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Who lies, Dec 19 2006?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who lies? Across of our spectrum; presidents, senators representatives of every   branch of government, employees, of municipal, or other institutions, parents, children, grand-parents, wife’s, husbands, cardinals…  other religious leaders WE LIE MORE THAN WE THINK. Without exaggeration everybody and anybody, and some times we are not aware of it.  We can distinguish and have so many different kind of lies, some so called “honest mistakes”, but this politically correct expression is only an euphemism to cloud and justify some legal, moral, or societal psychological repercussions and consequences.
It’s difficult to classify our  so caled "honest mistakes" according to certain keys. But for the 

sake of discussion, we can try to distinguish some most popular ones. Between others we can distinguish like:  

Political lies can defined as relating to the politics, or carried out for reasons that best serve desired outcome rather than for reasons that are for example morally justifiable, or even arising from somebody’s opposition to a government from voiced support for policies an principals regarded by authorities as unacceptable.

Legal lies are relating to the law established or by the courts of law recognized as such, rather than a court of equity.

Illegal lie is considered as a forbidden by the law, or not allowed by the rules of some legally established institutions.

Direct lie inclines to organize and control the work by telling somebody to do something, or to say something to somebody specifically. Not specifically related

Indirect lies are when we don’t have obvious or straightforward approach and not obtained proceeding from an immediate or straightforward relationship to the events.

Business lie can happen when misrepresentation is given about commercial dealings that a person or organization has with another company or individual, or about situation or event that is characterized by difficulty, fuss or unpleasantness or activities or series of action that are not clearly described or defined by personal responsibility and concerns.

Essential lie being the pure or perfect form or embodiment of something and being the most basic element   as at the highest importance to achieve about the property or characteristic that makes it what it is.

Commercial lie relates to the baying and selling of goods or services and done with the primary aim of making money. Advertising lie consists of misrepresentation of the promotion through public announcements in the media to attract and increase interest in products, events, or services.

Mystical lie may occur when we are dealing with a divine meaning beyond human understanding and with supernatural or spiritual significance or mysterious power difficult to understand.

Futuristic lie consists from depicting life, events in some future time, without any relation to the present.

Parental lie relates to, belonging to, or is provided by parents. Reputation lie projects the views that are generally held about somebody, or generally accepted estimation as having particular qualities or attributes.

Impression lie tray a projection for lasting effect, opinion, or mental image of somebody, or a belief, or understanding of some facts. Acting lie suggests carrying out certain duties and doing somebody else’s job temporarily.

Believable lie suggests of seeming to be true, authentic and capable of being believed or believed in.

Unbelievable lie seams to be too unrealistic or improbable to be accepted.

Exaggerated   lie suggests the activities of making something bigger that it is in the reality.

Good lie indicating that something is approved of or desirable and have the appropriate qualities to be something or to fit a particular purpose. and acceptable as true or genuine and sufficient for the particular purpose likely to produce the right results or conditions and socially correct resulting in the beneficial effect.

Bad lie is considered below an acceptable standard in quality or performance, and morally evil, blameworthy, unacceptable troublesome, likely cause offence to the other people and likely to cause unhappiness or disappointment or wrong and immoral behavior

Innocent lie is not intended to cause harm and having very little or no knowledge of something and pure and uncorrupted by evil, sin with he fails to recognize the motives of other

Damaging lie is causing or capable of causing harm, or loss to others.

Preaching lie may occur, when somebody is giving tedious (long, monotonous repetitive advice) or overbearing advice on morals or behavior.

Customary lie seam to be usual for somebody or typical somebody’s behavior based on tradition and custom rather than written law.

Verified lie fails to check whether or not something is true by examination, investigation, or comparison.

Unverified lie is impossible to check of anything

Supervised lie may occur when somebody is watching over a particular activity or task being carried out by other people and ensure that it is carried out correctly, and adequately, but denies its accuracy.

Essential lie constituting the characteristic or the property that makes it what it is without recognition of the interlocutor.

Unessential lie not absolutely worth of anything.

Accepted lie is widely used and recognized by others.

Unaccepted lie is not adapted to or lacking recognition by others.

Tribal lie reflects talk about the costumes, beliefs social organization not taken place in time, only existing in the oral tradition without any possibility to verify.

Accommodation lie can take place, or mention in the conversation about the item that is added or served because it goes well with something.

Moral lie is related to the issues of right and wrong and to how individuals should behave.

Immoral lie is contrary to accepted moral principals.

Historical lies are relating to the events suppose to be happened in the past. bur created  only in the heads of the  people.

