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Talmud and Anti-semitism: Benign, good harted and good people say:”honest man despite that his a Jew”?

admin|Monday, May 15, 2017

Taking into account this situation on the scientific ground, it’s extremely difficult to present other point of view except approved by Jewish scholars. Not to mention, that entire governmental bodies worldwide are equipped to monitor some behavior considered Anti- Semitic. In particular, bulk of the literature on the subject  can be presented from political, , geo-political, ethnic, regional, socio-economical, commercial ethnographic, religious, or simply said it must be a Jewish way to see the events according to the expression: There is a fire  and there is a “Jewish fire”( What it means it’s up to the reader to interpret expression).

    1. Introduction,  When, I first wanted to write a coherent thought about aniti-Semitism and Talmud ethics, I thought. I would be sufficient to google “anti-Semitism and Talmud” and go to the university library to do this same ,I will be scientifically and intellectually equipped to accomplish this type of endeavor.To mine unpleasant surprise, I found out millions and millions different kind of publications, thoughts, accidental answers and remarks in many languages( English, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Polish ) and some different, mutually excluding approaches, hundreds of thousands researchers writings , about the subject from different point of views as well as treating is as marginal subject.It’s not up to me to opinion directly or indirectly quality and quantities of expressions on the subject. It suffice to say that a lot thoughts are repeated, presented from tribal point of view, or just to serve and advance certain point of view including political stands, not to mention others. When we look up from personalities involved and expressed on the subject, we find from the street thinkers to height authorities in the world. The most part of them are associated with private, independent, public educational institutions from cedars to world renowned universities and worldwide public bodies and institutions.    2. Acutality of the question.    Without entering into particulars, in 1972 in USA there was  two universities teaching about holocaust related topics, in 1978 there were 180 of doing this same institutions. At the present, each and every higher educational body has at least few teaching personnel about the Anti-Semitism and related subjects. Not to mention that entire university is committed to the subject (Helm’s Liberty University), other even technical institutes are teaching even marginally about the subject. What is surprising, it is an ethnic composition of the most researchers involved, they are Jewish, at least of Jewish origin, or connected to the Jewish roots. In the tribal solidarity, “others” are purposely eliminated from teaching jobs, publication houses, educational institutions, and deprived the access to the public media outlets. Even internet access is limited and some researches done not too be published sufficiently. Taking into account this situation on the scientific ground, it’s extremely difficult to present other point of view except approved by Jewish scholars. Not to mention, that entire governmental bodies worldwide are equipped to monitor some behavior considered Anti- Semitic. In particular, bulk of the literature on the subject  can be presented from political, , geo-political, ethnic, regional, socio-economical, commercial ethnographic, religious, or simply said it must be a Jewish way to see the events according to the expression: There is a fire  and there is a “Jewish fire”( What it means it’s up to the reader to interpret expression).  3. Different approach to this same question.    There is in other words, a Jewish way to tell the truth about the history and there is a Polish way to tell the history according to the expression introduced by Joanna Tokarska-Bakir and Agnieszka Kozik( see academia.edu/32999130). This kind of seeing the reality, can be troubling to some researchers, but to others in the time of postmodernism era or even critical thinking analysis can be accepted as useful tool to interpret and to present contemporary or passed events. This multiphase truth is a suggested way to conduct the research, as well as to accept its results despite eliminating to offer and analyse the essential documents, facts taken place in the defined time and defined circumstances. The Jewish fire approach in the research is rather doubtful, and its main “handicap”is: that sometimes insignificant, marginal event were to became the main and essential. The view of such distortion of reality around us is so difficult to distinguish between the myth and reality around us. It seems, that this ways thinking is prevalent in the Jewish relations with others and to the rest of the exterior world. Particular Jewish attitudes toward Talmud’s had been teached and the ethics had been outgrown from Catholic Church (Social Teaching of the Church). 