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The following are organizations that are known to the International Research Center as playing particularly important roles in the Polish, German, Jewish, Polish American and other immigrant communities. If you would like an addition to the listing, please contact the Institute at irclux@gmail.com

Polish Academy of Sciences
The Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN is the Polish acronym) is a Polish scientific institution with an international network of top scholars and research organizations. PAN is comprised of 79 research departments and its reports, papers and publications are disseminated throughout                                       the world. Dr. Radzilowski is a corresponding member.

The Kosciuszko Foundation
The Kosciuszko Foundation is dedicated to promoting educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and Poland and to increasing American understanding of Polish culture and history. Founded in 1925, the Foundation is a national not-for-profit, nonpartisan,                                       and nonsectarian organization.
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