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Christian-Jewish dialog;Is this Monological?

Friday, August 21, 2009
Recent published document like  “A time for Recommitment: Building the new Relationship Between Jews and Christians (July 6 2009-written by International Council of Christian and Jews), and recent exposé of Cardinal Dziwisz at  Krakow Poland on  March 6 ,2009 are the signs that this dialog is a live and conducted between the interested parties. Is it going to bear the visible fruits for the interested, that an other question. For the outsider this dialog looks not only interesting, but up to certain point peculiar. Fallowing the writings about the e subject, different opinions apparent advances and setbacks, somebody wonders what can be improved, added explained for advancement of this crucial dialog. Just for the sake of the arguments let’s look closely to these two mentioned a while ago documents. >>more...
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