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Justice for sale in USA: are they deciding about Jewish restitution in POland?

ADMIN|Monday, April 2, 2018

GENERAL INTRODUTON. This first assertion is widely accepted not only in the judicial system, but tacitly agreed by all sorts of the Officers of the Court composed from lawyers, judges, persecutors, legal researchers. In essence it means that amount of money spent is a condition how much justice is awarded to the subjects, and what kind of justice quality is available to the large public. Definition of the “good” lawyer means to have good relation with the judge in the case, and to know which one from 56 legal theories should to be applied in passing the judgment. Such approach guarantees only 40-60% chance to pass right judgment, which can be tempered or clouded by extra judicial lawyers-judge connection

Judicial process can be “disturbed” by “Pro- Se” representation. It means when accused or petitioner is  representing himself. Nolens volens, this is admitted, but  considered with suspicion by the judges. Legal stand of “Pro-Se” is shaky, when he presents “preponderance” of evidence. Judge is always suspicious of his ways to participate in the legal proceedings. Despite that “Pro-Se” can learn a lot from the internet and legal books. In sum “Pro-se” is a pin in the neck for a judge in particular, when he frames a judge.     Second undisputed axiom widely accepted by the experts in the legal field is:  American judicial system is antiquated and mostly from late seventies of nineteen century, so all sorts of politicians argue al the time about reforming it.  Keeping in mind these two promises, it is worth to remain that, 75 % of the world’s lawyer’s population live in USA. In the wheels of this system, there are 12, 5 millions of Americans as detainees, prisoners, monitored in different ways. By far this is the biggest population in the world.  Statistically every 20-th American is, or can be the subject of this system.   The wait for sentence in this system varies from one day to eleven years.  Age(98yearsold) or, health of the detainee(wheel chair , or hospital bed), of the prisoner is not an excusable to be detained, not to say deteriorated mental sickness detainees are 60% consist of the prison population. Obviously ,different sorts of criminals   can be found in  this system, and  in the system  you find homeless, who for a period of time find shelter and rude health care system(10-20%), you find old persons rather belonging to the retirement homes (10-%).This system houses different sorts of criminals starting from shop  thefts criminals of a few dollars, credit cards abusers, alcohol addicts, or contempt court convicted , when the framed judges by the  accused  and  vengeful  lawyers had unsettled count with the victims. But 40 % to 50% there are some criminals with 12 bullets in their bodies and walking the jail cells.  2. PALESTRA COMMON COMPLAIT.  Recently here and there you can hear and find the complaints in the press and as well as by the judicial officers that there in not enough detainees and prisoners in the system. Lawyers can’t make money and they are out of work. Like in the Cook county jail system you have only about 6000 detainees, but jail is ready to house 12 000 inmates. So this is not enough money going around, when you have in the county  about 18000 sheriffs and whole jail administration.  In this context we will present some legal cases taken place in this judicial system in Cook County(Chicago), believe or not to be connected  in the larger sense to the  judicial system to the present situation in reference to the mentioned decrees passed by Congress.  Before we do that there are a few words about the mentioned legal decrees HR 1226, S447 passed (or being in the process of passing). In reference to the Jewish reparation there is talk about restitution after the Word War II.  Poland was devastated, striped of its goods and divided between Germens and Soviets. Polish industrial park and goods had been taken away, cultural treasures   had been robed, and destroyed. 93% of Warsaw buildings were destroyed including Jewish possessions, which most of them have had the loans on them. In that context some legal documents were produced, forged by Jewish, Polish speculators and basically were meant to seek this restitution for the rebuilt buildings. By Jewish circles in particular, Poland   had been chosen to get biggest chunk of money due to the biggest population of Jews lived there before World War II. At the beginning to be familiar with the topic, historical prospective must be considered to this question. 3. USA COURTS AND LEGISLATIVE BRANCH INVOLVMENT.  