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What Hitler Wants;Nazism-From the Start-Imitates Communism in Order to Fight Communism. National Socialism is Indeed a Manifestation of Socialism,

jan peczkis|Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This work has the advantage that it precedes WWII and the Holocaust, and so is not colored by these events. It does not spend much time on Nazi anti-Semitism. However, Hitler, in 1928, wrote of confiscating land that had been illegally acquired or which was not being used for the benefit of the community. This was in reference to Jewish Societies that speculated in land. (p. 87).

Lorimer shows how illogical were the German racial policies. For instance, Alfred Rosenberg was of White Russian and partially Jewish ancestry. (p. 98). The Nazi Bureau of Race Research could and did declare indispensable non-Aryans to be Aryans, and conferred upon them the full status of German citizens (VOLKSGENOSSE). (p. 98).

The author disputes the economic miracles claimed by Nazism. For instance, the “full employment” cited by Hitler ignores the fact that women and Jews have been driven from the labor market, that there are hordes of unproductive individuals (one German civilian man in eight wears some kind of uniform), etc. (p. 157).


Author Lorimer stresses the fact that National Socialism developed as a movement intended to stop Communism among German workers, and to do so by copying Communist methods. Even the red color of the Nazis was a deliberate imitation of the red of the Communists. (p. 26). Nazism must best the Communists in propaganda, and in violence. (p. 22). Nazi ideology must be at least as seductive as that of Communism. (pp. 26-29). It must also address the legitimate concerns that working people have of the greed and oppression of the employer. (p. 23).

The following paragraphs are direct quotes:


“There has arisen a new authority was to what Christ and Christianity really are—that is, Adolf Hitler…”—Hans Kerrl, Reichminister for Church Affairs. (p. 6, 148).

From the age of six, therefore, the child’s soul passes forever from the influence of its parents to be fashioned in the Nazi mold, and Christian parents have to listen to their boys chanting: “Christus Krepiere, Hitler Jugend marschiere!” “Let Christ [synonym of decompose] and the Hitler Youth march on!” (p. 149).


We therefore demand: The abolition of unearned income, the smashing of the tyranny of interest…We demand the nationalization of all already amalgamated interests (trusts). We demand that the principle of profit-sharing shall be applied to all big businesses… (p. 86).

Though the National Socialist State has nominally not abolished capitalism, the employer, like the worker, is in practice reduced to the position of the employee of the State, preserving only the privilege of bearing his own risks. An Employer of Labor is subject to no less than six different authorities who control all his activities, ration his supply of raw materials, dictate the amount of his output and the market which he may dispose of it, and limit his profits to a maximum of six percent. (p. 158).

The farmer is even less of a free agent than workman or employer…He may not grow the crops most profitable to himself, but those most necessary to German self-sufficiency. He may neither quit his farm nor sell it. (p. 160).

The consumer is not only rationed in his purchases of meat, eggs, and fats, but told WHERE he must buy them. (Emphasis is in original). (p. 160).

What is the annual cost to the tax-payer of the inefficiency of the Nazi administrators and the unnecessary overlapping of departments? (p. 163).
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