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THE DARK HEART OF HITLER'S EUROPE: NAZI RULE IN POLANDUNDER THE GENERAL GOVERNMENT;sThe Nazi German Mass Murders of Jews AND Poles. Has an Odd Disclaimer. Nuanced Polish-Jewish Relations

Friday, April 28, 2017
Having partitioned Poland, both the former Soviet Union and Germany set about imposing their administration on the territory under their control. In the German occupation zone, the western provinces (Silesia, Pomorze, Poznan, most of Lodz and part of Warsaw, Cracow, and Kieke Provinces) were annexed to the Reich by a decree of 8 October 1939 and were known as the Wartheland. They accounted for an estimated 35,000 square miles with an estimated 9.5 million of Poland's pre-war population. In the remaining area which fell under German control, the Nazis established a "General Government" which was intended as a labor colony of the Reich. It incorporated an estimated 37,000 square miles of territory-including the cities of Warsaw, Cracow, Radom, and Lublin-and 12 million inhabitants. The seat of power was established at Cracow with Hans Frank, a Nazi lawyer being appointed governor. The Nazi occupation marked the beginning of almost six years of unspeakable horror for the Polish people.

Within days of the German invasion of the former Soviet Union in June, 1941, all Poland as constituted in September, 1939, came under German control for the first time. In a new administrative division, the southeastern regions were transformed into Distrikt Galizien with its administrative headquarters at Lwow, which was incorporated into the General Government. To the east, the remaining territories became Reichskommissariats of the Ukraine and Ostland-the latter incorporating also the Baltic nations. Poland was now divided between the Reich (30.8%), the General Government (38.8%), and the Eastern Reichskommissariats >>more...

The KOvno Getto dairy:A Counterintuitively Broad-Based Description and Analysis of the Shoah. Clarifies Nazi Collaboration

Friday, April 28, 2017
It would be a mistake for the uninitiated reader to suppose that this diary is provincial--limited to events occurring in and near Kovno, Lithuania. Based on obviously-extensive Jewish and non-Jewish contacts, it also features much information on the unfolding fate of Jews in other places, notably in German-occupied Poland. More on this later. >>more...

Hanz Frank Dairy;Poles and Jews Became "Unequal Victims" Under Nazi-German Rule

Friday, April 28, 2017
Stanislaw Piotrowski, the only Polish delegate at the Nuremberg Trials (p. 6), gives the reader an introduction to Hans Frank. This Butcher rationalized the killings of Jews and Poles by comparing their deaths with those of Germans on the battlefield. (p. 56, 249, 277). This book, prominently featuring the destruction of the Jews, is yet another refutation of the silly myth that postwar Polish authors didn't differentiate between the martyrdoms of Polish Jews and Polish gentiles. >>more...

Poles Rarely Collaborated with Germans

Friday, April 28, 2017
​In recent years especially, there has been an ongoing smear campaign against Poland--accusing her of being "complicit in the Holocaust". I have prepared this "bulletin" (below and attached), with embedded links, that can be posted: >>more...

Jews and Media:" Myth: A Realistic Understanding of Jewish Influence in America. Holocaust Supremacy Clarified

Friday, April 28, 2017
Author Elmer Berger, a rabbi and anti-Zionist Jew, considers the actions of the State of Israel to be incompatible with the humanitarian teachings of Judaism. However, it is his analysis of Zionists and the media, in the USA, that overshadows everything else, and that is the subject of my review. Berger's insights have broader implications, and I later touch on some of these.

And God Created Lenin: Marxism vs Religion In Russia, 1917-1929;Good Overall Information. How Roman Catholicism--and Polish Catholics in Particular--Stood Up to Soviet Communist Atheization,

Friday, April 28, 2017

Many works on Soviet atheism portray Emelian Yaroslavsky as essentially a moderate who promoted educational atheism of the masses, and who avoided the extremes of mere passive atheization and violent atheization. However, the boundary between “respectable” and “guttural” militant atheism was not clear-cut even in the case of Yaroslavsky. For instance, Yaroslavsky, in his speeches, associated religion with drunkenness. (p. 195) >>more...

Ben Gurion Looks Back in Talks with Moshe Pearlman;Ben Gurion Pro-Russian and Polish-Averse. Later, a British-Proposed Judeopolonia (East Prussia)

Friday, April 28, 2017
There are many subjects raised in this book, and I focus on two distinctive ones. (My review is based on the original 1965 edition).

By way of introduction, David Ben Gurion (David Gruen) grew up in Plonsk, in tsarist-Russian ruled Congress Poland. Zionism, for him, was not an escape from persecution or perceived perpetual gentile unfairness to Jews: It was an affirmative end in itself. In fact, Ben Gurion indicated that he experienced no anti-Semitism. Click on [and read my detailed review] of Memoirs: David Ben-Gurion. >>more...

Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History by Finkelstein, Norman(June 2, 2008) Paperback

Friday, April 28, 2017
This work contains a great deal of iconoclastic information. It comes from a courageous Jewish scholar (who, BTW, was denied tenure at DePaul University, as a result of academic Jewish pressures, because of his forthright and unwelcome views). >>more...

Holocaust publisher no two;Getting Money From the Germans. Got a Good Thing Going, So Why Stop With the Germans? PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU For Poland

Friday, April 28, 2017
Although now written over a decade ago, this book is very timely. The trend nowadays is to redefine non-German European nations (notably Poland) as co-perpetrators of the Holocaust (or at least "complicit in the Holocaust") for rather obvious reasons. For an update of Finkelstein, please click on, and read my detailed English-language review, of Nie musimy placic Zydom!. It is clear that, individual exceptions aside, the Poles owe the Jews nothing. All Jewish demands, for compensation for Jewish properties lost during the German-made Holocaust, had been satisfied in 1952 and 1960. >>more...

Beyhind the Hutzpa;Holocaust Supremacism & Hollywood. Holocaust Industry. Jan T. Gross and Jewish-Property-Acquisition Guilt-Trip: The Truth Hurts

Friday, April 28, 2017
This work contains a great deal of iconoclastic information. It comes from a courageous Jewish scholar (who, BTW, was denied tenure at DePaul University, as a result of academic Jewish pressures, because of his forthright and unwelcome views).j
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