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Judeopolonia: Fact, Myth, or In-Between?

jan peczkis|Monday, October 15, 2012

The list author says: "Judeopolonia can be understood as a Jewish republic on Polish soil, governing on behalf of itself or foreign rulers, or as a large Jewish ruling class over Poland, also governing on behalf of itself or foreign rulers. (The latter sense of Judeopolonia [Judaeo-Polonia] is an extreme form of Judeocracy).

The onetime possibility of a foreign-ruled Judeopolonia was facilitated by a number of factors that existed while Partitioned Poland was off Europe's map (1795-1918). For a time, the Jewish population grew more rapidly than the Polish population, and Jews assumed 15% of the population of Russian-ruled Congress Poland. Jewish loyalties were divided between increasingly-distant-memory Poland and the big-power Russians, Prussians, and Austrians. Most commerce, and nearly all of the early industrialization, was owned by Jews, and this tended to create and reinforce Jewish-German and Jewish-Russian bonds. Jews generally tended to think themselves a separate nationality, not just a separate religion. The Yiddishist movement enhanced this further. Judaism became increasingly politicized. Early forms of Zionism did not limit their concept of a future Jewish nation, of some sort, to Palestine. Moreover, this new Jewish state did not have to be Jewish-only or even have a Jewish majority.

Judeopolonia can also refer to Jews existing, not as a minority group, but as a de facto separate and parallel nation in an independent but clearly-Balkanized Poland. Jews would have their own private and public language (Yiddish), their own schools, their own courts (kahals), etc., and would be living in self-imposed apartheid from Poles. This form of Judeopolonia would have developed had the original version of the Minorities Treaty been implemented around 1918.

This Listmania on Judeopolonia is limited to the period from the 1800's through 1944, and is further limited to items carried by Amazon. More recent possibilities of Judeopolonia are not considered."
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