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Holocaust avoiding pathological approach

Carlos Benson|Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HOLOCAUST: avoiding pathological approach It's difficult to share the thoughts about the Holocaust.
No mater where are we from.
Academia and scientists sometimes fear to tackle the archives (immense quantity of documents in Hoover Institute, or German open archives, or Auschwitz documents), or even to publish and make it know to the large public, despite that, the researchers are already done.

Politicians, when they learned more about it, they became usually mute and tacit, or often they try to spin towards their particular agendas denying the facts, or admitting the innuendos as evidence.

Social activists, when they read the novels about, have a partial understanding about it. Journalists as their profession indicates usually are locking for newsworthiness, sensation, or being the first in any aspect of the event.

Political activists and particular organizations promote their particular agendas and anything and almost everything, it seams to be conformed to their point of view.

In this apparent chaos of aims and goals to discuss the subject it’s difficult, or sometimes even impossible to have open mind to it. 

So called independent political “think tanks”, are created, but sponsored by political, economical organizations with set of particular goals representing founding group of people, or countries for that matter. Particularly, wealthy people create their own “think tanks” in order to promote certain ideas, political agendas, or well being of certain social, political entities.

Wealthy universities sponsored by the government, or private parties are hesitant, often uncomfortable to address the profound research to this horrible tragedy in fear of some reprisals, including financial, or legal ones.

For private, independent research it’s hart to find finances totally independent from set political agendas.

Some researchers simply are afraid to touch this problem, knowing up front that no matter what they say, it’s going to be against them, even if they are as objective, as impartial as can be. They are afraid to be liable for the suits.

The uproars in almost every background world wide about The Israel Lobby written by J. Mearsheimer and S. Walt, Finkelstein affair at De Paul University...  treatment of Ahmadinejad, not to mention dissatisfaction from Obama’s choice of advisers is so obvious, are a few examples.

It’s not uncommon that some national, or international Jewish organizations asked the researchers, academicians to “produce” books, articles , exposes, discussions on the subject with the goals set up front. No matter what, the subject is “hot”, passionate, profoundly political, mostly misunderstood and greatly abused in political and scientifically organized background of the world.

Not to say that exploited by some, who were not touched at all by this horrible event as it is.

Unfortunately, from Trojan times and on we know what decoy means. Trojan horse, at first look was object of interest without any suspicion. Later, we know the results: open gates and sneaky victory… These tactics were used thru ages, not to say about military invasion of Normandy during the World War II, the mannequins parachuted in order to draw German attention from the real place of assault.

Mutatis mutandis, this decoys mentality is perseverant in mass media. Talking about “substitute” subjects... and direct the prime attention to decoys questions, instead to the serious   ones. And present mass media and ways to transfer news are masters in it.

No matter what we say we have to confront the reality as it is. The profound reason is:  about six millions lives were lost in planed and horrible way, and the fear not to be repeated again in the future.

As we all know, the politicians skillfully play fear factor in our lives. More and more they  terribly use and abuse this emotion.

In addition, it’s politically incorrect to be against the mass media, powerful organizations, omnipotent politicians with their set world wide political agendas of messianic nature, or fearing for its existence people, including the Jews.

To quash and strike the innuendos, assertions, or to shown unknown material facts, we have very little time in front of us.

Not to say that politics, powerful organizations hidden agendas of interested and interesting parties play crucial role to deny the facts existed, omit it, or declare inexistent, despite they took place in the time and space.

Unfortunately when we talk about unorthodox interpretation of the facts existed placing them in the social, psychological, or historical background, events taking place in the time and space and we seam to be off from so called official line, we opened can of worms.

It’s so crucial with “cool” blood to shade the light on this event. It would be like to dissipate   a constant shadow over the last 60 years in USA politics and policy formulation. Iraq is a classical example for one.