4. Difficulty to be on this same research level: changing narrative. Next commonly known obstacle is: To define multifaceted Jewish identities and horizontal ways of thinking in multifaceted teachings of Judaism, where almost each rabbi has its own particulars, and differences in main ontological principals of Judaism in particular: the concept of human person (From Kahane- to Hershel). For our purpose, it could be possible to find a basic ontological Jewish understanding for the subject considered: anti-Semitism and Talmud expressed in  the ontological concept of the human person, and christian soteriology in Jewish and Christian teachings. In the abundant literature treating the interesting subject, there is common to mix-up causes, perceptions, insinuations, sentiments, feelings,  of undefined “Anti- Semitism”, as well different point of view of it like historical, ideological, geopolitical, economical, political, religious, or ideological nazism (whatever it means). Actors involved are “Jews”- so multidimensional, religiously, ethnically, territorially, multifaceted identities from one extreme to the other. And Jews to be considered as religious, political adversaries in the past ,or present and in the future past invaders, political prisoners, slaves, economical adversaries, culturally different ( their own civilization) from others. The task is not any more easer, when enormity abundance of studies – most from Jewish point of view -   to be dealt with. In particular lack of exostive research based on all the archives, documents, facts-evidence, direct, or indirect. Independent research show missed documents and sources, or questions associated with the autencity of the sources. Jewish unreleted pursuit for the pest to the present  marginal events, as mains ones, accepted  conspiracy of silence in pathological behaviors  in extreme circumstances is a main obstacle to discover the truth about the event, or true meaning of the facts existed.      At the present, for carful observer, not to say for a researcher, it’s obvious to constantly verify pathological marginal narrative about anti-Semitism, but caring (pursuing) the past behavior and  to be denied the rules of Talmudic ethics.Next difficulty is constant changing of a Jewish narrative.  In the past,of 1980-ties, it was common narrative about Jews being closed in their ghettos and extremely limited contacts with exterior world, without much influence to the other cultures and behavior of others (goyim). At the present, there is a new narrative to expose Jewish influence on others, to show nonexistent involvement Jewish masses in the political affairs of a given country. To attain this doubtful goal, there is an enormous all the media and scientific effort to make this goal a reality. So hundreds of thousand articles, media efforts, books, professionally directed research, political efforts, mass media efforts wanted to show Jews as integral part of the given society, international bodies, including concept of worldwide globalization. To serve this purpose, there is a “so called” scientific method  known only to the Jewish researchers  in presenting some subjective documents like memoires,  undetermined pictures about well defined events , but presenting them as they would take place according to the Jewish researcher , but not according to the reality  existed, when the event took place. Classical approach of this researcher’ attitude can be found  in J.T. Gross, Jan Grabowski , Andrzej Zbikowski, Alina Cala , Joanna Bakir, Thom Schneider,  Anton Polansky,  Joshua Zimmerman’s writings – just to name a few. In these writings, certain stereotypes are forwarded and promulgated with ample suggestion.They are built according to the Jewish standards and imaginations not withstanding reality. Not to say, that stereotypes are derived from certain ideology and from special group interests’ narrative option. As a long run it is conceived presumably to justify rationally Israel’s existence.  So artificial presented narrative is to exaggerate Jewish success in rebellion, or so called uprising in ghetto Warsaw, when about 600 fighters took up the arms from 350000 Ghetto inhabitants. Or in Bialystok ghetto where about 100 brave Jews  fought the Germans.   Another narrative presently found in the writings is to clear up , minimize  as much as possible German guilt in the Jewish Genocide called by some Shoah , or Holocaust, and to promulgate and suggest Polish participation in it.In such mixed-up voices and unequal circumstances to have acces to scientific community  this essay would be presented about validity use and meaning of the term Anti-Semitism”. - Not to say- that author is independent and in equality wanted to present each point of view.  5. Archaic expression of the alleged phenomenon. According to the Jewish oriented research “Anti-Semitism” is as old as written documents shown the origin of the humanity as we know it. Abraham’s children were to be considered with same signs of anti-Semitism. Later Egyptians, Romans and the rest of the pack were to be considered, or classified as anti-Semites. Without paying close attention to that perception, it is worth to mention the suggestion about anti-Semitism that by its nature is associated with Christianity. “Fracterciside” would be a term expressing this thought and can be found in the work presented lately. Another phenomenon is a Helm’s Liberty University committed to Judeo-Christianity. As can be shown in the subject literature , this concept is absent from Rabbinic Judaism ( Permanent departure from each other’s was done in 90 AC, at the synod of Yawne) , as well from Catholic Church teachings expressed in Theology and Social Teaching of the Catholic Church. Judeo-Christianity is considered to be as a third opinion in the present discourse, and possibly subject of Judeo-Christian dialogue, but not as a stand of Rabbinic Judaism, or Catholic Church. In order to have some fruitful dialogue, or disruption, it’s is advisable to have disputants from Jewish and Catholic sides. Unfortunately, from so called Catholic side usually there are converted Jews or Judeofilomates trying to represent Catholics, at the end to madden the point of disagreements and the raise the doubts about possibility to reconcile opposing points of view.  