At the beginning, The Beirut’s Decree (1945) had been passed in Soviet occupied Poland by its regime. This Decree nationalized some of the private properties in Poland including Jewish but, there had been many properties excluded from it. Later the imposed by Soviets Poland’s regime did compensated the Polish and other nationalities including Jews. In 1960 an international agreement between USA and Poland had been settling all the disputes for restitution and compensation and paid by this government. Later some legal proceedings were conducted in USA, but rejected by the USA courts. The question of restitution came back in 1994 and in 2000 when  Swiss  compensated  and returned to Jews and Jewish organizations some valuables and money deposited by Jews before the World War II  in the Swiss Banks. On October 3, 2007, hearing had been conducted by the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives in Washington, about the subject of the Jewish restitution and compensation. Different figures and proposals had been floated around like $65 billion to $173 billion. In 2011 Thersin Conference was held in Czech Republic, about the Jewish compensation and restitution. It was said there that some of the countries must compensate and restitute to Jews or Jewish properties without any successors, or without their survivors, to the Jewish organizations, or state of Israel. In order to give some reason to demand at the present, Jewish circles promote purported narrative about Poland, or Poles ‘participation” in the Jewish Genocide during the World War II.  The the chagrin of Poles present journalistic battle is conducted in Israel, Poland, USA and diplomatic clinch about IPN decree, “Polish concentration camps”, Polish responsibility for the Jewish Genocide are the part of this narrative. This is considered as to prepare the legal ground to the demand about compensation, or even the restitution to the Jewish organizations and its lawyers. To compensate the state of Israel (there is an Israel’s’ governmental agency for that purpose) is a real possibility. In such important questions present Polish government (PiS) is totally numb and silent (even unwanted question to be raised by Polish vice-minister, where Poles of Jewish origin overwhelmingly called “Dwuzydziany”-double Jewish trolls are present in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Present governmental equips, councils in Ministry of Foreign Affairs , and  Poland’s President Andrew Duda  (his wife is Jewish , as well as his daughter) are deeply involved into disusing and to please their Jewish and Israeli counterparts  in Israel. Lately letter of USA 59 Senators is a stern warning about passing Polish restitution law, IPN update law according to their wishes, without mentioning about German responsibility at last once. 4. THE CORE OF THE DISPUTE.  a. Personalities involved. Without going into  the role of espionage and counterespionage  action in Poland’s politics in 1985 and after , when  G. H. Bush  administration  had aliened with compromisers and collaborators Jaruzelski- Kiszczak’s option to transfer partial power to Germek’s (Lubatrow his Jewish name) option.  More radical option was neglected and put a side, despite possibility to take all the power like it was shown after popular vote on June 4 1989, when communists were practically eliminated from the power by popular vote. Since that we see an American influence into crucial and important Polish legislative decision. The last one is: 26.3 2018  mentioned letter from 59 Senators, many warnings from the state Department. In Poland, actual almost all of media and TV outlets being in the German ownership, or most of all outlets with the roots of Jewish origin as well as Poles being declared with Jewish roots expecting Poland once to be as a one of the states without partial independence in the European Union of the States. This small minority  (total of all about 40-50000)  wanted imposing will to the rest of 37 millions of Poles.    b. pedagogy of being ashamed.  This narrative about being ashamed is to be served to the international public since 1990-ties, after huge money payment to Israel by Germany. This way of talking is not surprising when we keep in mind that 89% of Round Table decisions had been taken by Poles of Jewish origin or by Jews from Poland, who took part in it. Polish political or intellectual elite had been annihilated by Soviets and Germens. Instead of it we have progenies of NKWD, local rescued Jews, Jews brought by Soviet Union to Poland in 1945 and after.  Some of the Round Table participants belonged to these progenies, and later had been taken governmental or legislative posts in the Government. In particular Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Geremek), Ministry of the Economy Transformation ( Balcerowicz, Lewandowski), Ministry of Interior(Rossati?), Prime Minister Mazowiecki, Bartoszewski and others .This  89 transformation in effect caused the waste of the national wealth accumulated for the last 49 years. Polish enterprises were sold for a faction of cost and Poles were deprived jobs and the future industrial development. Political consequences by Poland being part of the NATO was a hidden in the Annex to the treaty between Russia and NATO. Poland being disarmed and its defense capabilities suppose to be hampered according to the experts in the field. It was agreed also between the Jews and Germens that from this time on the language will be: No German responsibility for the Genocide of Jews or Poles, only Nazi partial responsibility.  