heirs
Museum Security Network - see WW II Art Recovery
The Art Newspaper: Focus on Looted Art: complete list of dealers, museum curators, collectors and Nazi officials involved in trading art
The Art Newspaper: Focus on Looted Art
The Fate of Works of Art in the Netherlands During and After WW II
1940-1948 Netherlands Museum Acquistions Project
British - Resititution Museums and Galleries Commission
European Paintings Provenance ResearchThe Museum Provenance List
Database of Works of Art from the Property of Victims of the Holocaust

Poetry and Literature
Who Was Martin Niemoller?
Martin Niemöller Poem
Reverend Martin Niemöller : Bystanders
Poems of Jewish Death
Poetry Index
Poetry, Essays, & Short Stories
Literature of the Holocaust
Literature Recommendations for High School - 10th & up: Holocaust
Poèmes choisis disponibles sur ce serveur / Poems...
Philosophy & The Holocaust

My Yiddishe Mamme
It was sung by women prisoners in the concentration camps as they prayed.
Ani Ma'amin
By Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, also known as Maimonides was sung by many Jews as they entered the gas chambers. BUTTON.GIF Orchestras of the Holocaust
The Music of the Holocaust: The Story of Yiddish Folksong by Ruth Rubin
Terezin Cabaret
Holocaust Recordings
Songs of the Ghettos Various Artists CD Various ++ Jewish MUSIC Holocaus
Terezin Chamber Music Foundation -- Archives
Gallery - Camp Orchestras - Photos
Janawska Camp Orchestra
Heshy Engelsberg - Jewish Interests
sub-camp of Sachsenhausen "Camp Song" - 1945 at Falkensee

Pictures of the orchestras
Gallery - Camp Orchestras - Photos
Janawska Camp Orchestra
Terezin Chamber Music Foundation -- Archives

Downloadable music:
Music in Terezín - midi recordings
The Holocaust and Music Lecture Handout

Book Sources:
Music in Terezín - Recommended Recordings
Voices of a People: The Story of Yiddish Folksong by Ruth Rubin BUTTON.GIF By Topic
Holocaust Collection
The Music of the Holocaust
Art As Evidence: The Nazi's Cultural War
Literature of the Holocaust HOME PAGE
The Art of Cards and Letters
Bulgarian Jewry During WW II
Salvation of Bulgarian Jewry During WW II
Art stolen by the Nazis
Al Filreis

Slave Labor more coming
The B'nai B'rith Center for Public Policy Reports and Analsyes - Forced Labor During World War II
Netherlands Slave Laborers - WWII
Arbeitseinsatz: The Nazi Forced-labor Program
Arbeitserziehungslager: Workers Educational Camps
The Arbeitserziehungslager: Living Conditions in the camp
Labor Allocation During the Third Reich
Manpower Policy During the Third Reich
Active Involvement in the Allocation of Labor & Forms
Prisoner Registration Forms Search List - by Prisoner Name

Companies who used Slave Labor from the Concentration Camps
Companies Affiliated w/ Concentration Camps
About Bayer
Ford & the Nazi war efforts
The German 'Grand Cross of the Golden Eagle' was presented to Henry Ford, the American car manufacturer, by a German diplomat in the USA on July 30, 1938, on behalf of Adolf Hitler.
List of the camps & Business that used camp Labor - (UNREAL!)
Labor and the Holocaust
Polish Forced Labourer
Technologies and Know-how
Origins of BMW
•Bayer Co. and the Nazis
Business and Economic Foundations of Nazi Germany BUTTON.GIF The Nazi's

Mengele: Angel of Death
- more coming
Josef Mengele & Human Twins @ Auschwitz
MENGELE at ftp.std.com (Gopher)
Information about "Dr" Mengele
School denies Nazi link
Nazi medical materials used after war
•Bayer Co. and the Nazis

