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“I do not apologize for Jedwabne "

marian baginski|Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The court in Bialystok has decided that the slogan " I’ do not apologize for Jedwabne “is incitement to hatred based on national and religious convictions. Therefore, the accused men are guilty and conviction was upheld as stated by the lower court justice.
 The case began in August of 2011, when during the March Unity March several dozen skinheads shouted slogans: "Down with communism ", "Our weapons nationalism ", " I do not apologize for Jedwabne ", "God , honor and fatherland ", " One Polish nation . "

   Poles Convicted for  “I do not apologize for Jedwabne ". I do not apologize for Jedwabne”
 Marian Baginski | September 23, 2013

The court in Bialystok has decided that the slogan " I’ do not apologize for Jedwabne “is incitement to hatred based on national and religious convictions. Therefore, the accused men are guilty and conviction was upheld as stated by the lower court justice.
 The case began in August of 2011, when during the March Unity March several dozen skinheads shouted slogans: "Down with communism ", "Our weapons nationalism ", " I do not apologize for Jedwabne ", "God , honor and fatherland ", " One Polish nation . "
  As mentioned t, during the protest, no one has been arrested. Finally, after obtaining the opinion of an expert evaluator” content shouts”, five young men were charged in the indictment listing also the slogan  “I do not apologize for Jedwabne ." After the event, the five men were arrested. They were accused of inciting hatred. None of them confessed to the charges.
The court, however, found the group guilty. One of them was sentenced to ten months, and the other six months ' imprisonment, suspended for three years. In addition, last one has to pay the five hundred zlotys fine. The defendants were from Nazi skinheads’ environment, active inter alia in the stands Jagiellonia. On their detriment was also their criminal record.
 26 -year-old Paul E. have already three sentences. The racketeering and extortion, drug charges , and more recently has been convicted for one year and four months in prison for a fight in Ostrow Mazowiecki (local bandits , using the skins as the army , fought for control of the gates , in a shooting killed one person ) . Law student Martin S. also pulled up the administration of justice - was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for three for “melee “after the match in Szepietów. Charles P. chasing colleagues. Sitting in the dock for a racially motivated assault with machetes in the city center. There is also a suspect in the attack on the police. It was also written by the police near the place where the spring before the Armenian tortured, and his car found balaclavas and metal batons. The youngest, 19 -year-old Paul A., he was indeed convicted, but the “counter March “was taken to the house of drunks. He has been a frequent visitor there.
 In reference to the judgment. Attorney Julius Kołodko defender of one of the defendants, cited public opinion polls. According to the information that 48 percent of respondents believe that the Poles should not apologize for the massacre in Jedwabne. He also stated that in addition to the findings of the Institute of National Remembrance are publications that cast doubt on the active participation of Poles in carrying out the crime. Finally, the lawyer referred to the constitutional freedom of speech.
That, however, did not convince the judges of the Court in Białystok. Judgment of the lower court was upheld.

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The accused showed hatred
In support of it, Judge Eve Dakowicz emphasized that all the accused were involved in the incident, and that active participation. From the description of the act eliminated the term “public meeting " because the organizers could not complete the formalities, but that does not mean that it was an illegal gathering.

- Were, however, asked the public chanted. The intentions of the organizers of the march were known to all, the defendants were not put there by accident, and erected their cries were not consistent with the idea of ​​walking. The most important is that they have not manifested their views, and preached the word which incitement to hatred on grounds of nationality. Especially since they used the words in a specific context - acts of vandalism directed against minorities and directly related to the idea of ​​the march. The defendants not only preached their anti-Semitic views, but also - through cheers and accompanying gestures, such as waving hands - show hatred. They showed hostility, anger, lack of acceptance of the Jews. This is illegal - said Judge Ewa Dakowicz .

 Despite that, the public opinion polls show that 48 per cent. Respondents believe that the Poles should not apologize for the murder of Jews in Jedwabne.

 Defending lawyer in this case  mentioned that in addition to the findings of the IPN in this case , there are many reliable  without propaganda  publications , which showed facts  and  are scientific challenge about alleged  Polish  involvement  in this crime. Defender also relied on the constitutional freedom of speech and the right to express their views.

All the appeals court found, however, unfounded and upheld the sentences. The slogan “I do not apologize for Jedwabne ", considered as a hate speech on grounds of nationality – as was spoken by Judge Irene Rybska.

Referring to the defense argument about the use of freedom of speech, the court pointed out that this right is not unrestricted. He recalled that the Constitution prohibits discrimination based on racial, ethnic or national, as well as providing recorded Polish citizens the freedom to maintain and develop their own language, customs, traditions and culture.

The court also noted the provisions of international law to which Poland is a party of, including International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Rybska said that the problem is becoming more visible “in the face of growing multi-ethnicity and persistent stereotypes about different groups of people," and this multi-ethnicity and stereotypes are a challenge for state agencies. She did not agree with the opinion of defending counsel that the media have created a problem and this is why there has been a process.

