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Poland, USA, and Israel’s clinch in the IPN proceeding Legislation, alleged Poland Holocaust participation

james benson|Thursday, March 15, 2018

1. Apparent disarray of the clinch: The essence  proposed corrected  IPN and Knesset legislation about  Jewish legal stand in reference of Jewish respossability for the war crimes  and research.  At present , we witnessed the diplomatic-cognitive clinch caused in part by the proceedings connected to pass more precise with the teeth the part of legislation about The National Remembrance Institute (IPN). The uproar is noted not only in diplomacy of Poland, Israel or the United States (Act 446, 1224), but also Germany, Ukraine. And now this clinch has been unprecedented in publicity of the case so far up to the legislative and executive bodies of USA. And Israel had been started to connect the question   to the responsibility for the Jewish Holocaust.

These discussions at the end are a substitute subject to Polish co-responsibility for the genocide of Jews, when 15-20% of  Jews spoke Polish, and the claims of Poland's war reparation to the murdered Jews left unclaimed Jewish properties in Poland,  65 billion, or lately about 300 billion are claimed by American Jewish lawyers’ circles and lately by official agency of State of Israel. An additional reason for her making so laud this uproar can be detected in Israeli politics   where the trouble of Prime Minister Netanyahu is connected to the corruption accusations., and he wanted to direct attention to the Jewish Genocide question.

    Latest testimony of Johnny Daniels – prominent Jew ,who  denied  the historical facts , commonly known, documented  collaboration of Jews wither German Perpetrators (Gestapo), Judenrats, Jewish Police, Jewish law stating that a Jew can sacrifice other Jews’ live in order to save his own. Denial of Jews murdering the Poles in Naliboki, Koniuchy, Swietochowice or 50-100 thousands murdered by Jewish influence Soviet administration of Poland  in 1944-52.     Its worth to mention that the present Government of the Republic of Poland is little coherent in the attempt the voice unified opinion in that case. Marszałek Karczewski- representing legislative  authority encouraged to defend  the good name of  Poland outside of Polish boarders  and at the same time, a little  is done  in  making efforts  to rectify and present the historical truth in the  Polish exhibitions ( e.g. Polin Museum) on the spot.
The Executive Branch Minister of Foreign Affairs, like M. Morewiecki ( his mother is Jewish) seems to suggest individual responsibility of Poles for genocide of Jews. At the same time he had been spoken about some heroism of Poles, without mentioning the reprehensible behavior of Jews during the Holocaust.
Lately the USA Administration expressed its view by the Secretary of State; “we understand that this Act will be directed to the Polish Constitutional Court. The implementation of this law affects the freedom of expression and scientific research.”
 2. Root causes of the clinch:   Jewish changing narrative from insolation  and getthoization of Jews thru enemy coexistence, collaboration threason of the basic Pollish National Interest.( Present narrative: Jewish significant  angagement into creation of POlsih culture and vital participation into Polish NAtional Interest??? )

a. Going to the 50-th anniversary of March 1968, when Jewish exodus for Poland is mentioned as prime and ugly event. The perpetuated myth promulgated by certain Jewish circles is:   Soviets installed Gomulka communist  government of Poland expelled Jews from Poland in March 1968 under  Gomulka, Moczar’s suggestion. The fears were that Communist Jews being in the governmental circles can rebel and were to make additional troubles including the unwanted judicial proceedings.   All the media forgot a basic fact, including commentators to present simple fact that at that time at the bottom of the question it was a family feud between different communist Jewish and Polish fractions in the government installed in Poland by URSS . These  represented all communists , ones with internationalists’ views, others taking in account some Polish interest in the changing political climate in Soviet Russia. People wanted to leave at that time Poland had been brought by URRS with unknown or disputed national identity and received just a travel document allowing to leave the boarder.  This point of view can be found in films, or Czerska declarations (see Czerska documentaries).
