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Jews as Long-Term Nationality. The State of Eastern European Jews. Six Million Jews as a Talisman?

jan peczkis|Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This work consists of an introduction by a B. Netanyahu, followed by the written speeches of Max Nordau, a leading Zionist. These were delivered at the first dozen or so Zionist Congresses. [This book was published in 1941, and the B. Netanyahu here should not be confused with “Bibi” Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, who was not even born until 1949.]


In the Introduction, B. Netanyahu points to the fact that Jews, all the while in the Diaspora, had thought of themselves as a separate nation long before the advent of modern Zionism. He comments, “The National Assembly of France in 1789 agreed to grant the Jews equality of rights provided they renounced their own nationality. As a result, Jews for the first time in their history repudiated their identity as a nation.” (p. 13).


B. Netanyahu continues, (quote) Is there any serious thinker who will say today that Communism or Nazism are only political phenomena and not a result of fundamental changes in moral values, too? Is there any serious historian who will not properly define them as they are—“Revolutions of Nihilism”? (unquote). (p. 32).

(Quote) Those who know the history of how the Communists came to power realize that the soil of revolution was fertilized less by the theories of Marxism, which called certain groups to action, than by the passivity and mental depravity of the majority of the Russian intelligentsia. (unquote). (p. 33).


At the Fifth Zionist Congress (Basle, December 27, 1901), Max Nordau said, (quote) The mass has neither the time nor the means for gymnastics and sports. If we offer them any hygienic suggestions it must be such as cost nothing. And after careful thought I can only two reforms which appear to me useful and pressing and can be carried out without any expense whatsoever. The Jewish people must give up too early marriages and the sending of children to school at too tender an age. If we could induce our Eastern brethren to increase the average age at which they marry by eight years, then we should have rendered an extraordinary service to the race. Scarcely less injurious than early marriages is the too early schooling of the boys. This would remain a sin even if the Cheder lost its barbaric insanitary condition. It hinders physical development and plants the germs of later disease in the organism if children are sent to school before the completion of their sixth year, and if more than five hours daily are given to study. The Jewish child will lose nothing, it will gain, by going to school at a later age and having fewer hours of instruction. (unquote). (p. 138).

The foregoing has unmentioned implications. The early marriages help explain why Jews in the Pale of Settlement (later Poland), of that time, had such a high birthrate--and therefore high relative population growth rate--leading to overcrowding of Jews, intensified competition with gentiles, and increasing goyish fears of Jews "taking over". The neglect of body-building activities enables the reader to understand why Jews, of that time, were commonly seen as physically weak, and of dubious suitability for military service.


Jewish sources had commonly quoted 6 million Jews under imminent threat of death—very long before the German-Nazi Holocaust (1939-1945). This fact has been brought up by Holocaust deniers.

Interestingly, Max Nordau, while addressing the Tenth Zionist Congress (Basle, August 9, 1911), well before Nazism and even before WWI, also brought up 6 million gravely-endangered Jews. He said, (quote) But the virtuous Governments which work with such noble zeal for the spread of eternal peace acquiesce in the downfall of six million creatures—acquiesce, and no-one, except the victims, raises a voice against it, although this is an incomparably greater crime than any war, for no war has yet destroyed six million human lives. The administration of hero funds, and the distribution of interest is laid in the hands of authorities who favor the massacres of Jews even if they do not themselves directly instigate them… (unquote). (p. 197).
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