New responsible had to be found. Poland was a first choice.  This was uncontested and popularized by the large international media outlets including scientific circles in Poland, Germany, USA or Israel. Thousands of publications were printed with this prevailing insinuation: Poland was Nazis alley and collaborator in the Genocide of Jews (Shoah).  Articles are appearing in the international press, TV shows were engaged in such misinformation and promulgating perception about Poland’s responsibility. There is no real response from Poland’s side. Just recently the Polish government started to mention vaguely an individual responsibility (?) of Poles taking part to denounce Jews, when their lives were in danger. c. Some facts about Jewish participation into Genocide. Genocide of their own had been admitted by Jews, but different interpretation given according to the Talmud’s ethics. Yad Vashem (Jewish Center for Holocaust Studies) published some articles about Jews being in Jewish Police in ghetto ( In Warsaw ghetto there had been  about 26-36 000 police volunteers ), or Judenrats- Jewish councils in the Ghetto.  As expected, they did not mention that these organizations had been voluntary, contrary to the Polish blue police. All Jewish help into annihilation of their compatriots documented in memorials, dailies written by Jews is not published and kept secret. When necessary to be mention its historic and factual values are downgraded. When other independent researchers and publishers showed these facts Jewish researchers just denied, or later they are changing constantly their opinions like J.T. Gross, or Jan Grabowski. d. Jewish concept of law for a Jew and goy in Talmudic ethics.  According to the law passed by Knesset in Israel Jew can sacrify other Jews, even his family in order to save his life. This conduct can be practiced in reference to the goyim , when  many Jews in Poland  during the World War II collaborated with German Gestapo, secret police , made ambushes to catch the Jews (Polish citizens) or denounced  them for money their Jewish neighbors ( question of blackmailers about 2000-6 000 Jews and about 3000-6000 Poles according to the researchers).  e. The ultimate Jewish identity politics.  To stir up the society as shown by Michael E. Jones in”The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its impact on the World History”. According to this narrative about identity politics is to pass governmental decision by the people having roots in the given country. As can be seen, in Poland we have government of non Polish roots and prime media circles stirring the misunderstandings, passing fake news ,side siding important questions and exposing only the marginal ones. These tactics are employed in spite the basic journalistic honesty, or the public interest. At the end this is not only fight between right and left, but this mythic concept of Poland offered by non Poles striped of its identity and independence.  This conduct can be verify by Jewish origin deciders since 1989 they took part in wasted privatization of Poland’s industrial goods. Poles had been deprived of decent work condition in Poland in these privatized enterprises which went to Foreigners. Corruption, stealing public money affairs, hazard affairs, tax avoiders (VAT) affairs, hidden bank account of politicians , corrupt entrepreneurs, reprivatisation affairs are tip of the iceberg, along with identity politics are the face of the contemporary Poland.  BACK TO THE FIRST QUESTION; IS THE AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM FOR SALE REALLY, TIME AND PLACE? Municipal Court Chicago 2004-2017-“preponderance “of evidence- $200000.00 no existed money certificate, $150.000.00 loan from unknown tourist.  Petitioner paid to the Officer of the Court $250.000.00 in legal fee. Respondent paid “only”$150.000. Results: about $16000.00 fine and contempt of court slap to the Respondent. This USA Court Judge reworded in the judgment the property in Poland to the Petitioner. Second Municipal Court in Skokie-Chicago Appellate Court. 2012-2015 acknowledged as “Preponderance “of evidence 14 proposals in one day from this same person with deposits paid at this same day of about $16000.00 for $2500.0 agreed. Repair work purportedly done in the house with crawl space, when the real house had only concert floor all over. $16000.00 judgment, when the “wining” party paid to the lawyer $18000.00, other party was “Pro-se”.  Chicago Federal Court 2012-2018- Chase Bank still was charging the interest on the money already being in possession of the bank. “Preponderance “of the evidence in the Court of Village in Glenview Ill. (certificate of delivery from the post office without any mark from the Office). In the next emails we will present hart evidence about mentioned cases and more…..HR1226..S447 in the making…
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