     At the end Moczar – Ukrainian by ancestry was sidelined, Wladysłąw Gomułka, lost his job and Geriek’s fraction had been overtaken the reign.  Before that happened, Gomułka, he was the one, who proposed and invited some Jews if they wanted leave Poland they have the opportunity to emigrate now. He never had been expel them from Poland even by calling the as a “fifth column of Zionists”- without defining who they were. What is remarkable is that Catholic Church on March 21.1968 allied with national interest Polish timidly expressed support for the stand taken by Communists of Polish ancestry.  Detained dissidents, like Adam Michnik and others they had comfortable conditions in the jail (apparently they had been snitched on each other), when the can receive foreign journalists, celebrate their birthdays, or special other treatment, many visits of their friends … and to be considered in the future as partners to build in Poland “the socialism with the human face”. At that time some Jews had to flee from Poland due to their exposed criminal activities. And some ethnic Poles head had been left Poland at this same occasion, or just to be liberated from the oppressive regime at that time. There is on documents indicating any trace about expulsion by the authorities at that time.
 And ,In 1981 Mr. Geremk (Lubartow-his Jewish name) later Foreign Minister of Poland when asked about Poles, he said:” I hate them (Poles-MB)”... and we will bring Jewish people to manage Polish Affairs , when Monika Krall the journalist expressed the thought he said We will find enough of Jewish people  to fill up the job”..  He was in charge of staffing MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and his people are still in the Office. Despite his death disarray was rampant in so called “ privatization of Polish assets” (1989), when Polish industry and commerce were to be destroyed systematically  and sold at the bargain price.   b. Next myth is; that Poles and Jews lived in the certain symbiosis and influenced each other.  In fact they lived a side of each other for over 1000 years.   Only 15-20% of Jews spoke Polish after World War I, they had their own ghettos, own social and political organizations , schools  their representatives in Polish Government. Some Polish spoken Jews interacted influencing   Polish culture elements, and are known as important with chagrin and inner uneasiness of being Jew or Pole.    c.   In this same line of reasoning  , the primary  fact taken place  is the subject we are interested  is that in 1918   ( This  was a serious first attempt was made  during the Polish  Sejm deliberation in 1918 to establish Juedeopolonia on  the Polish soil) .  Second attempt  was in 1920  when  most of the Jews and Jewish political , social organization wanted to  establish  a separate autonomy supported by  Jewish military in North Eastern Poland ( Judeopolonia) on Polish soil.  They even  already had a skeleton of Jewish administration waiting to be implemented, after the result of decisive Warsaw fight on August 15, 1920. At that time , Jews had its own fighting units against the Poles but were incarcerated  in order not to take part in the fight.  3. Reality on the ground after 1944. a. In 1944, government in Poland was imposed by Soviets as a result of Yalta treason and was created in URSS.  Alliance of Polish Patriots, which was NonPolish organization despite the name.  Most of the members did not speak any Polish. This  was a nucleus of this government. At that time, it was a legal directive to encourage Jews of different origins to change their names to sound like Polish and be engaged in the government.    b. In 1944 and later 38-50 % of key positions in imposed government were taken by non-Poles, or were to be foreign substitutes to Poles.  This situation is dragging to these days (Premier’s Morawiecki mother was Jewish). Similar state of affairs can be found, since 1945 up to now  can be found in scientific, film, media, political organizations, parties, universities staff communities ( talkatively this phenomenon is called Judeopolonia).   c. At that time there was no Polish Intelgencja, it was killed by Germans  about 0.5-0.7 milion and by Soviets 1 million including all the killings after 1944-52.  There was an extensive collaboration of the two occupiers to annihilate Polish Intelligence namely agreed in Zakopane in 1939 and later.  In this murky state of Affairs we have this clinch discussion about Polis Concentration Camps and purported Polis cooperation in Jewish Genocide, which is sacrum in Jewish understanding without any reference to the reality. Simply  Jewish Propaganda said: “Poles killed more Jews that Germans” according to J.T. Gross, who claimed to have an apparent USA government umbrella for his purported views.

