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American-Israel lobbies, American Institutions in to pursue Jewish endeavors. From Washington …to particular embassies...

Holocaust revisited (another side of the story; Erving’s troubles, Lippstadt challenges; root cause of the denial, Durban II conference: Racism, Nazism, and Communism. Is Holocaust direct cause of state of Israel creation? (Myths or Realities?)

German narrative memories and Polish Holocaust…………

Jewish, Polish Identities and Holocausts question….

Divulge Polish initiatives; Life for life:  Jews saved Poles from German or Soviet oppression... And other initiatives to that regard...

Jedwabne, Kielce, Naliboki, Katyn, narratives- attempt to rewrite the facts accrued and History….
(Farce, myths and political realities)

Jewish People covenant with God (covenant or covenants: conceived, established, broken, repaired, and challenged).
Consequences: chosen people, right to the Promised Land
Transfer from religion beliefs to the property rights
Reason: Geography, nomadic 12 small tribes kicked out by many powers on their borders; geography’s role in the political events particularly in Palestine territory.

Israel Lobby and Obama’s Policies………….

President Obama has a particular approach to the Policy of USA – Reverend Wright - Reinhart Niebuhr’s connection.
Inflammatory tape on YouTube - is the proverb right -  what you think sober, you express when drunk?

Poland’s attempt to court China in economy and politics…………

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