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Golden Hearts without Golden Harvest- liberalism at work

jan mark chodakiewicz|Thursday, March 3, 2011

One of the guiding principles of the classic strategy is to never take the battle on  the enemy's terms. As well, one of the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship is not to assist in advertising the competition. So you can learn about it at West Point, or at Harvard Business School.

Unfortunately, someone forgot these lessons, in particular right-wing patriotic brotherhood who threw themselves on the latest work by Jan Tomasz Gross (written with his wife, the former Irene Grudzińska-Gross), Golden Harvest. And this work has not even been published. And it is made so much noise. It's sad, because it means that the conservative party, nationals and libertarians are able only to react, not to produce a positive response. It is difficult for them to put together something constructive, dynamic, or offensive. Subject to call on you gentlemen, and nobles to mobilize, not beating Foam leaves.
             Two years ago, I warned what was going on, and I advised to be prepared. Even IPN in Poland screwed up, perhaps due to the unexpected missing of Janusz Kurtyka. And in the meantime it was necessary to prepare and publish their own work, preferably on the eve of a marketing campaign of so called "tolerance” people. And here was the opposite. Forces of so-called” progress “quietly have done what they liked. They announced the openly their intentions. At the same information about the Golden Harvest did the noise. Naturally, it caused the liberals to be ahead of the game.
             This is   the basis for propaganda: Business of making money and free advertising, at the cost of rational and historic facts. This is a key for liberals to the commercial success through the myth creation of the product before they will put on the market. And the demand is here. Therefore we have a pity for these people, who did not respond before and    in general we are talking about in terms of caution and being smarter that they are. But at this moment we have virtually no exit, because we fail to respond. This would mean burying our heads and giving the unearned advantage in the battlefield to the opponent.
                  Unfortunately, what we have now, is not only a struggle under the terms of the enemy (because the threw a subject and discourse) is not only to advertise its product (and also to the enjoy his catholiberal publisher), but also to correct   and adjust "Golden Harvest" (has an author and his editors) to avoid nonexistent data put in the essay. As to be expected, critics had already captured most shameful slip that the editors improved.

                                 But not always they corrected their mistakes. For example - despite the fact that the author mentions the work of an eminent specialist in Podlasie, Mariusz Bechty - hard to believe that read it, because it put the  basic mistakes  in geography (do not write what to see in a month, or the release, corrected the error, or left).
           As of this moment they did   not fix the bugs, what is better on the implications of this type of international discourse in the "scientific" research according to the Golden Harvest writers and its promoters
            ? The result of such propaganda is already bearing positive results. In the most extreme case was stabbed in London Pole, nineteen years old Martin Biłaszewski (BBC, February 7, 2011, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-12383458), and the killer shouted before the crime that is fault of the Poles considered as "aggressors" in  World War II.
More, every day American children think that the Nazis were Poles, who carried out the extermination of the Jews. This can be seen frequently both in the various studies and daily lives of young Americans of Polish descent who are teased by peers in the classroom and on the breaks. A "tolerant" people  from Vistula river  should cheer up even more, since the soon to be anniversary of the famous film of the Holocaust, in which Polish soldiers shot Jews for the Germans, the U.S. is preparing a television gala screening of the memorable image.
“Polish concentration camps” are routinely mentioned in the most of the big newspapers.  More, even our superficial queries shows that the largest group of liberal press reports, in which the word is used:" Polish, concentration camps “as naturally as" fact accompli”. A thoughtful research should be done, and explained once for all.
                                    Up to now ,Polonia in the West was and is battling this problem for decades. Until recently, the so-called mainstream opinion thought vox populi demand to counteract this trend is considered as nationalism, or paranoia, and sometimes even anti-Semitism. Now it is slowly changing, the protest action joined by the Republic of Poland, and even her MFA. Maybe finally someone from so-called elite understood that bad press affects the business.
To battle notion of Polish concentration camps has its economic dimension, well, it's harder for investors to invest in a country of anty Semites... And it would be harder to sell Polish products abroad.
Well, maybe there are exceptions. In the Muslim world, especially as Arabs are concerned, Poland is rather popular. And not just because of Polish engineers and doctors who worked there for decades, but mainly because of the bad press and these unfortunate Polish concentration camps notions.

