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Reconstructing the Talmud: Surprising Insights Into Some of the Teachings of Jesus Christ. Magic in the Talmud,

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Instead of repeating other reviewers, I present a different take on this book. First of all, it takes a “higher critical” approach to the Talmud, treating it as a “layering” of traditions. >>more...

the Talmud. Insights Into the Jewish Abomination of Pork

Friday, July 31, 2015
This book, authored by Talmudic scholar Adin Steinsaltz, provides a useful general overview of Jewish beliefs and customs, notably those of the Talmud. However, I agree with those reviewers who feel that the book is too shallow, that it provides insufficient concrete examples to illustrate its main points, and that one of its chief shortcomings is an absence of specific reference to Talmudic verses. >>more...

Judeochrześcijańskie idee- Judeochrześćijaństwo- mit czy rzeczywistość?

Sunday, July 24, 2011
Jakże popularna  obecnie  ideologia „politycznej poprawności” mająca swe zródło w  neoliberalnym podejsciu do historii nie tylko  podmywa i rozmywa dziedzictwo duchowe Europy, ale jeszcze z premedytacja wprowadza w błąd małodoświadczonych  w rozróznianiu  pokretnych  podejść do otaczającej nas rzeczywistosci. >>more...

Exclusiveness and Tolerance: Studies in Jewish-Gentile Relations in Medieval and Modern Times (Scripta Judaica

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Jews and Christians each had stereotypical views of each other (p. xiv), and Jewish views of Christianity were just as unflattering as the reverse. Katz comments: "The biblical name of Edom was, in Talmudic times, applied to Rome. In medieval poetry, however, it is synonymous with Christianity." (p. 16). >>more...
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