The Nazi Elite - more coming
Principal Functionaries of the Third Reich - Hitler's Top Staff
Principal Officials Of The Nazi Party
Third Reich Factbook
Reinhard Heydrich
Erwin Rommel - Axis
Command Staff at Auschwitz
Former Nazi Concentration Camp
Hess, (Walter Richard) Rudolf
The OMEGA File : Rudolph Hess
Kaiser WIllhelm
Adolf Eichmann
Eichmann's Final Plea: "In His Own
Eichmann Bio - the early years
Eichmann - Timeline: Final Solution
Adolf Eichmann: "In His Own Words"
Trial of Adolf Eichmann - Time Line
Eichmann Trial Participants - Then & Now
Adolf Eichmann - Photos
Eichmann On Medical Experimentation
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
The Search for Alois Brunner
Alexander Kimel's Autobiographical Reflections on Life in the Rohaty
Goebbels, Joseph (1897-1945)
Goebbels the Master Liar by A. Kimel
Himmler the Butcher by A. Kimel
Heinrich Himmler
Hermann Goering
Himmler Visits Hans Frank
Heydrich the Master Villian by A. Kimel
Reinhard Heydrich
Alfred Rosenberg
Excerpts from Affidavit by Höss
Klaus BarbieTrial
Paul Touvier, 81, French War Criminal
NASA's Nazis
Unterscharfuehrer Otto Horn - The Demjanjuk Deposition
Who's Who in Nazi Germany - Introduction
The SS Organization: The Killers by A. Kimel BUTTON.GIF The Vatican on SHOAH
(Why do you think the Vatican continue to refuse to open its archives?)
Vatican Bank Claims
What Is The Vatican Hiding? The Vatican's Complicity in Genocide by Barry Lituchy
The Vatican's Holocaust by Avro Manhattan
Inquiry questions Vatican silence over Holocaust
Vatican: We remember: a reflection on the Shoah
Vatican City -- Primary Documents
Pius 12 & Holocaust
We Remember, a Reflection on the Shoah
Pope John XXIII - during the Holocaust
The Silence of the Church
Holocaust & Pius XII
Pope Pius XII

Book Resource:
Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, The Nazi's and the Swiss Banks by Mark Aarons John Loftus BUTTON.GIF Hitler
Hitler - Main Information | Hitler's Medical & Psychological Profiles | Hitler & Religion | Hitler's Body | Mein Kampf | Misc. Hitler

Hitler - Main Information
Hitler the Paretic (Syphilitic) by Alexander Kimel - Holocaust Survivor
A Brief Biography of Adolf Hitler
Hitler, Discovery of Antisemitism in Vienna
The Rise of Adolf Hitler
1938 Man of the Year: Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)
Reichstag Fire
Hitler and the Jews
Hitler's Unwanted Children In Nazi Germany
Hitler Biography
Hitler's speeches
Profile of Hitler
Short Biography of Adolf Hitler
Hitler and World War Two
The Age of Totalitarianism: Stalin & Hilter
Myth: Hitler was a leftist
Bios: Hitler
Adolf Hitler - A Collection of Speeches
This Wicked Man Hitler
The Making of Adolf Hitler: The Birth and Rise
Helping Hitler: How the U.S. helped Hitler
Mussolini Visits Hitler (Nazi Propaganda)
Jehovah's Witnesses and Hitler
Hitler Historical Museum
Principal Functionaries of the Third Reich - Hitler's Staff
Why did Hitler Kill the Jews? by Alexander Kimel - Holocaust Survivor BUTTON.GIF Hitler's Medical & Psychological Profiles
Holocaust Education - HITLER THE SYPHILITIC
Shofar FTP Archives: Enigma-of-Hitler
Hitler and the Holocaust
The Death of Hitler
Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler

Hitler & Religion
Hitler's Christianity
Hitler's Religious Beliefs and Fanaticism - (Selected quotes from Mein Kampf)
The End Of Adolf Hitler
OSS Papers: Adolf Hitler
OSS Psychological Profile of Hitler
OSS Psychological Profile of Hitler, Part Six
Hitler's Religious Beliefs and Fanaticism BUTTON.GIF Hitler's Body - One of the most fascinating!
The Soviet secrets on Hitler

Hitler's Mein Kampf
The original title of Hitler's Mein Kampf was ''4 1/2 Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice''. His publisher and oldest friend, Max Amann, later changed the title to Mein Kampf.
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

