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Biuletyn IPN [Nr. 6(139)46-55 Czerwiec 2017]: Zydowscy Uciekinierzy... by Grzegorz Berendt

jan peczkis|Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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Noted Historian Debunks the Media-Promoted Falsehood of 200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed by Poles in WWII

Accusations of Poles killing 200,000 Polish Jews were popularized by Jan Grabowski vel Abrahamer in his media-touted JUDENJAGD (Hunt for the Jews). They also have been repeated by the likes of Jan T. Gross and Barbara Engelking.

The 200,000 Jews killed or denounced by Poles figure is predicated on 40,000--60,000 fugitive Jews surviving the German occupation in Poland, out of a colossal assumed 250,000 fugitive Jews having fled the German-made ghettoes. It is a made-up figure.


In this scholarly article published in the IPN BULLETIN, noted historian Grzegorz Berendt has examined the documented literature. He shows that there are records of no more than 28,620 Jews having fled the ghettoes. (p. 55). Even though this figure is, of course, conservative, it is a long, long way from the mythologized tenfold-larger iconic figure of 250,000 fugitive Jews.

It is high time that the media gets its act together, and stops promoting the "200,000 Jews killed by Poles" propaganda as fact. Fat chance.
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