Medical lie can be about medical treatment, physical examination or patient’s state of health contrary to the diagnosis and medical results.

Scientific lie is relating to using, or conforming science principles, or research to prove the particular needs of the interested people in the results unfounded.

Genealogic lie concerns the line of descent of the particular individual from his ancestors

Self-imaging lie is an exaggerated opinion that somebody has of his own worth, attractiveness or intelligence.

Specified lie occur when somebody is ready to state or wrongly identify something in detail or explicitly with specification.

Self-explanatory lie can be clear and easy to understand with no need to explanation. but as a costmary at given conversation.

Hidden lie wants to conceal something from view and prevent something from becoming known and to obscure something by real thing in front of it inexistent covers.

Fantasies lie is imagination and creation of exaggerated images in response to ungratified need be creating a type of fiction featuring imaginary worlds and magical or supernatural events.

Mythical lie pretending existence of real only in somebody’s imagination.

Traditional lie is without any base but relating to the tradition or to the events in the past.

Impressive lie intents to make a deep and usually favorable mark on the mind or senses.

Legendary lie presents stories that had been passed down for generations, but as presented unlikely to be true, or a popular myth that has arisen in modern times.

Transferable lie is to be able to be transferred to somebody else’s and be repeated by others.

Poetic lie have a qualities associated with poetry, especially in being gracefully expressive, romantically beautiful, or elevating and uplifting in the express of our thoughts.         Usually we have different ways of expressing our lies, between others, we express them

By talk
By writing
By enigmatic use of words
By body language, spontaneity, hidden feelings…

These ways don’t express all the way our hidden agendas.

More Interesting are dramatic accouter, “colorization” of the talk, adding inexistent facts to the stories, withholding the data from the events taking place in the space and the time, misplacing the events in time span, and space, creating our own vision to the evenents, and adding what we think it happened, as we see it, not to say ‘what happened’. Usually

We lie in the name of God, religion, money, Politics, costumes, to cloud the reality around us, in the name of better good to clean our image, to improve our image to gain monetary rewards, to apprize others, to gain temporary satisfaction, or to avoid instant trouble, to disconnect from the reality around us, to avoid responsibility to assure better image of ourselves, to satisfy others, to give temporary, or permanent comfort to others, to postpone the responsibility, to discard suspicion, to add up to the fantasies, to influence others behavoiur,to project false impressions of us and around us, to retain  traditional behaviors,, to comfort others, By ways of our different expressions,

there is a bigger disconnection from the reality around us that we think, there is also a different meaning of this same worlds in our and sombodyelse mind, there is different context we place the words of our conversant that he placed in. This dissonance of meanings creates confusion, apprehension and getting lost in the reality around us

There is a whole story added and usually created by our listener, when she, or he hires it, he picks up only certain words, usually not all of them, and immediately he or she puts them in his context, without taking into consideration adequately ours.

The source of the confusion and its effects after sometimes we find in the specifics of the language.

There are different types of professional languages, with different meanings in them   of these same words. The is also a different kinds of languages like poetic prose, legal, allegoric mythical, legendary, tradition language, fantasy, historic, epic, certain groups expressions, religious, mystic, logical mathematical, medical. dialectic, originally personal meanings, organizational, sociological, administrative, philosophical, moral computer etc.

Often each science and each discipline has its own language and specific jargon not to mention specific groups, layers of the society, regions. Special organizations, institutions, or particular individuals. of even the families.

Unfortunately mutual understanding is difficult to attain despite that we use this same sounds of the terms, but we have different meanings in different disciplines

There is a quest for a “concrete ‘language, which expresses the reality around us so adequately and such simple way that understanding and the meaning of this same words is identical by the usage of the terms, and the listner to this same terms.

When we do reality check, what we know, and try to verify other information given to us from outside we arrive to the conclusion, that our image of the reality we had don’t correspond to the reality described by somebody else. The clashes between the images tell us to verify and to draw the conclusion about the truthfulness of one or an other image in our mind. When this cognitive process is jeopardized we arrive to the conclusion of incorrectness, and even try to correct and receive more information and data about the facts, to be sure what happened not to think what we think happened. Usually, we don’t go that far in our analysis and for our own convenience, or having other motives we stop and express ourselves the way we wanted, not the way it is.




Lack of the knowledge of the all facts, our preference for the moment surnamed the

Defined events, total and exclusive conclusion from partially known facts, own self-preservation, fear, hidden goals and agendas, psychological and special circumstances behind our control different understanding of this same terms in different environment, and expressions.

