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Policies (American Pragmatism? Why they hate us?)

Post-Communist Restitution and the Rule of Law

Saturday, June 3, 2017
This book wades into a lot of legalese detail, and it is not always easy to figure out what the author is driving at. However, there are a number of salient themes, which I discuss:


Although he does not put it in these words, author Csongor Kuti seems to be ambivalent on this question. He writes,

The Talmud and Anti-Semitism: The Essence of Anti-Semitism: The Reality of Better and Worse Sorts of Poles, as Benign, Goodhearted People say: “He’s an honest man, despite the fact that he’s a Jew.”

Monday, May 29, 2017
“The biggest Jewish tragedy is not that anti-Semites hate Jews, but that benign, goodhearted people say: He’s an honest man, despite the fact that he is a Jew.” TadeuszMazowiecki   quoted these words by Ludwik Hirsfeld at the start of an essay written in 1962 in the Polish periodical Wiez (Joint). As a point of departure in his research, this author took three articles written by Father Waldemar Szczerbinski, Allan Hart, and himself (Mazowiecki) >>more...

Grabowski is the new star of the accusation industry. Accepted by Haaretz,

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1987/04/09/poles-and-jews-an-exchange/ >>more...

International Bankers. Not Only Jews--Far From It. Post-WWI German Reparations

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
This very detailed, scholarly book, is a tour de force. It is best known for its analysis of international capitalism. (My review is based on the original 1966 edition). I focus on it. Lest I be misunderstood, I neither endorse nor oppose conspiracy theories. I merely present the information as given by the author. >>more...

"Decades of Suicidal Policies vis-a-vis Russia and China"

Sunday, August 16, 2009
An interesting though controversial view on the history of American policy towards Russia and China and the changes that took place in China and post-communist states. >>more...

Most violent nation on Earth?

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Why is the cause of uproar against the geography teacher from Colorado? If we were, let him go, but if we are what is the fuss about it? This is not a first amendment issue, but the content of discussion. >>more...

Kalingrad and Shield missiles in Poland

Thursday, July 16, 2009
Dr James Gordon Prather makes a surprising statement that USA is “committed to come to Lithuania’s or Poland’s assistance, militarily, if either decided to blockade or absorbs the Province of Kaliningrad of the Russian Federation” (“Regime Change Rationales,” Antiwar.com, July 26, 2008). >>more...
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