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Polish-Jewish Relations During the Second World War

jan peczkis|Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The main author, Jewish historian Emmanuel Ringelblum, had been a member Poalei Zion Left—which was somewhere between Communist-lite and Communist. One of the editors, Shmuel Krakowski, was a long-term Jewish Communist in Soviet-ruled Poland. For these reasons, the reader should be cautious in trusting the information presented in this book, especially when it touches on Polish conduct during the Holocaust.

The following [except for the titles in CAPS] are direct quotations:


As I have mentioned elsewhere, punishment for hiding Jews and rewards for giving them away also helped. It is difficult to estimate the number of Jews in this country who fell victim thanks to the Blue Police; it must certainly amount to tens of thousands of those who had managed to escape the German slaughterers. [p. 136]


The uniformed police has had a deplorable role in the “resettlement actions”. The blood of hundreds of thousands of Polish Jews, caught and driven to the “death vans” will be on their heads. The Germans’ tactics were usually as follows: in the first “resettlement action” they utilized the Jewish Order Service, which behaved no better from the ethical point of view than their Polish opposite numbers. In the subsequent “actions,” when the Jewish Order Service was liquidated as well, the Polish Police force was utilized. It was like that in Biala Podlaska, for example, where the Polish Police conducted the extermination “action” against the Jews in October 1942. I heard from an eyewitness of this “action” that the local fire-brigade, jointly with the uniformed police, discovered sixty Jews in the house where my woman informant was staying, herself among them. [p. 135]

---End of Direct Quotes---


Emmanuel Ringelblum presents not a shred of evidence to back up his numbers. He does not even bother to inform us how he came up with them as guesstimates. The reader can see that Ringelblum’s “tens of thousands” and “hundreds of thousands” are phony, made-up numbers. In addition, the "hundreds of thousands" figure is first mentioned in the context of Jewish, not Polish, police responsibility for the deaths.

Neo-Stalinist Jan Grabowski, in his JUDENJAGD (HUNT FOR THE JEWS) and other publications, has uncritically quoted Ringelblum's fantastic numbers as fact. Then again, if it makes for a better Jewish-victimization, Pole-blackening story, why not?
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