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Most violent nation on Earth?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why is the cause of uproar against the geography teacher from Colorado? If we were, let him go, but if we are what is the fuss about it? This is not a first amendment issue, but the content of discussion.

Definitely we have to take into consideration that the violence is part of our struggle in life. Thinking about nation’s violence we take in to consideration-armed engagement covert or open with others. Is the score in our american  favor?  

In recent years constantly American nation true its leaders is engaged in violence for many years almost constantly. Present Iraq struggle. For many years constant bombardment of non-fly zone. Covert or open operations simultaneously thru the world war theater. American military hardware is used from Israel, thru Asia, South America. Philippines Africa. Not only our hardware, but also military advisers, or so-called contractors, not to mention training of different personnel on American soil.

Our involvement in Israel is constant from 1948 or even before. Involvement in Afghanistan from 1980- ties. Military presence as a superpower, in so many parts of the world thru the times from 1800 up to now. without interruption. Philippines, Asian countries, African countries etc

After disintegration of the Soviet Union, American covert, or open operations in former soviet republics are well known to everybody watching the news. Military presence in South Africa, not to mention Columbia, Panama, Haiti, Grenada, or other islands almost everywhere, Sudan, Chad, Libia, Angola just to name the few others.

If we look for military bases we find them not only In Europe, or Pacific, but also in north and south pools. There, in these military bases you don’t play with toys…

Most notable wars after Vietnam we can name like Grenada, Honduras. Panama, constant military struggle in Columbia.

When World War Two ended, Korean War was in the making.

There is a separate problem of being on the path of war with the Native Americans. They consider ‘present’Americans as occupiers of their own land. Their armed struggle started in 1760-ties and continue up to recent incidents of armed violence in the present reservations.

 When we mention our Mexican wars, French, Japan in 18 and 19 Centuries our picture is not so perfect.

If we analyze Pentagon actions, or previous Ministry of war, not to mention Taxes wars, Civil War, hardly we can find in any time ‘pax romana’ in our 226 years history.

Going a little deeper, when we take statistics we have the most homicides pro capita in the world, not to count ‘Wild West and culture of the gun behavior. We have a biggest population of the prisoners pro capita in the world. Not to mention billions law suits active in the court systems.

If we take a closer look to the arms used by the nations, Americans as the only nation on earth used nuclear weapons against civil population. Implicitly we are in favor of the saying that USA IS a policeman of the world giving us a carte blanche to exercise this role as show of power and control. But always we are hunted by thoughts; control about whom? Power over Whom? Despite,

as a most powerful military power in the world as we consider ourselves  USA did not win any wars recently. The ‘cold’ war won by Americans is a question mark… Lasting effects of the Korean War are present now. DID WE WIN THIS WAR?

What about recent Afghanistan and Iraq? Are these wars winnable? Is it possible to win the war, when the strong ideological, cultural, nationalistic values are at stake and sodistant form our land .. and mentality?

Sadly, when the partial, selective, false, neglected destroyed evidence or facts are cause of action we have to arrive to similar results like selective, destroyed, partial, or false.

For our own justification as an ultimate cause, we are fighting for love of God, or for love of money, or for love of truth. Are we truly fighting for it? Unfortunately we defined truth as we see it. When fighting for the money is not always cost effective for large population. It is sometimes beneficial for some individuals, but not necessarily profitable for large population, as we see it now, including but not limited to the lack of security, higher energy prices, instability fear of traveling, or hate present among others towards Americans.

Power and control has to be exercised over us first, by us.
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