The main point of contention is an ethic originated from the Talmud. There are an abundant literature writings on the subject from different and contradicting accounts on the subject from Kahn to Hershel form Jewish point of view. From Christian point of view  it suffice historically to mention Father Stanislaw Trzeciak  , Andrzej Niemojewski. Contemporary researchers like Father  Waldemar Chrostowski, or Waldemar Szczerbinski- to name a few. Without going into details, it’s worth to mention Father Marian Morawski, who in 1921 proposed to use term A-Semitism instead of a current one. Logically this proposal had had a chance to be accepted, but it wasn’t the case. 6.  Present controversies about Anti-Semitism term.  “Officially” this term Anti-Semitism was use the first time in 1889 in France as a propaganda tool by a French legislator wanted to be elected. As such it had been working   for his advantage, as well as many politicians and propagandists after him. Politicians, demagogues’ activists, writers, mass media people wanted to use this term in order to attain its goals of degradation the others, as well as to crush the ideological adversaries. In that fight , people  had been tried to enumerate, and at this same time to mix causes with  insinuations, expressions of the anti-Semitism  like : killing Palestinians, Jewish Youth excursions to Poland, controversies about the bankers and rich people,  Jewish relations with other religions,  Jewish influence in the film and all the media, or politics, Judeo-communist enterprise( Judeopolonia), legislation favoring the Jews,  alleged ritual killings, lack of cultural assimilation and acculturation, ingratitude to save their lives, soteriology, abundant internet information  unfavorable to Jews.  Not to mention  studies of steady stream of international and international conferences, politically charged   national organizations and its repercussions in particular states like USA England, Poland Saudi Arabia, Israel, Catholic Church, or Poland.Just to cite poet’s Asnyk verse expressed about phenomenon:” Anti-Semitism is today pursued by merchants, who are seeing the profit for themselves, when the profit is shown undoubtedly Jews are going to take it in their hands” (Adam Asnyk 1898). In such political, scientific, commercial circumstances Father Szczerbinski admited in general existence the term of anti-Semitism in Poland, providing the different meanings of the term as well as stating that: “any attempt subsuming (anti-Jewishness, anti-Judaism, and anti-Zionism-M.B.) under the term anti-Semitism” is unfounded and unjustifiable” (p.149). Father Szczerbinski started his consideration about the essence of the term from an epistemological point of view by defining alienation as:   “isolation from the rest of the community (ibidem), or question of brotherhood as “not unequivocal”. In that perspective, he attempted to find some ultimate causes for Poles’ behavior against Jews in terms of alienations and brotherhood.  In attempt to ultimately define the so “called “anti-Semitism he went to  enumerate  the several reasons as  he considers most important: a) being strange  or  alien(p.150) to the  rest of the society they are living in, b) stereotypes(e.g. Jew-backed communism and Polish national anti-Semitism, (p. 158 ) and  ambiguous attitudes of nations towards the Jews living in Diaspora( common interests of Jews and , fear and aversion against the others) with  prejudices and ,one-sidedness (p.151), c) reflection on past events, d) financial, economic, political, social, moral , national, and religious factors: Jewish competition, their social status, life style, different attire, different habits,  different language and culture, e) Jewish identity reflected  by saying:”one-because I’m Jew and “other” because I’m gentile”( p. 152), g) Jews considered as  frequent champions  and advocates of communism (p.153) and Jewish- Soviet collaboration, h),denial of “any redeeming value to Judaism since  synod in Yawne in 90” A.D.(When Jews and  Christians went separate ways), k) superiority of Judaism over Christianity and vice versa( to be considered),l) Zionism and anti-Zionism-Jewish attitudes about  existence of the State of Israel.       It seems that Szczerbinski’s most interesting statement is:” It’s not opportunistic to say that every   one of these phenomenon have an implicit or explicit moral dimension.  According to Fr. Szczerbinski, the problem, however, does not concern semantics but the essence of the phenomenon” (p.157) and following Father Chrostowski’s arguments he said that for Jews this is the best formula in semantics, because they “, (Jews-M.B.) got used to it”, “it allows ( to the Jews-M.B.) persisting with their long-lasting convictions”,    and when most of the people had been complaining that researchers  in anti-Semitism “are almost exclusively ethnic Jews ”is in the Jewish favor”. At the end of the article Father Szczerbinski states that an undeniable right is: “to exist and develop in accordance with their identity... Coexistence may appear as condemnation to some and destiny for others… This cannot occur at the expense of losing one’s own identity… tolerance is not a call for non-Jew for a complete acceptance or rejection of everything that is Jewish. The art of living entails a skillful oscillation between alienation and acceptance. There is a polarity as a measure of humanity in our mutual relations” (p.158).  