Misc. Hitler
Hitler's world view
Hitler's Mercedes-Benz
British: PROPAGANDA Images of Hitler
History Place - The Rise of Adolf Hitler
Hitler Biography
Eva Braun
Hitler and the Holocaust
Hitler dates
Hitler - early years emphasized
hitler's manipulation of Language
HITLER - proverbs - college level BUTTON.GIF Hitler Youth
Confession of a Head of Hitler Youth
Memories of Hitler Youth
Girls in Hitler Youth
Hitler Youth
The Hitler Youth
Hitler Youth Index: Complete History in 5 Chapters
The Confession
M-216 Silver Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge
Hitler Youth Groups
Collections of the German Historical Museum
Dear Diary: Hitler Youth project
Memories of the 1940's: Hitler Youth
The History Place - Hitler Youth
Emotional Engineering: Hitler Youth Quex
Our Banner Means More to Us Than Death: The Hitler Youth
Photograph of Baldur von Schirach reviews a parade of Hitler Youth
Confession of Von Schirach - Head of Hitler Youth
Memories of the 1940's: Hitler Youth
The Youth Enraptured
Hitler Youth Poster
Bunde Deutscher Maedel - League of German Girls Poster
Hitler Youth Bibliography BUTTON.GIF The Third Reich
Germany - Third Reich
Birth of the Third Reich
A Straight look at the Third Reich
Night of the Long Knives
Organization Layout of the RSHA
The Powerful Men in Germany
Wehrmacht Oath of Loyalty
Who's Who in Nazi Germany - Introduction
Unlikely Twins - "Nazi" and "Fascist"
Germany - Third Reich Flags
Women of the Third Reich
Principal Functionaries of the Third Reich - Hitler's Top Staff
Principal Officials Of The Nazi Party BUTTON.GIF Leaders of WW II
Leaders of WW II(on my WW II Web site)

Student Questions answered:
Holocaust FAQ's
These will be changing periodically. BUTTON.GIF Interesting Articles Online
Viewpoint: A Dangerous Experiment
EyeWitness - history through the eyes..
The U.S. Holocaust Museum: Why Christians Should go!
Auschwitz: 'It's Amazing That a Bird Can Sing Here' by Barbara Beckwith
The Dreyfus Affair in France - 1894
Witnesses to Einsatzgruppen Murders
Soviet Killing Squads - Einsatzgruppe
Catholics and Jews Confront the Holocaust and Each Other: 1999 John Courtney Murray Lecture, by Eugene J. Fisher
Facing History
Harry James Cargas BUTTON.GIF Survival: Could You?
This exhibit is designed to illustrate the progressively hopeless condition of the Jews from 1933 to 1945. No matter what path they chose, their chances of escaping their horrible fate were almost nonexistent. Life Chance confronts you NOW with some of the decisions that had to be faced THEN. Excellent, excellent site!
Holocaust Memorial Center Exhibit: The Life Chance Game

Lesson Plans & Curriculumn Sites
Lesson Plan for Night by Elie Wiesel
P.O.V. Interactive - Well Founded Fear: The SS St. Louis
Survivor's of the Holocaust Study Guide
Holocaust Education Resources for Teachers
The Stuart S. Elenko Collection: Holocaust Educational Guide
JECC - Teaching With Jewish-Themed Literature and Videos - Holocaust
Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps
Teacher's lesson plan
Links page - with lesson plans
Questions, Projects and More
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Guidelines for teaching the Holocaust
Teaching the Holocaust via the Web
Teaching the Holocaust: Out of Ashes, Hope
SC ETV Holocaust Forum
Holocaust and Genocide Curriculum
Teachers.Net Reference Desk
Welcome to the SCETV Holocaust Forum
Positive Holocaust Education
Tolerance 4 Kids Website: Geared for Elementary School Ages 8 and Up BUTTON.GIF Pictures
Warning: These pictures are extremely disturbing in their content, they provide a documented display of the horrors that the Nazi's practiced on their victims. They show murder, medical experimentations and depict the other horrors of extreme cruelty that will be forever associated the Holocaust.  Please visit these photographs with an adult.

Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
The spoils: victims' gold teeth and dental work
Cybrary of the Holocaust: Images
WWII Concentration Camps - Photographs
The Horrors of the Holocaust
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
Cybrary Shoah Images
Cybrary :Images...Before
Pictures from the Warsaw Ghetto
Auschwitz/Birkenau - Photographs by Alan Jacobs
WWII Concentration Camps - Photographs
Cybrary of the Holocaust : Images
WWII Concentration Camps - Photos
Pictures from the Warsaw Ghetto
Images of the Ghettos
Video Archive - Edited Programs
USHMM Archives Information Access BUTTON.GIF Zionism
ZIONISM: Timeline of Events
Centenary of Zionism
Stereotypes and Prejudices
Who are the Jews?
World History of Anti-Semitism
Holocaust History in Propaganda Use
What's In a Hyphen? by Shmuel Almog
Jews and Iceland, until 1940
Significant Events In Jewish And World History
The Roots of the Holocaust
Jewish-Christian Relations: History/Incidents
Brandt vs Japanese Officials BUTTON.GIF Arynization of Assets
The Beneficiaries of "Aryanization": Hamburg as a Case Study by Frank Bajohr
Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Photos by Judith Levin and Daniel Uziel
The Universe of Death and Torment by Goetz Aly
Appropriation of Personal Effects and Valuables

