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Kalingrad and Shield missiles in Poland

C. Pogonowski|Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dr James Gordon Prather makes a surprising statement that USA is “committed to come to Lithuania’s or Poland’s assistance, militarily, if either decided to blockade or absorbs the Province of Kaliningrad of the Russian Federation” (“Regime Change Rationales,” Antiwar.com, July 26, 2008).

Dr. Prather usually well informed articles on the Treaty of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and his criticism on Bush’s policy in the Persian Gulf and on the subject of Bush’s attacks on the “Peace Pipeline” Iran-Pakistan-India-China for natural gas are very logical and usually do not include such a glaring blunder, as the speculation about the possibility of Poland’s decision, to annex the Province of Kaliningrad of the Russian Federation.

One should remember that in the Province of Kaliningrad the Soviets deposited most of their nuclear and rocket arsenal, which they evacuated from East Germany and Poland. The Province of Kaliningrad of the Russian Federation represents today by far greater military strength and fire power than Poland and Lithuania put together.

Charles Reese argues logically in his article written on the same day under title: “Pull the Plug on the War State.” He states that placing “[Bush’s] anti-missile system in the Czech Republic and in Poland... represents a threat to [Russia’s] security… President Bush’s lame excuse that the system is designed to protect Europe from Iranian missiles is no doubt another deliberate lie…It does not make any sense at all,” especially considering that a missile flight time from Poland to Moscow is only about four minutes.

This very fact could be enough justification for Russia to turn moist of Poland into radioactive territory while destroying the missile launching pads in Poland. The threat to turn Poland into nuclear wasteland because of the installation of the Shied is very similar to the NATO plans, for a radioactive barrier between Russia and Western Europe, in case the Soviets would attack NATO with their superior armored forces during the 1970ties. Then the United States planned to turn Poland into a radioactive barrier. This threat frightened Polish colonel Richard Kukliński. Trying to save Poland from disaster the colonel risked his life and transferred to the US intelligence thousands of strategic documents of the Warsaw Pact, in order to prevent the possible destruction of Poland because of a surprise attack on the Western Europe by the Soviet Union.

One should remember that the Soviets rockets in Cuba in 1962 were located twice as far as from Washington in comparison to the distance from Poland to Moscow. Then, the government of the United States did every thing possible, to remove the Soviet threat. Mr. Reese is right when he states, that the project of US missiles in Poland, may revive the Cold War. Poland, in the thinking of the neocons, may be a sacrificial peon on the world chessboard, in a ploy that might give a chance of check-mate Russia in Bush’s nuclear arms race for the world domination. Despite all the anti-Polish propaganda Poles are not suicidal. They know, that they cannot hope for any mercy from the Russians, especially, when Russian control and command centers, would be threatened by the American missiles, located on the Polish soil.
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