Access to the direct or indirect witnesses is difficult and selective; some of them are dying and vanishing rapidly. Sometimes, their stories are tainted by lack of memory, or horrific experience, or just can be taken to promulgate and made up for the specific political purposes, or to justify goals behind their sufferings. Some of their stories are published and changed as seamed to fit certain political agendas. Often the direct witnesses and their interlocutors interpret the facts from their present perspective by justifying misgivings and personal mishaps.

It suffices to say that, there is so much misconception, false and unfunded accusations mostly financially or politically motivated, including slander of other nations.

On top of it, the topic is so sensitive, too political, to dangerous to bring up the material facts, arguments, evidence, or applied theories explaining the horror of the nineteen forties taken place in Auschwitz and elsewhere.

Not to say that interpretation of the evidence, material facts, documents, and other circumstances has to be conformed to certain ways of established thinking promulgated, and accepted by ideologists, without any compromise to the historical truth.

Unfortunately Holocaust is as Damocles’ sword hanging on our lives and political decisions made since 1945 and at the present, particularly in USA, Israel, Germany, Arab World, and indirectly in other parts off the globe.

Some of them like; a creation of the Israel, constant fear of  other holocaust in our present times, or decision to go to the war in Iraq, as was said by Senator Warner on July 14 2007(“ we are there because of Israel”).

Unfortunately, the most used and abused argument is the fear perceived of other holocaust, or something closed to it.

Journalists, commentators, think tanks, Jewish organizations, especially politicians engaged in many different political systems are using it for to promote its own political point of view, not necessarily in accordance with the facts and documents about Holocaust.

We have whole spectrum of opinions some of them seam to deny it place in the history (it’s impossible to deny it) up to asserting of imminent coming (it’s impossible to admit).

Unfortunately this horrific event is used by politicians, powerful organizations, individuals to gain political or economical aims and different types of achievements unfunded accusations included, often abused in many political, human discourses, or just entangled in every day decisions and discussions on the Internet, or elsewhere.

Fear of something so horrific influences our attitudes, more important it seams political decisions taken by particular politicians, or specific governments based apparently on this fear (See Fear factor).

Obviously there is so much written about it, so much research done, so many archives open, so many opinions formed, or suggested, but so little understanding, or for that matter misunderstanding about it.

So many innuendoes… assertions, suspicions, impressions preconceived notions, denying the facts, exploitation for financial gains, or political propaganda unjustified this horrific crime.

If we add unscrupulously lying politicians exploiting for their own political games and gains, unprecedented exploitation we can have more or less full picture of the complexity of the problem.

Unfortunately in some of those approaches we can see pathological phenomena, not to mention many false statements, or just plain untruth, called simply lies (see: Lies-our way of life).

This is not a pathological proposition to shade the light on this complex problem and try to show partial validity of different approaches without mixing different levels of thinking on the subject.

This is only a factual try to defantazise some of the so called commonly accepted opinions, assertions and, to strike some so called arguments falsely being repeated up to now, unfortunately  promulgated and dissipated in the media ,or some written  form of communication .

Simply said it’s enough to promulgate the lies and innuendos, assertions, or presumptions, to give off mark political analyses for now or for the near future .Damage was already done. Finally we have to stop any further.

It is outrageous and pathological to base policies and to implement politics, and political decisions because of it.

Once for all, let’s put simple and basic questions: Is it possible to recreate favorable conditions for Holocaust as taken place in Germany in 1940ties in any contemporary European countries?

Is possible to create any possible conditions for holocaust in the Middle Eastern countries, including Israel?

Is it possible to recreate favorable conditions for German type of Holocaust in any country in Americas, or Africa, Asia, or Australia?

In order to dissipate our even shred of fear, let’s devout and free us from pathological approach to the Holocaust first. As a premise; we have to take out fear as a principal motor of our action, and relay on reasonable approach to the question without neglecting any external conditions indicating hostile intent of some involved parties.

Unfortunately vengeance can not be ruled out always, but can be tempered by force of different sorts.