Different meaning of these same terms by different professionals, or proper to the particular group’s meanings.


By the way, outline of conducted actions as intended, or unintended lies has a moral, legal, social, monetary, political, self-confidence, personal consequences and repercussions in our every day dealings.  

One of them is, on one hand one lie often creates an other one. Consequential lies conduct to the labyrinth without use, and puts on the end of path, and circumstance without exit. Our knowledge of the reality can be so “clouded”; we don’t know where is a lie, or what is the truth. Our legal, social, political, fiannclial, personal, moral behavior is in sham, we are lost, and don’t see the way out, we simply don’t know what to do anymore, our equilibrium is totally off mark.

The emphases on the statements “we make mistakes” is more than we are able to admit of our own experience are plenty, indicating not only lost attitude, and misguided, or mistaken goals, but monetary and other kind of loses. After the lie is suspected, or uncovered we can and have exact opposite reaction we expected, our attainable self-preservation goal were to be in jeopardy and the results are contrary we expected. In legal, social, political, financial world are plenty of them .As a   classical political lie said in one sentence only was the cause for   a lost reelection of the President Ford.

Some unclear recognition of the pedophiles problem in a big institution costs billions. Other classical consequences in political world would be a Mild East situation. Despite the dilemmas associated with bureaucratic policies and half-truths, one-sided stories, grid, military expensions, personal, tribal, national preference, lack of understanding of customs, culture, history of others, only confidence in military solution, misrepresentation of the facts on the ground, we are in the situation without an exit strategy.

Unfortunately we want to fallow our ideas about democracy, when they fallowed, we say that they fallowed, but not the way we expected, so we say not this way. This dilemma creates such incredibility problem for everybody interested in solving the question; changing the rules as we see them fit in, during, and after the game. Finally, the master and the servant, they are lost. Master said” my way”, servants say “this is your way”, after the results are in master said “”not the way I Expected,” so in this case, this is not your way, it must be my way I expected/This kind of massage sent to the Arab world is not only misleading, but shows incapability to deal with it.

Policy makers, for that matter general population know why Arab world hates America. In opinion pools Arabs say one way or an other quite frankly that unwanted policies in Palestinian territories the Arabs and Jews  ($400.000.00 in aid to the Palestinians, $14 in official aid to the Israel, lack of the respect of UN resolutions by the Isreael, misery of the Arabs, coup d’etat many times provoked by Americans, financial grid for cheap Arab oil, general association with powerful and political tribal run establishments, disrespect for old Arab culture, customs, military gains as away to subdue the Arab world and these military gains indirectly paid by Arabs..

Unfortunately from, their point of vue Americans are seen there as occupiers of their land, and Arabs who help destroy their land as collaborators, and booth as destroyers of their thousands years old culture and civilization. Themselves perceive Arabs as fighters, insurgents for their own cause. They are insurgents against occupiers. Their struggle was ongoing during the centuries, and they are in struggle at this time to free their land from the occupiers. They think in terms of dozen or hundreds years. The insurgent mentality is not to be familiar to the American Establishment. Nor to be easily understood by it despite some formidable efforts by some scholars. Unfortunately.  Historically Americans were never under occupation, they lived in. for long period of time. They never had to fight for their own freedom and to protect their own life resources. At the beginning of the country there was no occupation to the sovereign state over a sovereign state. To comprehend “insurgent” mentality, first you have to live under occupation as a sovereign country, and feel strongly for your national identity, national freedom and natural resources as a means of the self-preservation at the present and in the future.

The lessons from Vietnam, or second hand experiences from Europe during the communist dominated occupation, were not enough to experience, in the American policy makers to convince them about the incredible inner force found in the desire to be independent from foreign occupation. This force is so powerful, that can destroy superpowers. This desire to be free in Arab world is so authentic and powerful; they have to destroy whole population to reed of it. Little experience for the of Americans wanted to be free from British, and others on the land taken from Native Americans is not lesson enough to understand the facts about independence fought from sovereign state. In the Arab conflict,

the political reality of the existence of Israel must be taken in to consideration. The reality of the Arab World, its desire to be free and to have free land from Americans is also the fact. Political lies like personal don’t solve the problem; they put it in to bigger and deeper trouble, and create more problems and danger than we expected or can handle.

According to the pools conducted by our own people actual violence we called terrorism is partially created and fuelled by Americans themselves. We should be aware not only of the semantics. As we know many politicians, not only by Arabs, considered Monahem Begin as a terrorist on the time he fought for Israelis Independence.

