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The Power and Aims of International JewryAtypical Insights into 1918-Era Jewish Polonophobia. Local Jewish Nonsupport for the New Polish State,

jan peczkis|Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The reader who is looking for juicy intrigues, or some kind of sensational new information about Jews (or anyone else), will not find it here. It is difficult to understand why this booklet was once classified: Virtually everything in it is rather mundane, and was readily available from other sources. The brevity of this item further detracts from the matters it raises. For this reason, I include some links to deeper and more recent sources of information


Although the title is suggestive, this booklet does not support any conspiracy theories involving Jews. It treats the authenticity or non-authenticity of the PROTOCOLS an open question. (p. 5). The author suggests that the correspondence of key phrases, in the PROTOCOLS and in the writings of Jewish leaders (such as Theodor Herzl), makes it difficult to dismiss the PROTOCOLS as a forgery. However, it is unclear how close or conclusive these similarities are.

Finally, the author neglects a third possibility: The PROTOCOLS could have been the fictional work of a Jewish author—an expansive fantasy intended to celebrate the emergence of the voice of Jews on the international scene.


This booklet mentions the leading role of Jews in Russian Revolution and aftermath. (pp. 8-9). For details on this, and from a recent scholarly Jewish source, please click on, and read my review, of The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies).

The booklet then proceeds to discuss the leading role of Jews in the attempted Communist takeover of Germany around 1918 (and thereafter). (pp. 11-12). [This, in large part, gave rise to the soon-to-emerge Nazi movement.] For more on this, please click on, and read my detailed review, of Unfinished Victory.


The authors pull no punches: They call it what it is: Jewish anti-Polish propaganda. (p. 1).

“Has the Jewish anti-Polish propaganda in the United States been based on actual widespread Jewish pogroms? Louis Marshall, Judge Mack, Jacob Schiff, Israel Cohen, the British Zionist investigator, and other Jewish leaders all say “yes”. Hugh Gibson, United States Minister to Poland, on the other hand says the stories have been greatly exaggerated. For this statement he has been bitterly vilified by Mr. Marshall and the American-Jewish News.” (p. 15).

For more on the bogus character of nearly all Jewish pogrom accusations against Poland, please check the first Comment under this review.


“As a further comment on the attitude of the Polish Jews themselves toward the new Polish State may be quoted the following from Colonel Mason’s report:

‘Poland has recently put into effect a universal draft law, and the army is being mobilized under it. The men are collected at training stations and are receiving training under the general supervision of a French General, the actual instructors being Poles who have had military training or experience in either the German, Austrian, or Russian armies. The army is very largely composed of Poles. Upon passage of the draft law, 90% of the Jews of the country called for what is known as the blue ticket, which is an exemption certificate given to those who are aliens. Incidentally this has an important political bearing as being an official announcement by 90% of the Polish Jews that they consider themselves not Poles but Jews per se.'” (pp. 19-20).

It is hardly surprising that Poles saw Jews as the "other", and as in the Polish nation but not OF it. Now what's this about Polish anti-Semitism?
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