The question was posed by Father Szczerbinski, but no any satisfied answer about the essence, when he considered the topic in the title of the article considered.  7. Essence of the phenomenon. “This problem, however, does not concern semantics but the essence of the phenomenon”, as Szczerbinski stated. What is it? It seems that Father Szczerbinski, by enumerating the causes and phenomena of the question, he attempted to show him mixed-up the essence of the question and its appearances, symptoms, causes and effects of the complicated phenomenon, without any direct reference to the existing persistent moral questions. Alienation and identity show certain attitude, which are attributed to the moral behavior. As Ludwig Hirschfeld stated;” The biggest Jewish tragedy is not the fact that anti-Semite hates the Jews, but that benign and good people say:” Honest man, despite that he is a Jew”.  By this statement Mr. Hirshfeld extrapolated -according to my opinion- the essence of the anti- Jewisness (according to some anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, Anti-Israelis etc.) which is the moral attitude of Jews?  This is toward each other, and toward other humans and world affairs.2.        This way of approaching the question was initiated Mr. Izack Dickman (Tadeusz Mazowiecki) when he tried to pay attention to that question in his article in 1962 in “Wiez”1... He wrote about sociological phenomenon of groups’ relations in the terms of “superiority- inferiority” being the essential attribute of Jewish moral attitude in the social lives’ fabric and person-to-person relations.   For our purpose the moral attitude is defined in the terms of being productive in the course of the productive life, or parasite in the societal life according to the social institutional moral imperatives.  And Jews were to be considered in those terms, as well according to their own moral imperatives found in the Jewish Decalogue and Talmud. These types of  norms are  supposed to be strange to the value systems presented in utilitarian ethics , but corrected in the Christian ethics , when  the social person is productive in the certain period of his life,  is then entitled to the social benefits in his  later  life’s stages when he is unable to work. Coming from the prospective of the former , some governments tried to blame the “unproductive “(some called it parasite)  including Jews for social problems, in order to cover its own incompetence, or to blame somebody else for governmental mistakes.      8. Question to be considered in defining the Anti- Semitism. Alienation, assimilation,  integration,  Jewish “otherness” had its sources in the  Jewish cultural value systems , when  according to the former  assimilation is a  flaw  for somebody’s ”Jewisness” and  considered to be  inferior in the Jewish value systems.  In the terms of national integration this is a more complex topic that usually is imagined, in particular in the Jewish mentality in Poland, when Jewish collaboration in order to survive (in Jewish terms this same behavior was considered appropriate) in the short term, but it was considered as treason by Polish governmental establishment or the general public. Such moral attitude showed a disintegrating role of that function, and it was, - or is considered creation of artificial obstacles to enrich and to survive and develop such a particular nation and its citizens. In this sense Jews had been neglected with   full knowledge of the elementary moral principles in the host countries. In particular, Jewish involvement in the economic solidarity competition had been shown, that in Jewish terms it meant elimination of competitors, who usually were Gentile considered as subhuman and judged according to the Jewish maxim:”You don’t allow to the Jew to live, when you take part of his business and give to somebody else”.Jewish involvement in the usury, arenda (yearly lease of the land property to Jews. They could get as much money as possible from leases and Jews paid to the leasors’ minimum agreed), slavery commerce, money laundering, financial governmental consulting activities and banking system ownership are considered in the moral terms not only as an economical endeavor, but from the Jewish side, gentiles were considered by Jews differently than ethnic   Jews. The tendencies to create monopolies in political, scientifically researched topics, banking, economical, social, governmental enterprises are considered being of a Jewish origin, and they had a moral attribute considered to be created by the Jews, so as to be responsible for it. This way of thinking is attributed to “good, benign and honest people”, who had been considered by Jews as gentiles.  