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Jews in eve of the Holocaust

Mark Paul|Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Almost 13.5 million people resided in the eastern half of Poland seized by the Soviet Union in 1939. Of this number, approximately 5 million were ethnic Poles. There were also some 5 million Ukrainians, perhaps 2 million Belorussians, about 1.3 million Jews (not including at least 200,000–300,000 Jewish refugees from the German zone), and much smaller groups of Russians, Germans, Lithuanians, and Czechs.
But the terror and repressions that ensued did not strike at these various groups in equal measure. Moreover, collaborators from among the national minorities, very often Jews, played a prominent role in the assault on the Poles, the first and primary victims of the Soviet invaders.


On the Eve of the Holocaust Polish-Jewish Relations
in Soviet-Occupied Eastern Poland, 1939–1941
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