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Ukrainian Fascism (OUN-UPA): Genocide of Jews and Poles (1941-1947)

Jan Paczkis|Friday, October 30, 2009

The list author says: "Fascism...genocide...collaboration...The OUN, a group of Ukrainian fascists (whose eventual goal was a totalitarian, ethnically-pure pan-Ukrainian empire) sought a Ukrainian-Nazi puppet state. Never promised it, they blindly collaborated with the Nazis in the genocide of Jews, and then killed 180,000-300,000 Poles (limited only by Polish defenses) and thousands of independent-minded Ukrainians.

With Nazism nearing defeat, and fascism discredited, the OUN-UPA repainted itself as democracy-loving freedom fighters. The murders of Poles continued—until the Soviets crushed the UPA or expelled the remaining Poles (whichever locally happened first).

This was no more a Ukrainian-Polish conflict than the Holocaust being a Nazi-Jewish conflict. (Ukrainians killed by Poles, in later defense and reprisals, don’t exceed 5% of the reverse.). “National liberation” is no excuse for genocide, and no wrong that Poles had ever done to Ukrainians finds any parallel. There is no valid relativization of the genocide of Poles with the later resettling of Ukrainians (Operation Wisla).

UPA apologists perform lie-and-deny and shift-blame tactics. We hear about “disguised Soviet bands” or “bandits” or UPA commanders all losing control. “Warnings to leave”, besides being half-truths, don’t minimize the genocide. Blame-the-victim excuses center on Poles cooperating with Germans and Soviets—laughable as these, even when true, were preceded, and greatly dwarfed, by their Ukrainian counterparts. “Poles killed Ukrainians at Hrubieszow, etc.” ignore the fact that the Ukrainian (and German) settlements attacked by Polish guerillas were part of the German-sponsored (Odilo Globocnik's) forced replacement of Poles with Germans and Ukrainians. Even these don’t compare with the numbers of Poles killed earlier by the OUN, in 1939 5th-column activities.

The Russians, after 50 years of obfuscation and lies, admitted fault for Katyn. OUN-leader Bandera gets a Ukrainian national holiday. How long…?
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