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Anatomy of perfidy JT Gross'a

Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski|Monday, January 31, 2011

Anatomy of perfidy Gross'a JT is the subject of my article for the Catholic press in the U.S. under the title "Holocaust Profiteering by Literary Hoax" or "Exploitation of the Holocaust through literary forgery." The main negative character of this article is JT Gross and his last four books of distorting history kompromitowanego advantage today by some Jewish, of Jewish claim

Purchased by the Jewish newspaper The Wall Street Journal first let go of the circulation of the term "Holocaust profiteering." Understanding the anatomy of this phenomenon requires citing information given in Buenos Aires by the Reuter Agency on Friday 19go April 1996 (2:50:17 p.m. PDT on the World Union of Jewish Congress, which is a branch Rabbi Israel Singer, General Secretary of the World Association of Jews, he said: "Over three million Jews lost their lives in Poland and the Poles are not the heirs of the Polish Jews. We do not allow it. (...) They will hear from us forever. If Poland does not satisfy Jewish claims, it will be "publicly attacked and humiliated 'at an international forum,"

On Tuesday 5go February, 2002 in the "Bookshelf" newspaper The Wall Street Journal published a review of the book similarly tendentious as Gross's book. The author of "jagged Life" was Blake Skin. Review was titled "The actual atrocities and False Claims." ("Real Horrors, Phony Claims") describes the essence of life fifths of the Holocaust through literary forgery of such errors committed by Gross in his last four books.

On Friday, January 5, 2011 JT Gross Jewish origin, along with his wife threw a Polish TVP by the cameras. Editor Thomas Fox did not hide his negative opinion about Gross's books and asked his guests to some kind of questions, which showed that Mr. Fox is aware of the numerous slanders Gross against Poland and the Poles. Gross innuendo Poles accuse the mass genocide of Jews and Jewish property stolen during the Second World War.

At the time before TV cameras JT Gross and his wife acted as co-authors of the book "Golden Harvest." They agreed to significantly reduce the number of Polish people guilty of crimes against the Jews for several thousand (30 million Poles). JT Gross stuttered and had difficulty finding the right words. He repeated several times the same nonsense, which is full of his last four books ranging from "Ghastly Decade."

It seems that JTGross, sociolog employed in New York turned into a historian because of the failure of his earlier books and became a perfidious slanderer Polish Jewish movement for the good of the claim, by which leeched fortune by following the above-quoted statements of Rabbi Singer, published by the Reuter Agency. Gros documented his hatred and greed, propaganda in four books: "Ghastly Decade" (Universitas, Kraków 1994), Neighbors (Princeton University Press, 2001), "Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz" (Random House, New York , 2006, ISBN 978-0-8129-3) and now the "Golden Harvest," published by the publishing house mark and led to protests from readers. Jan Tomasz Gross describes the post-war events to find jewelry in areas of the Jews of Treblinka.

So trade in gold teeth in the camp at Sachsenhausen reminded me Tomasz Gross's book "The Golden Harvest," which is anti-Polish propaganda, and the fourth of its publication very beneficial to the Jewish movement of the claim, now several times kompromitowanego by Jews such as Professors Norman Finkelstein, author of such books as the "Holocaust Industry" and Noam Chomsky, "Israel's enemy number one," who called the activists of the claim of Jewish thieves and cheaters ("crooks", etc...)
Tomasz Gross' book "Neighbors" is still often discussed in newspapers controlled by the Jews in the U.S.. Last January 6th, 2011 in The Wall Street Journal, "when discussing the book of Daniel Barman titled" The Death Marches: The Final Phase of Nazi Genocide. "(" Death Marches: The Last Stage of Genocide carried out by the Nazis. "). Yeah, so I'm sure it will grow riche fortune and sociologist-historian Gross, which he built a fortune on his slanderous defamatory books Poles, for the good of the Jewish movement thieves claim.
During the war I was a prisoner in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin from 10go August 1940 until the so-called "death march in Brandenburg," during which, with 38,000 marchers prisoners, the Germans shot approximately 6000 people. I remember that among the prisoners have not seen anyone designated star of David. It happened because Germany was previously deported to Sachsenhausen to the east of all Jews with the exception of a small group, which constituted a permanent squad Crematorium, to which Germany allotments to only the Jews.
Trade in gold teeth in the camp at Sachsenhausen began in the crematorium, where Jews were assigned to work with pliers tore the corpses of prisoners gold teeth, which they then sold the guards and the criminal mafia criminal camp, organized by the hierarchy of criminals prominent German camp winklami marked green. These were the so-called German "Beruf Verbrecher."
Mafia has been very dangerous. I remember my friend Leonard Krasnodebski fell into conflict with those criminals, and was murdered by them, by hanging it on a hook on the lamps in a room infirmary.
The authors of the book "Golden Harvest" in a shameless manner, "thrown into one bag," all Poles showing the Polish nation as thieves, cemetery hyenas, wild animals without a conscience, and a fierce anti-Semites.

In his book "Fear" Gross attributed the Polish Catholics participated in killing Jews who survived the Holocaust. However, "Golden Harvest" is an example of Gross as a Jew and his wife, a Pole jointly exploit the economic relations of Polish-Jewish after the war - Gross accuses the Poles of being regularly enriched themselves by appropriating former Jewish property.

I remember them well a friend of the German Jew, Paul, who seems to me that was the name of Kaufman. His colleagues were members of the squad Crematorium. For the Germans this man's criminal operations, like the experimental, and they cut him a part of the shin bone, causing paralysis of his feet so that it had gone lame and had to submit to testing for the continuity of the experiment after the mass deportation of Jews from Sachsenhausen.

One day Paul told me that it seems to him that he is the last Jew, the other still in Sachsenchausen. Since the camp in Sachsenchausen do not tattooed prisoner's number on his hands, so I suggested to Paul that sewed the sign and the number of Poles who died, and thus got rid of the Star of David and avoid transport as a Jew. Unfortunately Paul was afraid of torture, in case they were found in the Jew in particular, that he did not know the Polish language. For this reason we escaped to the east transport to Treblinka or Auschwitz.

Macabre trade in gold teeth in the camp at Sachsenhausen, which began in the crematorium, where Jews were working with pliers tore the corpses of prisoners gold teeth, it is certainly much more shocking than the fantastic and fanciful descriptions of the "Golden harvest" by marriage Grosów who are making them rich in the serving more and more discredited Jewish movement claim.

It must be remembered that the post-war Soviet terror was called the "year of terror Jakub Berman," during which, the majority leadership, the Soviet terror apparatus in Poland consisted of Jews. Collaboration "Jewish committees," collaborating with the NKVD, is well documented. Then last memory of many Poles, was a Jewish policeman, who zatrzaskiwał the door behind them cattle car on the way to Siberia. The fact is that there was a similar collaboration between the Poles and the Nazis. The film "The Pianist" by Roman Palańskiego live shows the cruel conduct of the police in the Jewish ghettos in which every Jewish policeman, for example, posted in the Warsaw ghetto to death in gas chambers, about 2200 Jews. These facts highlight the perfidy of JT Gross, in his last four books, including the golden harvest. ". http://www.pogonowski.com
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