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Grabowski is the new star of the accusation industry. Accepted by Haaretz,

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Toward the end of Norman Davies’ response to Abraham Brumberg in their exchange of April 9, 1987 in the New York Review of Books, Davies expands the selective reference made above, by Jan Grabowski, to reports from Polish Commander Grot-Rowecki and the Polish courier Jan Karski, sent to the distant Polish government in London.   http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1987/04/09/poles-and-jews-an-exchange/  "Mr. Brumberg is fond of quoting a Home Army Report of September 1941, signed by the commanding office of the AK, General Grot-Rowecki, and containing the famous sentence, “Please accept it as an established fact that the overwhelming majority of people in the country are anti-Semitically disposed” (Przygniatajaca wiekszosć kraju jest nastawiona antysemicko). Mistranslated by Mr. Brumberg, the quotation takes on a new slant, and might seem to imply either that Polish attitudes were based on fixed prejudice, or even that the Poles approved of the Nazis’ genocidal policies. Significantly, and very conveniently, Mr. Brumberg [add Mr. Grabowski] keeps quiet about the second half of the quotation. The original text of the report, in describing the factors influencing Polish opinion at the time, goes on to say three things: firstly, that virtually nobody approved of German actions; secondly, that Nazi persecution of the Jews was causing a backlash of sympathy; and thirdly, that pro-Jewish sympathies were inhibited by knowledge of Jewish activities in the Soviet zone.” Mr. Grabowski’s selection from Jan Karski is expanded tellingly as well. Historian Davies (who has written more than one book) adds: "Polish–Jewish relations deteriorated sharply on each of the three occasions when the Soviet Red Army has invaded Poland—in 1919–1920, in 1939, and in 1944–1945; and it would throw much light on the phenomenon if we could obtain a firm estimate of the dimensions of both Polish and Jewish collaboration.” If collaboration is the theme, is it not the case that dealing with only one side or the other is like rowing with one oar?   On Mar 20, 2017, at 11:46 PM, Gordon Black <gblack@mcn.org> wrote:   Accepted by Haaretz, they say. Grabowski is the new star of the accusation industry.
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