Melmer's Gold
Melmer gold is gold that was taken from concentration camp victims (jewelry, wedding rings and especially dental gold) and later recast into bullion bars and used by the Nazi's. The name comes from the courier, SS officer Bruno Melmer, who was responsible for responsible for receiving property from Jewish victims and also supervised their deposit at the Reichsbank in Berlin. Summary of (so-called) Nazi Gold
Deutsche Bank Says It 'Regrets' Nazi Deals - Deutsche Bank AG
U.S. and Allied Efforts To Recover and Restore Gold and Other Assets
Gold Transactions in the WW2: Statistical Review with Commentary
U.S. and Allied Efforts To Recover and Restore Gold and Other Assets
Der Goldhandel der Dresdner Bank im Zweiten Weltkrieg - English: Gold Transactions
The Amounts of Looted Gold in the Bergier Report
Transcript: Eizenstat Briefing On New Report On Nazi Gold

Swiss Banks and The Holocaust
Swiss Banks
FRONTLINE: nazi gold
Swiss Reject Criticism of Wartime Camps
Switzerland and WWII
Holocaust Assets
World Jewish Congress - Machon - Policy Dispatch
ABC News.com: Special Report:
Looted: Nazi Gold
U.S. report details close Swiss-German war ties
Switzerland & the Holocaust Assets
Swiss Bank's Discarded Files Saved by Night Watchman BUTTON.GIF The Red Cross: Holocaust
The Red Cross knew what was happening in the camps and chose to do nothing. Because of International pressure, they have started to open up their archives. Interesting to see that the first site below is now not working. It was their rationalization of doing nothing to help the Holocaust victims. They have just placed a site online that has some rather loft claims on it. They now claim to have "negotiated the surrenders of Turckheim, Dachau and Mauthausen Concentration Camps to the Allied Troops". This is brand new to me and I am sure to most of you.  Nothing in any of the Allied reports makes mention of any Red Cross dignitaries being present at the camps when the Allies approached or entered them. Most of the camps were deserted by most of the Nazi soldiers as the Allies approached.  According to the "Encyclopedia of the Holocaust" (©1990 Macmillan Publishing Company New York, NY 10022) the Red Cross supply columns were able to bring a few hundred prisoners out of Ravensbruck and Mauthausen, but ICRC representatives were also sometimes present, practically helpless, during the agonizing evacuations from Oranienburg, Sachsenhausen, and Ravensbruck. Simon Wiesenthal Center: International Red Cross in the Holocaust
Red Cross Inspections during the Holocaust - curiously dead now
The International Committee of the Red Cross in World War II - odd info here
(Claims of having "negociated surrenders" of camps is one of them....)

Holocaust Insurance Scam
The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
Holocaust Survivor Claims
Transcripts from Holocaust meetings
Registered Survivors by state
MFA: Commission on Jewish Assets in Sweden BUTTON.GIF Immigration
(Shame on the United States)
St. Louis Ship Log
MS. St-Louis passenger list - can see all who were sent back to face DEATH
FDR during WW2
Forgotten Victims: Americans in the camps
U.S. IMMIGRATION: Closing the door
American Responses to the Holocaust
The Arts & Media/History: Did FDR do enough?
Kurt Klein's Story: Immigration and Death at Auschwitz: The Letters BUTTON.GIF The Exodus 1947: Ship of the Forsaken
The Exodus 1947, originally known as the SS President Warfield, was a Haganah ship that sailed from Sete, France in July 1947 with survivors now known as DP's (Displaced Person's) of the Holocaust for HaifaAlthough is was designed to carry less than 500 passengers, the ship subsequently transported more than 4,500 Jewish Holocaust refugees to Palestine. The British forces, who were ruling mandated Palestine, intercepted the boat on the 18th.  There was a fierce battle where the passengers were clubbed, firehosed and teargassed into submission.  They captured the passengers and deported them to Displaced Persons camps in Germany. .
The Haganah Ship: Exodus 1947
A Ship Reborn, A Nation Reborn: The Voyage of the Exodus, 1947
The Long Way Home
The Exodus 1947
"Chartered for History: President Warfield to Exodus 1947,"
MS 87 Papers of Captain A.C.Barclay, 1947
Exodus 1947, The Film
European Jewish Emigration via the Port Of Hamburg BUTTON.GIF Post War: Immigration to Israel
"Illegal" immigration or entry into Palestine during the period of the British Mandate by other than the official way. This mass migration was known as "Aliya Bet" or "Ha'palah".  The immigrants who entered Palestine by this method were called Ma'apilim (from Ha'apala) by the Jews in Palestine and "illegal immigrants" by the British.
Aliya Bet
Pictures of Illegal Immigrants & Ships Landing
European Jewish Emigration via the Port Of Hamburg
What are conditions like aboard the ships?
Immigration since the 1930s- Israel Record
Aliyah During World War II and its Aftermath