When we have access to the other Media transferees, particularly in Arab and European world we can be under impression that Americans in the Arab world are considered as “terrorists”, or “infides”invading sovereign state. Her is not totally off the mark that American should blame sometimes themselves, as an autocratic establishment and machine for creating their own troubles by imposing their ways of understanding of ”democracy”, as we see it.  It’s commonly known and totally undisputed that, at the beginning Ben Laden and his movement, his ideas were embraced, financed supported in many ways by Americans

In Afghan struggle. This fundamental movement from the beginning is dedicated to the liberation of Arab soil from foreigners, not matter Russians, AMERICANS, OR OTHERS,

Their way of fighting is according to their means. They are “condemned” to use unprofessional, deadly, desperate, tools, in total lack of the sophisticated tools of their so called enemies, they consider as invaders, and on top of it infidels,

It’s interesting, many news programs sometimes go to the hart of the terrorist problem, and reveal its root causes but decision makers for this field don’t seam to see it or understand fully, what is all about. Sometimes they don’t want to see the reality around them as it is. On their partial acceptance of the reality around them, the rest stays on the imagination for the surroundings.  They undertake the partial decisions, not to solve the questions, but to postpone, or to fuel the next troubles in the future, or tray to push their own hidden agendas. , Not necessarily in the best of the national interest as seen by many citizens.

It astonishes that to undertake an ultimate cause of the decision and action when they refer to the divine voice, or divine mandate as a decisive and ultimate reason for their actions.

Sometimes, the politicians, in their implicit, or forgotten honesty, they say, “As we see it”. Explicitly they admit they own view of the reality and they try to make the vision to be accepted by others, despite that their view is so partial and for form all the facts viable for their own revue. It almost classical mistake and political slogan started to be used about

Two periods, before 911 and after 911.The slogan world has changed is rather for the pure political use and without deeper sense. Just to gain political, and maybe dishonest advantages. or to justify some bureaucratic inability to trace , connect the dots  of others.

The reality was this same before and after 911. Our perception was different not connected to the reality we live in. The reality wasn’t changed. Our perception of the danger was not enough taken in consideration before 911. Carelessness, or other factors in our control were essentially contribution to the events. Taken place at that time.

Before 911 we didn’t release that the determination to hurt was so great no matter where it would take place, but nobody should be surprised, knowing the ideology of the enemies before. 911 open only our eyes larger, and released that everybody is vulnerable everywhere. The ultimate source and cause of 911 was in the different point of view of the master and the servant. Unfortunately servant fallowed our way of thinking. HE did as he supposes to do, but under different circumstance, by terrible way he fallowed our advice to hurt the enemy as hart as possible.

In sum, we were in alliance with the enemy we didn’t know, or didn’t want to know, or as pragmatists we wanted the results “here and in this instant now”. On one time our present enemy; he was our efficient tool in our fight with Russians. His movement and ideology was this same to that time, and it is this time. On that time he represented our standards and our point of view as a fighting tool Unfortunately, the enemy according to their ideology was this same. The only change was in the object of the attack; today Russians tomorrow others... Later, when USA found out to be on the opposite side, we hate them that they are who they were form the beginning. IT IS SAD TO SAY WE TRY TO CURE THE PROBLEM, WE A PART OF IT. And this haunt us true the history, not only with Laden, but Sad am is a similar story and we can cite other examples.

AND WE CAME TO THE FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION; Can we solve the question by dishonest approach, neighing reality around us, admitting only what we want to see staying in the bureaucratic mind making statements to ourselves even if the reality, is different we want to see, unfortunately we have to be concern with it. The worse scenario is better for the real solution, which the rosy pictures without foundations round us.

Unfortunately lies on top of each other, half-truth, and innuendos perceptions, presumptions, suspicions, our only way of seeing the reality are not the best tools to the solution of urgent questions, specially when others around us see the problem as it is not as we see it. The ways of communication are essential, as approach as “it is “, not as we see it can open our eyes at look differently in the concert set of facts and circumstances. Identical admission of this same facts taken place in defined moments, time, this same meaning of terms, words, expressions, idioms can help to avoid many mistakes taken place. At list, at the beginning we can eliminate

The imperfect language and different content of used terms we use to use and we can start process of mutual understanding. (The classical example of this   part of the problem are the draft treaties with the Koreans),

In mid time, there is an imaginable suffering from the war on many sides, there is social discontent, there is a high price for the energy, exorbitant gains of the oil Companies. There is rampant inflation her is lack of Insurance for millions, there is a poor education standards for developed country, there is low approval rate for all decision makers in our name.
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