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Outreach (Contentious Issues: War of Cultures)

The Construction of Nationhood: Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism (1996 Wiles Lectures Given at the Queen's University of Belfa

Friday, July 15, 2016
This book is written to counter the “modernist” interpretation of nations as exemplified by Eric Hobsbawm, Benedict Anderson, and Ernest Geller. The author begins with medieval Europe. However, time and time again, author Adrian Hastings returns to ancient Israel as an example of a nation. (p. 3, 18, 186). >>more...

the Nature of Polonophobia and the Agendas Behind It,

Friday, July 15, 2016
ANTIPOLONISM: EIGHT CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE HATRED FOR POLAND is the title of this Polish-language book. Stanislaw Michalkiewicz is the interviewee, and author Tomasz Sommer is the interviewer. German, Russian, and especially Jewish Polonophobia are examined. >>more...

Defamation of the POles

Friday, July 15, 2016
Although 25 years now (2014) have passed since this book was published, it remains relevant. This owes to the fact that SHOAH is still widely used, and because the same anti-Polish themes of Lanzmann are being repeated by neo-Stalinists such as Jan T. Gross. The author himself was a victim of the Holocaust (in the non-Judeocentric sense). He was a prisoner in German penal camps, and was imprisoned and tortured by the Gestapo. (p. 6).

antipolonism, >>more...

Geman thoughts, german superiority,nasism German war domination German conquest aand culture

Friday, July 15, 2016
This 1917 work has numerous quotations from leading Germans. It is profusely indexed, giving the source of the quote and a brief biographical blurb about every person quoted. Major themes in this work include German expansionism, the pursuit of war as a legitimate policy, the will to power, and related concepts. The informed reader will probably be struck as to how many of the ideas presented in this century-old book are now fulfilled in terms of German hegemony over Europe through the modern European Union.


Thus Spake Germany, by W. W. Coole and M. F. Potter. 1941.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Nowadays, most Holocaust materials treat the Nazis as if they were faceless aliens from another planet that landed in the 1930s and departed in 1945. In contrast, this gem of a book shows the deep roots of Nazism in centuries of German thinking. Citing hundreds of prominent Germans, it clearly shows that “Nazi” themes (such as German supremacism, imperialism, racism, genocide, drive for expansionism, anti-Semitism, etc.) were in fact held by hundreds of respected German thinkers long before Hitler. >>more...

Winni-historia obalania mitow zydowskich posadzajacych POlakow

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cursing the Christians?: A History of the Birkat HaMinim

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Cursing the Christians?: A History of the Birkat HaMinimThe Long History of a Jewish Malediction Against Christianity. A Call for Mutual Self-Examination. The HAREDIM's
This is a fascinating, technical book. The author traces the history of the BIRKAT HAMINIM from antiquity, through the Middle Ages, and to modern times. In recent times, this prayer has been softened, with removal of reference to enemies, and with the condemnation of evil, as an abstraction, having replaced the condemnation of sinners. (pp. 156-on). >>more...

A 1920’s Catholic Traditionalist View of Jews. Insights into Polish-Jewish Antagonisms,

Saturday, December 12, 2015
Nowadays, the pre-Vatican II view of Jews is unilaterally demonized. In light of this, the reader may be surprised at the measured reasoning and even-handedness of this devout Catholic author. He lets the Jews tell their side of the story. Contrary to what might be expected, he rejects any theologically-based explanations for the Jews’ situation in the world. (pp. 277-278). His reasoning is almost entirely secular in nature. >>more...

Kim są polscy narodowcy?

Sunday, November 8, 2015
Profesor Chodakiewicz i naukowcy Jolanta i Wojciech Muszyńscy postulują by narodowcy odrzucili antyżydowskie postawy, oraz przestali nosić ubrania z demobilu, dresy i w kolorze czarnym i zapuścili długie włosy. >>more...

Jews and warsw insuraction uprising

Friday, May 1, 2015
THE SLANDER BY GAZETA WYBORCZA is the title of this Polish-language work. This work is a sequel to the author's 1995 work of the same title, Paszkwil Wyborczej. [Please click on the link and read the detailed English-language Peczkis review.] This 2013 edition presents some new information, and I focus on this information. It centers on Michal Cichy's much-emphasized accusation that Polish guerrillas killed many fugitive Jews during the Warsaw Uprising. >>more...
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