3. Truncated Poland’s decision makers.  To make political picture more confusing, Premier Ronald Tusk said “Polishness is no-normality”. Mr.  Bartoszewski late Foreign Affairs Minister   said “ I had more fear when I saw the Pole  that I saw the German” …  It’s worth to mention, that 89%of Round Table participants had been  of the Jewish ancestry, or  Polish Jews. Most of these jailed in1968 political rivals took part in the negotiations. They had been grabbing and divided political and economical power in Poland after 1989 between themselves. Pressure from Bush Administration as well as CIA recommendation was visible according to the recent documents, including a lot of money transferred to the governmental opposition, which was  also(sic!) controlled also by Kiszczak’s Government (1982-89).   At the present we have in the Polish Sejm and Senat Jewish Lobby and they are elected by Poles as their representatives.  Present Polish executive branch is staffed mostly with administrators and employees of Jewish origin, or NKWD, communists’ descendants. 4. Polish present political establishment.  They are trying to put the best face to these questions, but they lacking of decisive action by being embedded in the Jewish origin themselves and not to offend their compatriots. They are perpetuating rounding around answers. In other words: In the mitts of the present political and governmental powers in Poland we   are dealing with  apperency of action  and trounced  ability to face the multifaceted and complex questions of Poland’s responsibility  for Holocaust or war reparations.  Both parties Civil Platform (PO) and Law and Justice (PiS) have this same roots coming from Liberty Union (UW).When, Law and Justice, they seem to care about Polish National Interest, without taking in to account a solid base of the past and present political conditions.  Not to mention that primordial social movement “Solidarity” from 1980-ties had been captured and channeled by Non-Poles from (KOR) Committee to Defend Workers, ROPCiO was eliminated by the former.  Civic Platform, in their action they seem to be like Gierek’s equip from nineteen seventies (building socialism with the human face) at the present   they seem to fallow the steps of internationalists from that mentioned period of Polish history, they are opting to United States of Europe. They are considering as betrayers of the Poland’s interests.  In such multileveled environment we are put to deal with the basic question about Jewish Genocide of 3 million Jews about complicated and multifaceted problems of Prime Minister Netanyahu, about the World War II claims. 5. Our suggestion? We look forward to your suggestions, indicating ways to solve the clinch. At the same time, we guarantee that we will publish documents that may help you solve these contentious approaches to the case.
 We are asking  our  the readers to shear the opinions, suggestions  and what is all about?, Is it just dispute only in a family of diplomats and people from the media  of the Jewish origin, or  of people from different countries, or much more complicated matter?
 Why are we in that predicament?  Sincerely yours,
To: Jacek Czaputowicz Minister of Foreign Affairs Dear Mr. Minister, Al. CH. Szucha 23 Warsaw, Poland  Hello, in you agonizing interview in the news paper "Republic"(Rzeczypospolita) you said, "Poles killed Jews in Jedwabne" and that no one   make fuss about it”. This statement is a principal cause of this open letter.  The first formal question: 1. I have available only   your interview about Jedwabne from the fragment published in this news paper, as well as his extensive excerpts posted in w Polityce”  in addition   I have this interview posted on the official website of the Foreign  MINISTRY web site (there is no published all interview MB).   2. In the report posted on your MINISTRY website you added up and said: "Poland is gaining his esteem in the sense that it makes internationally true what was true about the subject discussed. The German death camps and the Holocaust are real stories. The world heard that Poland was not a causative factor of the Holocaust, " So too were Your words: thanks to IPN law there has been greater awareness of public opinion-you said in an interview with the editor of Jack Nizinkiewicz. At the same time have you highlighted that they were acts of individuals, not the actions organized State or nation. And added that "in the area of Polish behavior during the II world war reigned German terror and some Poles can bear individual responsibly to kill the Jews", and  it was done so with different motives like fear, greed... (You did not mention other motive like neighborly dispute, or cheating in business).  