Locating Survivor's
JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy
Tracing People lost in the Holocaust
Holocaust Global Registry
Holocaust Global Registry
Tracing People lost in the Holocaust
Office of Survivor Affairs for the National Holocaust Museum
AMCHA, the Israeli Center for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation
American Red Cross - Holocaust and World War II Tracing Program

Displaced Persons Camps (DP Camps)
The Anguish of the Holocaust Survivors - a talk by Henry Cohen, Director of Camp Foehrenwald
Tragedy for Displaced Persons
"Displaced Persons Camp" by Chuck Ferree
Images: Displaced Persons
Photographs: DP Camps
After the War
USHMM: Jewish Displaced Persons Project Main Menu
Clickable Map of DP Camps
History of DP: Daily Life, Politics,Emigration and more
Displaced Persons Camps in Germany, Austria, and Italy: printable table
The Displaced Persons Camp Experience
Jewish Displaced Persons, 1945-1951
DP camp experience - main
The International Baccalaureate Holocaust Project
DP Photo's
Life Reborn Jewish Displaced Persons, 1945-195
Bergen-Belsen: Largest DP Camp in Germany BUTTON.GIF Displaced Persons: Post War
What happened to the Jews after the Holocaust?
Alicia Appleman-Jurman: Survival and Heroism...
Alicia: My Story and Kaffir Boy
Earl Harrison Report to Prsident Truman, post June 1945
President Truman Letter to General Eisenhower about DPs, August 31, 1945
President Truman Statement and DP Directive, December 22, 1945
Tragedy for Displaced Persons
Displaced Jews in Europe: Charts
Displaced Jews in Europe: 1945-1951
DISPLACED PERSONS: Beginning to End of DP Camps
USHMM: The Aftermath
USHMM: The Displaced Persons
USHMM: Displaced Persons: Administration
USHMM: Postwar Refugee Crisis and the Establishment of the State of Israel
USHMM: DP Camp Maps - Printable
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC): Chuppah Details Spiritual Life in DP Camps After the Holocaust
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc. Window on History BUTTON.GIF Post War: Pogrom of Kielce
Painful memories resurface as Poles mark Kielce massacre
The Jewish Pogrom in Kielce, July 1946 - New Evidence
Kielce: Capital of Kielce Province, Southeast Poland
History of the Jews in Poland
The Warsaw Voice: Pogrom Commemoration: Choosing Honor
Where are the Polish Jews?
Polish-Jewish Relations: Official Polish Government Apology at bottom
Film Resource: Witnesses: Anti-Semitism in Poland 1946 BUTTON.GIF Post War: Operation Paperclip and Nasa's Nazi's

US Operation: Paperclip
Post-War: bringing in Nazi scientists
Project Paperclip
Post-World War II Reccruitment of German Scientists--Project Paperclip
CIA use of Nazi Research: People Involved
Dow Chemical - Nazi Connection
New World Order and Nazi Germany - Operation ...
Project Paperclip and the Kennedy Assassination
War Crimminals WW2: THE OSS/CIA
Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic
Project Open Mind - A Quick Reference
MKULTRA Documents
MKULTRA: CIA Mind Control
Imperialism: CIA Style (History of it)
Mind Control History
The Controllers

Nasa'a Nazi's
NASA's Nazis
Sputnik Biographies--Wernher von Braun (1912...
Rocket pioneers & NASA Administr
Aviation and Rocket pioneers
Aviation, rockery and pre-manned spaceflight
Wernher Von Braun more
LIFE Picture of the Day BUTTON.GIF Post War Law Suits and Restitution
Also See Stolen Art
Claims Conference: Slave & Forced Labor, Art, Swiss Banks
Holocaust Claims Processing Office New York State: Art, Bank and Insurance
Guide to Compensation and Restitution for Holocaust Survivors
Restitution of Real Estate and Assets
USHMM: International List of Current Activities Regarding Holocaust-Era Assets
Claims Resolution: Dormant Swiss Bank Accounts and Insurance
Jewish Austrians Archive of Holocaust Assets Registered under Nazi Law
Czech Republic: List of People whose property/assets were confiscated by Gestapo and the Protectorate
The Netherlands: For the return of Dutch Jewish assets
Swiss Banks: Holocaust Victims Asset Litigation
Britain: Seizure of assets under Enemy Property Act
British Bankers' Association: Restore UK
Presidential Commission on Holocaust Assets in the US - Home
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA)
Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the US