The image of Poland and Poles is a unique after all:  They are “criminal and pathological anti-Semites".  This must be in the Middle East and elsewhere in the Muslim world very appealing.

Who knows, perhaps through prose Jan Tomasz Gross, Polish achieve energy security? Inspired by the author with gratitude, the Arabs would direct a stream of oil and gas to the Vistula, well, after already building a mosque in Warsaw. I do not think so that together with release of reading the trilogy: Neighbors, Fear and Golden Harvest this goal can be achieved.
For the time being - in addition to the triumphant Islam - goes to hell liberal era too, where it's a good tone to mock of themselves and their history, and taming the eternal subservience preceded by beating their breasts as "our and your guilt.”
Incidentally they shame themselves by carried out "operations’ in order to humiliate the national pride and force the Poles to adhere to international standards of the Western world. There, after loss of dignity the political correctness had gone too far.  People are considered as cattle, which are easier to rule, as demonstrated by successful European Union.
Only in the U.S. that does not work, because - as in Poland - about 50% of the population still retained reflexes traditionalism and patriotism. Training lasting from countercultural revolution of the 60s America still did not give the expected results.
In this context, it is clear that Golden Harvest is another volley in honor of modern liberalism. Nature of liberalism, like any other ideological system, is striving to gain and maintain power. With this assumption of classical liberalism was to allow for pluralism of opinions, while pushing its own options. But modern liberalism put down to rest John Stuart Mill and Lord Acton, and replaced them with Foucalte Michael and Richard Rotary.
The supersaturated moral relativism of postmodern discourse, modern liberals prefer to study "critical. “postmodern discourse. They relay on the deconstruction of traditional logical absolutes on which Western civilization is based, and replacing them with a nihilistic totalitarian political correctness.
         Modern liberals use the moral blackmail to paralyze the will of the average person and increasingly secular intellectuals, forcing them either to an active affirmation of liberal heresy, or to passive self-defense. Moral blackmail is to conduct such post-modern deconstruction operations to destroy anything traditional, seemed to be hideous. In this, modern liberals contend that the altars of the one true interpretation of reality, including the history, hysterically and jealously guarding its politically correct canons, destroying the honor and the faith of anyone who dared to question their interpretations. Thus, modern liberalism seems to be - according to Jonah Goldberg's determination - as a liberal fascism.
         Modern liberals are not talking about science or the truth.  In politics there is a consolidation of liberal ideas as governance in Poland lately showed. And that means the penetration of elements incompatible with Western traditions, and promoted as the basis for modern liberalism. Modern liberalism requires, inter alia, overly critical approach to the most various: religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. In some extreme cases, they actually deal with national hatred. On the other hand, modern liberalism is based on glorifying minorities, the so-called other (The Other). Hazing by the majority culture is so relative that its real or imaginative crimes committed on the minorities is a great way to paralyze most of the national government to include its national spirit and identity. In this sense, in Poland, to play the Jewish card is simply the instrumentalism. It is not about Jews or about the truth of their martyrdom. It's about power.
I wrote about this a long time ago in my book "Ciemnogród".
Therefore carried out with the scientific viewpoint described, and empirical debate from logical point of view, the Golden Harvest is pointless. It is like the council to convene eminent surgeons after the village quacks already chopped up the patient and to require a different quacks application of the same type of "therapy" in similar cases putting a side recognized surgeons. There are more quacks are after all, than the world's leading surgeons. The former will win every honest race with the latter.
At the beginning  we complaint  over the lack of knowledge about tactical and commercial approach  of  the pervert liberalism  tactics, and  over  violations of the rules, the prohibition of taking the battle to the enemy and conditions of the ban on advertising of competitors' products. 
But in this type of war, and entrepreneurship, such principles, to be exploited are the tools of success, not   the propaganda and advertising of its competitors. It is   easier to enter the battlefield and to be first on the market with your product. What are we going to do, releasing a book called The Golden Heart or golden harvest?
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