At the same time you said "in Jedwabne Poles killed Jews and no one makes fuss about out. The law does not change history. However, you cannot condemn a nation for the actions of individuals, and even groups of people that kill or deliver the Jews" Did they indeed? 4. I suspect,   Minister of Foreign  Affairs  should know the question of Jedwabne at list  from  the partial or  "chunks" stories recounted  by Prof. Machcewicz,  Perszak, J.T.Gross  or many others from the neostalinist camp  promulgating  their  approach  about the historical events. But it would worth for you to visit the Yard Vase and read the works of Witold Medykowski from this same ways of thinking, but more objective. The mentioned author wrote about szmalcowniki (blackmailers). The origin of the Jewish blackmailers he estimated about 2, 5-5 thousand, or Polish blackmailers 2-5 thousand activists). I guess that German theory of J. Haberbmans is in your line of thinking in order to attempt to bust the Defense  of your predecessors in diplomacy, or stand of former  , or present Presidents?  Your statement is rather shocking, contrary to facts already known, contrary to research reliable scientists not only  executed according  to methods historical research, research methods applicable in forensic medicine or research methods used in archaeology, crime side examination documents from the archives about the massacre in Jedwabne, completed the legal  processes of the German  Hermann Schaper  in  Louisburg, or  kangaroo process in  Łomza, 35 volumes of  IPN documents, unpublished  and hidden  from the large public  the report of  archaeologist Prof. Kola, as also his interview about the exhumation in the Jedwabne. The question remains for you Mr. Premier: whether the diplomat does not apply basic scientific findings in you political statement? In my case, I was and am in the contact with the direct or intermediate witnesses of the massacre in Jedwabne, as well as literature, any kind describing the case, documents are in my possession. For your knowledge in this topic I would add that the IPN representatives found and visited Mr.  Schaper.  They started   interview him, but Shaper had been suddenly fell sick when they asked about Jedwabne and further interview was interrupted but Schemer died in 2004, or 2006.  So in this so called dramatic year of 2000 hi fact he wasn’t so dramatically "sick".  Nobody from your   camp  did not  mention about travel logs  of Goebbels or Himmler, who were physically present in Lomza  and Kolno near the places  of  Jewish massacres (4 -11 July 1941),  or burning Jews by the Germans in the synagogue in Bialystok on 27 June 1941 year. I will also mention the Court in Łomza on the alleged fault of the inhabitants of Jedwabne about that massacre, when the Communist Government of Soviets give could not suppress effectively independent partisan resistance in Jedwabne and the surrounding area; they came up with this arrests and cangaroo court proceedings. It is totally surprising to the serious and independent researchers your opinion about J.T. Gross (Professor Gross is a scientist and although I do not agree with the theses of his work, this Act of IPN does not apply to him. Is the freedom of scientific research and Professor Gross has a right to his views. It does not use the term "Polish death camps")  I just wanted to mention the voice of your political formation, when the Premier Morawiecki (his mother is Jewish) in the ULMA Family Museum said: - They were of course very sad, dramatic accidents that Poles murdered Jews, and so it was in Jedwabne. You are sure they were pushed by criminal, terrorist regime of the Nazi invader, Germans, but of course there were such cases.  I'll add also that your  comment at a news conference Word Jack Żalek, the Deputy Head of the PiS  Club, which in Polsat News said that in the Jedwabne “Jews had been murdered  by Germans,  but there were Poles, who were involved in this crime, of course,  they are  responsible for it”.      In such controversial statements the need to start the exhumation and explanation of the massacre in Jedwabne became paramount statement of the presidential candidate Andrzej Duda in 2015. Hellas, , to make public  my private conversations in the IPN, it would appear, that  permission to exhume  depends on the decision of the Prime Minister Netanyahu, as bluntly said by Johnny Daniels , even 40 millions of signatures  will not cause the Jedwabinien exhumation. And one more thing, Mr. Minister you saying "and that no one had any fuss about it ". Is so shocking and without factual basis you assumed you already what is scientifically unknown because someone “must be find guilty or “some want must confess, even uncommitted crime ". It comes down in the elemental logic