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The anitisemitism in the era of transition;Cultural Marxism in Action. The Standard “Blame it on Everyone Else” Approach to Anti-Semitism. Egregious JudeocentrismThe standard left-wing rhetoric is freely dispensed.

jan peczkis|Saturday, October 7, 2017

The standard left-wing rhetoric is freely dispensed. For instance, Hanna Kwiatkowska (pp. 238-on) throws around accusations of hate speech, including (surprise) at RADIO MARYJA. Perhaps all the calumnies against Poland, directed by Jews and leftists, is what should be criminalized for what it is--hate speech.

This book has both short-term and long-term implications. Poland and Hungary have recently been defying the Eurocrats of the European Union, and these two naughty upstarts have been upholding their national sovereignty and national culture. It is therefore hardly surprising that Poland and Hungary are the lightning rods of leftist ire. In addition, the undermining and discrediting of the religious and patriotic traditions of nations (white, Christian-majority ones, that is) is a long-term project of cultural Marxism (kulturowy marksizm).

The usual suspects are behind this book: The German publisher Peter Lang GmbH of Frankfurt am Main, which has already cranked out quite a few anti-Polish books, and the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) of Europe. [inside cover, second page]. Ethnic Polish authors in this book consist of the LEWAKS and the Judeo-ingratiating.

My review is limited to Poland. The Jobbik website (Jobbikdotcom), to which I refer the interested reader, provides excellent rebuttals to the usual false statements against Hungary.

This book is nothing more than a rehash of all the standard anti-Catholic and Polonophobic memes. Everything is blamed on Poles and Catholicism, and Jews are exempted from as much as a glimmer of legitimate criticism of their conduct. (For corrective, see comments.)


An example of the propagandistic nature of this book is the uncritical mention of Michal Cichy’s statements about Poles killing Jews during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. (Adam Ostolski, p. 158; Mikolaj Winiewski and Michal Bilewicz, p. 208). Cichy had published his falsehoods in the George Soros-funded GAZETA WYBORCZA (once Poland’s leading newspaper, when it had the then-leftist government support). The reader of this book would never guess it, but Michal Cichy has been soundly refuted by historian Leszek Zebrowski (see my detailed English-language review of PASZWIL WYBORCZEJ).


Grzegorz Krzywiec has produced a scurrilous whopper. He actually makes the amazing statement (p. 84) that Dmowski’s views were the Polish equivalent of the Nazis and—better yet—that Dmowski’s views came the closest to leading Nazi Alfred Rosenberg. This is beyond nonsense. [See my review of Rosenberg’s THE MYTH OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY]. Rosenberg was such a radical anti-Semite that he wanted Christians to discard the Old Testament (because it is Jewish) and to make Jesus Christ an Aryan—something not even imagined by Dmowski. Rosenberg was one of the architects of the Holocaust on the heels of the Russian front (for which reason he was hanged at Nuremberg), while Dmowski never condoned violence, let alone genocide, against Jews.

Brian Porter-Szucs is instructive. He would have the reader believe that Polish Cardinal Hlond (1936) was engaging in “cognitive dissonance” in simultaneously condemning Jewish influence and condemning violence against Jews. (p. 31). In other words, according to Porter-Szucs, disagreement with some now-designated victim-group is synonymous with inciting violence against them. This is true only in the self-serving left-wing ideological fantasyland.


Mikolaj Winiewski and Michal Bilewicz give away the store. They go beyond the usual mystification of the Holocaust and promote, as fact, the “uniqueness of the Holocaust” (p. 208), as does Hanna Kwiatkowska (p. 244). To top it all off, they complain that Poles are engaging in “victimhood competition” for not obediently falling prostrate before this Holocaust supremacism. The ant is calling the sauropod dinosaur a tiny creature! [Then again, it comes as no surprise. Michal Bilewicz is associated with the so-called Stefan Batory Foundation, which is funded by the notorious international Jew, George Soros.]

Holocaust supremacism is a form of racism, as it clearly implies that the genocidal murder of one particular people is of greater moral gravity than the genocidal murders of all other peoples. It is also racist because it implies that the Jews are the Master Race--for which reason the genocidal murder of a GOY is not as significant as the genocidal murder of a Jew.

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