Let’s bring some facts: It is known that Goring the Propaganda Minister said one: I decide who is a Jew?

Barring this in mind, the last decider about Jewish origin could be a State of Germany., or other state for that matter.

It’s possible that some Jews being Jewish by blood and origin can be declared as Germans, or as those belonging to the Arian race.

So on one side State declares who is its citizen’s origin. By this same talking each person “feels” who is he/or she?

Going a little bit further is that possible that in fact some of the Jews can be declared as Germans.

We have plenty of   proves for that not only Goring declared his intention, but also others from National Socialism did it too. However question remains: If they are declared being Arians, or Germans, are they still “camouflaged” Jews?

It was publicly known that in the Germany of the nineteen twenties, nineteen threes and forties there were some prominent   Jews in the Government and the Academia.

It would be an interesting up to the bottom research just to find who and where, and what of functions were occupied by the Jews, or German Jews to be precise, as well as their direct influence in the crucial decision making process in regard to Holocaust. (There is a German publication on that subject). It doesn’t matter is they were declared as Arians, or Germans. It matters that they were a government employees and deciders in the Third Rich regime nolens volens camouflaged Jews.

Between others, there is a” list of 77”, and Brian Rigg from University of Cambridge added on other about 60 on more names. These people had Jewish blood.

Just to signal the subject , the Horrific Holocaust operation was know initially as  “Reinhardt”, originally from Reinhardt Heydrich.  He was SS general, head of Security Apparatus of III Reich in Germany. . Other name Adolph Eichmann (more Holocaust revisited).All of them were... Jews.

Can we admit that this gigantic and deadly enterprise was conceived and executed by one person only?

Was this responsibility sheared in conceiving, planning and executing this deadly and horrific crime by others that by Hitler alone? The Nuremberg war crimes process gave some answer.

Mr. Milch- a Jew and others of Jewish ancestry were sentenced in this court and sent to prison, or executed.

1. Next. Let’s look on the origins and birth of National Socialism.  This group was probably formed and “aimed at developing a cohesive group” similar like fallowing Jewish pattern. Assimilated to the “particular” Jewish value”, Heidrich and his Jewish “think a like tank” friends formulated National Socialism at already verified pattern practiced be the Jews for centuries., according to the principle “My former friends are my present enemies when they steal my present goals and achievements”- classical conflict of interest. If we add that we are in the eternal quest of using improved tools of the destruction of our enemies we can have a better picture of the process.

2. Taking in to consideration specific German mentality like: Ordnung muss sein, “superior” intelligence according to their so called scientific research, love of work and precision, perceived: superior “culture and civilization, other superior achievements (economical. Financial, industrial), not to neglect, philosophical, or so called scientific research about superiority of Arian race in all, we can see easer the favorable ground for Hitler’s ideas.

3. There are some scientists talking also about specific characteristics that Jews are Hyper ethnocentric, as they are intelligent (and wealthy), or they are psychologically intense, and aggressive. So we have almost perfect ingredients to form successful national group (and movement) able to draw attention.  Acceptance, respect admiration, conviction of legitimacy, without perceiving the disaster (due to selfdeception) is in the ranks for majority of Germans.

4. Particular moral values presented by Jews involved in the group were accepted as leading and we have a basis for official conduct as perceived by the group and movement.

5. Perceived a real neglect, distaste, grudge, distaste, contempt of the educated Jews towards the “plebs” Jews was so common in Europe after the World War I, especially in Germany humiliated at Versailles.

6. Some acceptance by certain Jewelry circles of Hitler’s policy in the nineteenth thirties was also conductive to future excesses of the governmental power of III Rich.

7. Financial exploitation.

8. Political abuse

And exploitation in setting up policies and political agendas of the particular countries

9. Holocaust Presence in us. Particular value system of Jewish ethics retained by National Socialists (see Bible and Jewish ethical rules).

10. Each event has its own irretraceable circumstances .History repeats itself but not particular events.

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