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Les Derniers Jours des Romanov - le Complot Germano-Bolchevique - Robert Wilton

jan peczkis|Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why bring this matter up? Jews frequently call on Poles to “face up to dark chapters in their history” and to “come to terms with the past”, and that over comparative trivialities as the Kielce Pogrom and the Jedwabne Massacre. Therefore, Jews should be kept to the same standard that they impose upon others. This includes focus on the undeniable and heinous crimes of the ZYDOKOMUNA (Judeo-Bolshevism), which eventually cost the lives of tens of millions of people.

This review is from: Les Derniers Jours des Romanov - le Complot Germano-Bolchevique - Robert Wilton (Paperback)

This book focuses on the Russian Revolution (1917) and its aftermath. Please click on, and read my detailed review, of the English-language version: Last Days of the Romanovs.

Pointedly, the French version (my review is based on the original 1921 edition), LES DERNIERS JOURS DES ROMANOF, contains detailed information on the massive overabundance of Jews in the Soviet government in 1917-1919. This information had been deliberately omitted (censored) in the English-language version. As can be seen from the excerpts I quote below, Jews formed a majority (often an overwhelming majority) of the leadership in the most essential branches of the Soviet administration. Thus, depending upon the ministry of the Soviet government, Jews, as leaders, variously constituted 41 of 62, 33 of 36, and 17 of 22. Thus, Jews came out to 91 of the highest 120 officials in the USSR (76%)!

There is more. Among the 556 leading functionaries that were important in the promotion of Bolshevism, 457 were Jews.

Here is how author Robert Wilton puts all this:

“Mais, afin de prevenir tout soupcon de parti pris, je donne unne liste [See pp. 136-137] des membres du Comite central, de la Commission extraordinaire et du Conseil des commissaires en fonctions au moment de l’assassinat des Romanof. Sur 62 membres du Comite il y avait…41 Juifs. La Commission extraordinaire de Moscou se composait de 36 membres, don’t…33 Juifs. Le Conseil des commissaires du people (en tout 22 membres), comptait…17 Juifs. D’apres les donnees des journaux sovietistes, sur 556 fonctionnaires importants de l’Etat bolcheviste,---y compris les sus-nommes--, il y avait en 1918-1919:…457 Juifs.” (p. 29).

Other Soviet ministries also had massive overabundances of Jewish leaders. These are summarized on pages 136-138. For example, of 11 Menshevik leaders, all were Jews.
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