of insinuation: You killed: and "deny it". So you must admit it because you are probably guilty. Hence we know? The communist legal processes carried out by the officials calling themselves Polish gave us plenty of contrary evidence. Your statement about "However, you cannot condemn a nation for the actions of individuals, and even groups of people that killed the Jews". Is so misleading error to the listener or the reader that you assumed already to cancel the collective responsibility, but Poles are still reliable as the individuals for the murder on Jews in Jedwabne. You forgot that this is a matter in the strict sense the penalty and responsibility to be proved not only in the historical debate, but in the courts.  But none did it  we have a the  dismissed decision of IPN, even a kangaroo court  in Łomza was not clear on this issue, although despite positive  reviews of  Mr. Rzeplinski ( Some people convicted , some  let go free, some judgments reversed and nullified).   5.  It is another way of reasoning in this regard touching liability for the committed murders "I repudiate not because nothing I've had with this deal, but because so far no sufficient 100% the facts were presented who killed the Jews on 10 July 1941. What is known is the part of the latter which were burned in the barn, and the first parts were killed with firearms. There were the Germans both around the barn, in the barn, with husk found of their rifles and pistols in the barn. In addition outside the perimeter of the barn, there were present employees of the German Gendarmerie of Polish origin, (your statement of German terror is light in the tunnel about "random" knowledge), also the were gulls observing from the distance this tragic event.  Due to the archeological method they found of the open whole in a human skull found at the crime scene with the bullet pierced the former. They found also golden preciosa belonged to the murdered Jews in the barn and around it. 6.  I wanted to inform you, that you’re Ministry its political authorities had the opportunity to read my work, supporting documents, as well as the conclusion, who murdered Jews in Jedwabne in this ill-fated Thursday 10 July 1941 (it’s worth to mention that Wednesday was market day in Jedwabne). In conclusion, I have a question for you Minister about your statements about individual responsibility, not to submit the subject of judicial decisions. This is a conflict of interest with you legal position as a member of the Executive branch of the government, “in Jedwabne Poles killed Jews and no one make fuss about it. The law does not change the history ". Why would you want to change it and flip  real responsibility  set  by court in Louisburg Germany  and  you represented  as credible  Gross’s, revelations? Is not the  Minister as diplomat  who  likes not only  to mix elementary cleanup,  but also  to  go into the judicial competence, whether to  correct or reject documents injunctions, as well as archival documents in the case, whether the  direct witnesses are according to you  to be incredible. At the end I will add that there are also Polish victims associated with the massacre last July 1941. Uncle of Tadeusz Mocarski was shot and killed by the Germans when he admonished them about the Jews burned in the barn. At the end of a few words about yourself.  I was born around 7 km from Jedwabne during the war. What has happened in Jedwabne at the beginning of the German occupation, I've been interested about the event almost 60- years?  I heard the story from my family and the neighbors , I went to school with the  Jewish children saved from the massacre , as well I went to the school  with children, whose parent  supposed to be involved  in this massacre.  The Mentioned to me about onlookers who were present during massacre, about Volksdeuches.... gendarmes murdering the Jews, some of them the massacred my father.  As an independent researcher, after studying at the KUL, I was involved in a scientificc voyage to Israel hosted by that government. After defending dissertation on Sorbonne for nearly 20 years I have been dealing with this topic and issues associated with it polish Jewish relation at that period of time. I live for more than 40 years of in USA, I have contacts with the research Institutes of American universities, I'm in Poland almost every year, at the same time, I have friends in the scientific environment in Poland, I have Documents about the Institute of National Remembrance, I am in contact with Polish   political establishment and   with the Jewish origin explorers. Sometimes I take part in national Polish conferences   of researchers in social sciences.   Marian  Baginski Ph.D..
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