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Outreach (Contentious Issues: War of Cultures)

The Case of Hotel Polski

Thursday, March 25, 2010
After the fall of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, there were still some 10,000--30,000 Warsaw Jews still alive, but now hiding among Poles in the Aryan section of the city. (p. 10). The Hotel Polski in Warsaw became a focus of promises, by Nazis and their Jewish collaborators, for fugitive Jews to come out of hiding so that they could be amnestied by being declared foreign citizens. (pp. 12-13, 111). >>more...

“2 Million German Expellee Dead in Poland” Off by a Factor of 100

Saturday, January 16, 2010
THE REVENGE OF THE VICTIMS: GERMANS IN POLISH CAMPS 1944-1950, is the title of this book, whose author is a German (p. 199) and whose own father was a German expellee. (p. 5). The title is misleading, as the perpetrators were not random Poles but Polish Communists and Jewish Communists. In fact, the Soviet-imposed Communist authorities, well aware of their own unpopularity, commonly fanned hatred of Germans for political purposes (p. 93-94). (See also the Afterword, by Andrzej Paczkowski: p. 198). >>more...

Poles and Jews: A Uniquely Thoughtful Approach

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Whether or not one agrees with everything he says, one can feel enlightened and uplifted by Sherwin's refreshingly-different and generally-balanced analysis of Polish Jewry and Polish-Jewish relations. He writes: "Indeed, the contemporary view of Poland as a land endemically inhospitable to Jews runs sharply counter to much of historical experience." (p. 55). And, it turns out, contrary to the claims of Jan Thomas Gross, far from all Poles attempted to erase all memories of Jews: "The Jews of Makow are gone...The cemetery was destroyed by the Nazis. The tombstones were used for construction. Remnants of these tombstones still pave parts of the road near the bus depot. After the war, the Poles of Makow salvaged what they could of the shattered tombstones and built a monument to the Jews of Makow." (p. 76). >>more...

Russian Mushrooms could grow on the planet Mars

Monday, November 2, 2009
More information coming about nuclear space ship to Mars

An Installment in Culture Wars American view of Poland

Sunday, August 2, 2009
For several hundred years now secular utopians have been bludgeoning traditional foundations of the Western civilization. Lately, the progressives have focused on Poland as a substitute target for a larger assault on traditional American values. They have blamed Poland for anti-Semitism, including an alleged complicity in the Holocaust. This has largely succeeded because the secularists command the symbols and the language of Americas discourse. Since the sixties, they have constructed Americas new cultural framework. It is in this light that we shall consider the works of Jan Tomasz Gross, on the one hand, and of George Weigel, on the other. 1. Preaching to the choir >>more...

Holocaust Profiteers

Thursday, July 16, 2009
A play about Jerzy Kosinski was written by Davey Holmes, its title is: "More Lies About Jerzy," It was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Kosinski wrote "The Painted Bird," a harrowing novel about his Jewish boy's childhood in Nazi occupied Poland the book was introduced to the American public as an autobiography. In reality it was not his childhood, as it turned out. The play was staged in the Vineyard Theatre in New York in 2001 about ten years after Kosinski's suicide. >>more...
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