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Saturday, July 18, 2009

What is the fuss about this lobby? Mr. J.MEARSHEIMER AND STEVEN M WALT expressed their thoughts based on books, papers, news conversations, scientific researches from different prospective and different points of view of the problem we are dealing constantly with; rights and wrongs of the policies planned, discussed, paid for, implemented, intended for the future, or to bear (suffer) the consequences taken in the past at the present.

Any way if this lobby exists as characterized, described presented with the proper proofs and is acting with efficacy why to criticize the scholars, academia, and others who defend them. If we have our reasons present this problem differently, or it is proper to present other point of view by others, it should be acceptable too.  

If it doesn’t exist the way they presented, someone has to show inconsistencies, fictions, illusions, fantasizes, inaccuracies in their approach in the paper. If they are truer then others, it is only fair to recognize their superiority, courage, honest thinking, jeopardizing their carriers, or even their academic standings or superiority. If their statement of facts is inconsistent, or inconvenient for the citizens, politicians, Israeli descendents, Israelis themselves it is possible to explain and to make necessary changes. Be NOT EFFRAID- this was a new wave of wind expressed by the Pope in 2000 old institution. This sole expression and discuss about helped to change the world current history, ended the “cold’ war with the demolition of the Berlin wall, as a symbol of the ideological and human division.  Be not afraid to talk to express yourself in the media, political forms, and real life and recognize the political social economical, legal reality around us.  For the purpose of these remarks it is worth to remind, and to suggest that, some lobbies, especially Israeli lobby may be in a good almost goodly company, if they want to admit.

These of us from Judeo-Christian culture, we know about the first and practically only convent between Father of Israel Abraham and the God taken place on the mountain Moriah.There Isaac’s bloody sacrifice wasn’t necessary to enter to this goodly convent. Ram’s blood was enough. From that time on the convent was in force and on, despite Israelis infidelities. And the first lobbyist in the history of mankind was.. The God himself, when He allegedly urged Moses to take out his chosen people from Egyptian slavery.

So in that sense the Israeli lobbies are in a good company, as they make known their very ancient desire and more.

What is then the reason, we criticize, or we would have courage to show their goals, when they want to change a status quo, and to impose their point of view on the politics in this country and by definition on the others, if possible and show their way of seeing the whole world, after all they are from the chosen people in the past. As we know, according to the Scripture, it took 40 years for Israelis to arrive to the Wholly Land, but Moses lobbied by the God didn’t have a privilege to enter. He saw it from the mountain, and died. All thou thru the Israelis history Gods lobbing for fidelity to his commandments was at last with the mix results. The history of the broken and renewed convent between the Israel and the God is so challenging, extraordinary, and so complicated, there is no place to discuss it here.

But we have to wait for a newly renewed convent when Jesus from Nazareth came on the Earth. After his death, we didn’t have to wait for long time for the other big   lobbyist initially from outside of the Christ’s movement. This excellent lobbyist for this “new”, or renewed convent was Saint Paul. Saul, after his conversion went to the Alders in Jerusalem, spent time there, understood Christ’s Message and went to preach “good news” to all, To the Israelis, and to the pagans a like. He got a lot of help from direct witness of Jesus life like Saint John The Apostle. Saint John on the end of his life was so mystically oriented, and so much talking about love, that he was a good accommodation and addition to the reason of Saint Paul. These two persons with the help of others made successful transition from local Christian sect born in Jerusalem, and later dispersed by its destruction of this city to the hart of military power of Rome and to the cultural center represented by Greece. Saint Paul knew about this ‘: renewed:’ “improved’ convent taking place between the God and its new Allay” new Israel” comprised from left over of Israelis and newly pagans converted to the Christ Ideas as ‘new’ chosen people.

At the present times The greatest” lobbyist” from “ the inside”, who embraced St Paul and St John the Apostle ideas was John Paul II. His mission was to open the hearts and minds of all people to the old ideas of love, forgiveness and brotherhood of all the people. It is only coincidental, that we commemorate he first departure Anniversary to his Father as he put himself.

So simply and maybe sarcastically put, the Israeli lobbyists, if they recognize it, they are in the good company of the predecessors in the larger sense of the world. And MAYBE TO LOBBY IS NOT A BAD IDEA AFER ALL. The questions remain; for what kind of goods received and from whom and paid by, or for whom? Why, do we have substantially to support the entities like the whole nation which don’t need such support, For all practical purposes, they are self sustained and better off than others in the region. WHAT ARE THE CONSQUENCES FOR OTHERS   CAUSED BY THE LOBBYISTS in our country? At this moment we can invoque two thousand old questions; what is the truth about it? What kind of truth? Do we lobby for our own truth? Our ways of lobbing are done by respecting the rights and interests of others. Do we allow others opinions to be heard? Should we look for different type of lobbyists, and take example from mentioned ones? O r at last to spend more reflecting on the consequences and looking elsewhere for other truth than not only ours.
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