They had been called in common language as the average members of the different communities’ (benign, honest and good people), “patria” (particular country) members included .At the end this is a moral problem created by Jews themselves and the goal for everybody is the fight about the dignity and morality of the person as such, with his plurality of needs, rights, and obligations without adding the nationality,   or ethnic attribute like Jew, Pole or other ethnicity, or nationality for that matter. In the end the dignity of all people (See more about Jewish distinction between Jew and Gentile, moral imperatives proposed in Talmud, religious concept of the Sacred Convent) should be equal. The morals of the Jewish tribe, Israeli nation, other Jewish influenced entities, Proselytes’( in particular: converted Jews with their Post-Jewish  mentalities  transplanted into gentiles ‘moral and cultural  behavior) ,converted Jews assimilated, but their influence into the socio-economical influence became essential to consider the phenomenon of anti- Jewisness, or other terms used by Father Szczerbinski to that regard describing anti-Jewish attitudes. It conducted us to the Semitic reality as it is on the ontological level. From other prospective – according to Alan HartAnti-Semitism according to him, as defined by Zionism, is the colonial, ethnic cleansing enterprise of some Jews, has come to mean almost all criticism of Israel’s policies and actions, in particular its oppression of the Palestinians, and, also, criticism on the basis of revelations from the documented truth of history which expose Zionism’s propaganda for the nonsense it is. Put another way, anti-Semitism as defined by supporters of Israel right or wrong is anything written or said by anybody that challenges and contradicts Zionism’s version of events. In effect Zionists say, “If you disagree with us, you’re anti-Semitic.”My own view is that such a catastrophe will happen unless the citizens of the mainly Gentile Western world among whom most Jews live are made aware of the difference between Judaism and Zionism.  The only people who can stop the transformation of anti-Israelism into anti-Semitism gathering momentum are the Jews themselves, with those who are citizens of the European nations and America taking the lead. There are two definitions of anti-Semitism in its Jewish context. One was born in real history and represents a truth. The other is part and parcel of Zionist mythology and was invented for the purpose of blackmailing non-Jewish Europeans and North Americans into refraining from criticizing Israel or, to be more precise, staying silent when its leaders resort to state terrorism and demonstrate in many ways their absolute contempt for international law. Anti-Semitism properly and honestly defined is prejudice against and loathing and even hatred of Jews, all Jews everywhere, just because they are Jews “Alan Hart  said*.  As he put “I have previously written and never tire of repeating, knowledge of this difference is the key to understanding two things. Almost everything you've been conditioned to believe about the making and sustaining of conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel is not true “(Alan Hart). It's not true that all the Palestinians who became refugees in 1948 left their homeland voluntarily. Most were driven out by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing. It's not true that Israel has lived in constant danger of annihilation, the "driving into the sea" of its Jews. Israel's existence has never, ever, been in danger. And it's not true that Israel never had Arab partners for peace. It's Zionism that has never been interested in peace on terms the vast majority of Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept. The worlds affairs are constructed from multiple point of views and they are multi faced, it is conceivable to ask for the ontological question of the anti-Semitism and to pay attention to the term so called Semitic reality. And the reality is in any and every tragic events Jewish interests or Israelites them self were attacked by Islamists. Starting from Islamabad, Argentina, the recent attacks in Paris 11.13.15: There, the sole and exclusive objects of attack were seven Jewish owed establishments (unsuccessful stadium attempt was meant to the media represented by Jewish origin speakers). The Islamists started to kill first the owners of the establishments, later their employees and at the end the costumers and guests. December 3 2015 in San Bernardino USA the attacker as a primary goal took a person of Jewish origin. In Istanbul, on January 19, 2016 the primary and only goal of the attack was the Israeli excursion members.  The self-destructing attacker found the members of the Israeli excursion, fallowed them and on the proper time he exploded the deadly charges. In it’s worth to remark that, on March 23 2016 in Brussels the attackers took their aim at American Airlines only.  As stated in the research papers Jewish population is only 0.06% of entire world population.  And in that regard  from ontological point of view ,Semites are attacking Semites and vice versa, and the rest of the question generated from  these attacks  is remained as a derived form the core conflict between Semites them self. Emigrants, political refugees and theirs acts or behavior is the reaction to the ultimate cause of the conflict.The moral clash between the ethics of Talmud and other represented by the rest of the world. The political associations and the exploitation of the conflict are secondary in the world politics. Abstract. Father Waldemar Szczerbinski.He is an expert in the field and proposed some very interesting point of view in topic considered loosely as “anti-Semitism”. He had been discussed the phenomenon of so called anti-Semitism from non- Jewish prospective.  