"It’s good, it happened, that the media react to such issues that inform the public about such cases. Well is good, because the country ‘has a sweeping social debate about it, and this phenomenon is clearly identified," - said the judge.

She said that the court got more noticeable number of similar cases. "These data show that following the escalation of such behavior and hate speech” - she said, and pointed out that in recent times many of nationalist incidents took place in Podlasie.
Rybska reminded IPN findings concerning liability for the murder of Jews in Jedwabne in July 1941.
"These are the official findings of the IPN and no one can underestimate it. We must learn from the mistakes of history and history is the conscience of us all, Poles, and we have to take in to count these facts. And the construction of this kind of shouts (“I don’t apologize for Jedwabne " ), of course, that is the language of hatred on national scene, "- said the judge.

The Court recalled that it established the facts and the local context of investigation of this case and the words that offended the other minority groups.  The court found that disruption of the Unity March was not an isolated freak of young people. “But gaining a deeper meaning that reflects the racist and anti-Semitic views of this group, or a certain environment, thus creating a climate that can disturb the rustic multicultural society “- quoted the judge.
Perhaps the judge Rybska did not read up to the end all controversial and uncontested facts and documents available at the present time (2013) concerning opinion of the IPN from July 9-th 2002. "What's Polish population to participate in the commission of the crime should be (underlining by M.B.) Assumed that it was a decisive role for the completion of the criminal plan. In this situation, it should be noted (underling. MB), it is reasonable to assign the Germans, in the view of criminal law in the broad sense of perpetration of the crime”.
           IPN says about the " decisive role in the implementation of the criminal population plan " is in the present state of research on crime in Jedwabne at least an exaggeration and denial of the facts contained in the documents currently  accessible in 2013  (the German archives – judgment passed on Shaper in Duisburg in 1964 following his conviction and his jail penalty for the murder in Jedwabne , interrupted an interview with the latter , which point to the archives of the Jewish German Nazis as the perpetrators , partial exhumation - where they found the German husks and shells from the years 1941 -42 , or unearthed in the tomb the skull with bullet whole ) .
 The statement “must accept” (IPN) – signifies hypothetical presumption in Polish: hypothesis. “It should be noted “(IPN) – this expression - in this case- we can speak about theory. In scientific circles theory has a stronger probability than hypothesis.
 It is worth to note  that unfortunately , no one else , but Lech Kaczynski - then minister of justice stopped  further exhumation , when they began to " extract " evidence contradicting theories sucked from the finger by  J.TGrossa ,or  repeated without any reason , or scientific research   by others  in statements about the alleged Polish involvement in the murder of  Jews.
       Already, the inscription on the present monument commemorating this crime does not indicate the Poles as perpetrators or accomplices. " Memory Jews of Jedwabne and surrounding areas, men women and children , co-hosts of this land , murdered , burned alive in this place on 10-th of July 1941 . "
      Hence, let me also say: The court has to punish me for “I do not apologize for Jedwabne."
  We should organize ourselves and   send the letters to the Bialystok Court “We don’t apologize for Jedwabne”. We can send letters, e- mails to the district court in Bialystok “I do not apologize for Jedwabne."
Address: District Court in Bialystok
  Ul. M. Sklodowska -Curie
15-950 Bialystok tel 857 459 360 (363) e-mail boi@bialystok.so.gov.pl Let us follow in the footsteps of Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski
(Janusz Wojciechowski, Law and Justice Deputy: "I well sentence the court - I also do not apologize for Jedwabne")
 1.The Germans and Russians should apologize. They  jointly and in concert, in 1939, invaded and destroyed the Polish state - a state in which Poles and Jews in the village of Jedwabne, and in  thousands of  other cities, they lived together for generations, they  had their houses, shops, churches, synagogues,  they were equal before the law, did not fight with each other and not kill each other.
2. The Germans and Russians should apologize They   broke down barriers Polish border, encircled on all sides and  destroyed  Polish army, destroyed and murdered Polish officers, police officers, prosecutors, judges, priests.  They  crashed Polish prisons and released thousands of criminals who have millions of innocent Poles herded into  different camps, concentration camps, and put to  the starvation bunker on the gallows, gas chambers and death pits.
It was the Germans and the Russians who ordered and allowed criminals to murder innocent Jewish Poles and Polish criminals kill innocent Jews.
3. The devilish Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact made possible 4-th partition of Poland. Their terrible September raid destroyed hundreds of thousands people, including millions of Jews living in harmony with the Poles.
If it was not for  the devil's pact , Poland - I agree with Shevach Weiss – would have  today 50 million people, including 10 million Jews and counting , who would be  a world economic power.
And no Polish hand would take part in the murder in Jedwabne, and other hand of  Polish Jews would  murder Poles.
  Janusz Wojciechowski
  Member of European Parliament from a list of Law and Justice.
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