Holocaust Denial
Holocaust Revisionists or Deniers would like to see the Holocaust erased from the World's memories.  Why?  Because these people have their own agenda of hate.  To deny the Holocaust ever happened is ludicrous!  The Nazi's in the camps, the roving Einsarzgruppen groups, all kept meticulous records.  In spite of the attempt to destroy the documents as the allies approached, more than enough Nazi documents survived and are currently displayed at many places around the world.  You can also look at the testimonies of SS personnel at Nuremberg, memos, letters, orders, directives and, of course, the accounts by the thousands of camp survivors.  You can view  many of these docuemnts at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, the United States Department of Justice, and Yad Vashem in Israel and many web sites.  
Nizkor: a Response to Holocaust Denial
Shamash: Answers to Revisitionst Text
Holocaust Denial & The Big Lie
Excerpts from original Nazi documents dealing with the extermination of Jews
A short statistical survey on the dimensions of the Holocaust
Testimonies of SS men, with sources
Irving v Lipstadt and Penguin Books. 'Holocaust Denial' Libel Trial (London, England)
Irving v. Lipstadt, High Court of Justice the Queen's Bench Decision - Dec. 2000
Holocaust Denial and Deniers, by Ben S. Austin
Holocaust Disbelievers
Holocaust Denial: An analysis by Benseon Apple BUTTON.GIF Ethnic Cleansing: Past and Present
Costs of 20th Century Genocide
"Ethnic cleansing" and racial hatred - 1992 UN Resolution
International Security

Ethnic Cleansing in former Yugoslavia
Maps: ethnic cleansing of Kosovo
Kosovo: why do Serbs care?
Nato: 'Ethnic cleansing spreading'

Ethnic Cleansing - An Attempt at Methodology
War Criminal Watch - Coalition for International Justice
OTN maps ethnic cleansing of Kosovo
Case: Milosevic and Others (IT-99-37)
International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia Home Page
Refugees and Beneficiaries of UN humanitarian aid in the Former Yugoslavia, statistics BUTTON.GIF Bosnia
Bosnia - Internet Resources
On the Latent Function of Ethnic Cleansing
Bosnia Handout - CIA Document
IMINT - Bosnian Conflict
CIA - Speeches, Testimony and Other Products ...
Genocide Resources
Genocide Resources: Links
Lieberman's Resolution
War Crimes Indictments

International Crimminal Tribunal for Rwanda BUTTON.GIF Armenian
THE GENOCIDE: Eighty Years in Pursuit of Justice
Armenian Genocide: Its most valuable Lesson
Armenians were Mercilessly Massacred
The Murder of Children
Basic summary of events, quotes, articles
Armenians during the Ottoman Empire
Three Fact Sheets on Armenia, Karabagh
Witnesses to Cultural Genocide
FAQ's on the 1913 Armenian Genocide
Events leading up to the Massacre
History of Armenia BUTTON.GIF Recommended Reading
I Never Saw Another Butterfly
A Abandoment of the Jews by A.Kimel
Holocaust Understanding and Prevention
Books and Websites about the Holocaust for Youth
Hitlers Willing Executioners - Donald Goldhagen
Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust by Daniel
"The Last Sunrise" a True Story and Book
Facing History & Ourselves - A new resource book
Ten Thousand Children by Anne L. Fox & Eva Abraham-Podietz <~ about Kindertransport to England
While Six Million Died by Arthur D. Morse
Holocaust Bibliography
Holocaust Bibliography -Books to read
Broder's Rare and Used Books BUTTON.GIF Atomic Bomb Information
Atomic Weapons BUTTON.GIF A Call for Imformation:
I am starting to research ordinary people and their roles - passive and/or agressive... I am looking for more documentation on the ships that brought Jewish possessions for the auctions held on the docks.........  I am also looking for additional information on the Displaced Persons Camps(DP).  If you have any sites or have any information, please drop me an e-mail! Thank you!
Please let me know if you find any links that do not work, by clicking on Frank the frog to email me!

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