According to this author, Father Szczerbinski did not continue his thoughts, when enumerating only the phenomenon and apparent causes of the anti-Semitism. He stopped short to go to the essence of the problem. This author wanted to follow thru and attempted to let the reader to the core of the problem, without any outside influence proposing the new term Semitic reality instead of so called ”anti- Semitism”, or other “antis”. Marian Baginski Ph.D.  Author: Jedwabne Massacre (in English), Patria Publishers 2014.Articles about anti-Semitism, social changes in USA (Precariat).His subject studies are: National identities, Polish-Jewish relations 1939-45, 68, 1989 Social Teaching of Catholic Church, Talmud and its ethics.  He was born between Przytuly and Borawskie hamlets during the World War II.  During the war his father was sent to do a   slave work to Kingsberg (present Kalingrad).  His mother - mostly staying alone in 3 rooms’ house, made living by raising the cows, hens and gooses. At night she often sheared her meager food produced with the “forest” people and Jews.  Some time she gave them some clothing and bagged them to leave the home before down. After the establishing the Soviet regime by proxy, the author went to grammar schools.  Some of his colleges and friends were children of the saved Jews from Jedwabne as well as children of Dammed Soldiers. He was a witness of hunting them by UB (Surety apparatus) and the Soviets NKWD (The People’s Bureau for Internal Affair-political police in Soviet Union). Still he remembers vividly, when about 200 UB with airplane’s help haunted down 5 Dammed soldiers. For a few days they couldn’t point them.  It took them a few days, when Dammed soldiers run out of ammunition they killed themselves.  Between them was his friend’s father.   Another of his colleges was John, who just came from Siberia sent by Jewish NKWD from the area.  Unfortunately his father perished in Siberia. John took care of him due to the fact that the author was a meager posture and he was over grove. There was any difference between the friends’ Jewish origin, or not. In school he knew about tragedy in Jedwabne. The son of one of the named in accused in the massacre went to school with him. Later the accused he was let go free. His child age hero was mobilized soldier by so called Polish army. Later he deserted with arms and was impossible to be cached (his name was Czyz). Another hero was Major Jan Tabortowski, who perished in Przytuly in August 1954( he was gravely wounded by his  colleague in arms being an UB informant, who is still a live) with his own eyes he saw the place, where he perished as well as wounded Ormo and militia men. After graduating from different schools, author went to Catholic University in Lublin, where he received the master degree in Sociology and Social Teaching of the Catholic Church. At that time he presented the thesis about ultimate cause of social life start up. He took part in the students’ socio-political unrest in 1968 in Lublin.  After he went to France for further studies as French government stipends’  without any obligation for Poland’s or France governments., In1972 he defended doctoral thesis about the contribution of the Paxeology to the Management Science. At this same time he took a trip and was a part in the research about economical miracle in Israel. Later he came to the USA and was part of the student body at the University of Chicago. Due to the unforeseen circumstances he decided to stay here, and he was involved in his family business as well as sparsely giving courses in the local colleges. He took part of Ross Perot presidential campaign in USA. It always stacked in his mind the voters’ expression about this campaign: Ross Perot is right, but he can’t win, so can’t vote for him”. He was also involved in Clinton’s presidential campaign analyzing campaign strategy and its results. After 1990 he was helping the Social Right movement in Poland as well was he was active in the business aspect of the change without any success. When Jedwabne massacre came to light he was studied the questions as well as went deeper into research on the subject. To make people aware of the Polish-Jewish question he set up the website visited often by more than 1000 people a day. Unfortunately at the present days sometimes silence, fear and ignorance kill the truth. * Fr Waldemar  Szczerbinski ,the author of this article discussed is an expert in Jewish-Polish relations, and is very knowledgably familiar in the Judaist thoughts and the Judaism in particular. His voice could be considered an official stance of catholic milieu in the scientific exchange and the   conversation between Jews and Poles... He is also a head of the Institute of the Jewish Cultural Institution, as well as part of the Christian dialogue between Judaism and Christianity in particular Catholicism. Studia Gnesnensia vol XXVI(2012) p.149-159 1. The Conference had been taken place in Warsaw 04.08.1960 2.  Ludwig Hirschfeld , Story of   One Life, Boston 2010 *Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent with a  vast first-hand knowledge of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel
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