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Antisemitism and Its Opponents in Modern Poland

Monday, February 9, 2015
Let me begin by saving the serious reader some time. The reader who is interested in a balanced Jewish viewpoint of Polish-Jewish relations, and Polish anti-Semitism, should click on Ludwik Hirszfeld: The Story of One Life (Rochester Studies in Medical History), and read the detailed Peczkis review.

The usual suspects are behind this present work: Feliks Tych, Alina Cala, Wlodzimierz Rozenbaum, etc. (p. x). The Polonophobia of all three is well known. Feliks Tych was the son-in-law of the Jewish super-Communist Jakub Berman, who had been one of the top three murderous henchmen of Stalin in the Soviet-imposed Communist puppet government that had shackled Poland. >>more...


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some writers would have us believe that Polish Communist rule had largely been home-grown. Against such nonsense, authors Grzegorz Masowski and Leszek Zebrowski quote a May 20-21, 1945, statement by Wladyslaw Gomulka, which was unambiguous. Gomulka candidly remarked that the Polish Communist forces were too weak to deal with the "reactionaries", and to establish their own rule, without the involvement of the Red Army. Any notion of the Soviet Army withdrawing from Poland is therefore fundamentally unsound. (p. 13). [Note that Gomulka's statement was several months after the Soviet "liberation" of Poland from Nazi German rule, and, furthermore, after the complete military defeat and unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany.] >>more...

Unmasks Accusations of Poles Killing Jews During the Soviet-Betrayed 1944 Warsaw Uprising,

Thursday, January 8, 2015
THE SLANDER BY GAZETA WYBORCZA is the title of this Polish-language work. This work is a sequel to the author's 1995 work of the same title, Paszkwil Wyborczej. [Please click on the link and read the detailed English-language Peczkis review.] This 2013 edition presents some new information, and I focus on this information. It centers on Michal Cichy's much-emphasized accusation that Polish guerrillas killed many fugitive Jews during the Warsaw Uprising. >>more...

Slonimski on Jewish identities and sensitivities

Thursday, January 8, 2015
The essay "On Jewish sensivity" was written by the great Polish poet of Jewish ancestry, Antoni Slonimski. It was allegedly composed in response to rabid personal attacks triggered by Slonimski's critical review of an exhibition by avant-garde Jewish artists. I believe that this is the first English translation of this important cultural document. >>more...

Rome & Jerusalem- Jewish identities

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
This book [review based on 1943 reprint] provides a variety of interesting information. For instance, author Moses Hess accepted the Talmud as referring to Jesus Christ, in Sanhedrin, 67a, and Sabbath, 104b. (pp. 204-205). While consistently scorning those Jews who thought of Judaism as only a religion, he also noted that Orthodox Jews can be just as modern as assimilated Jews. (p. 106). >>more...

Jewish Radicals and Radical Jews

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
The title of this book is a little off. The book is as much about the New Left and related movements as it is about Jews in it.

This work also provides information about the history of earlier leftist movements. For instance, Cohen comments, (quote) The BUNDISTS were Radical Jews in the Russia and Poland of the early twentieth century, who, while not supporting a Jewish nationalist movement, proposed a separate Jewish workers' movement committed to socialism within the society in which Jews lived and worked. (unquote). (p. 78). Obviously, Jewish involvement in Communism, here under the euphemism of socialism, and sometimes called the Zydokomuna, was much broader than membership in the Communist Party itself. >>more...

Jewish Elitism, Jewish Cosmopolitanism, Jewish Particularism

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A number of Christians, who had passed near synagogues in the past, had reported that Jewish worship was loud and chaotic. Were these opinions based solely on prejudice, or did they have some basis in fact? >>more...

Jew-Vs-Jew Inadvertently Illuminates Many Aspects of Past Polish-Jewish Relations,Real Jews: Secular Versus Ultra- Orthodox: The Struggle For Jewish Identity In Israel

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
There are many reviews of this item already posted. These other reviews inform the reader on the essential content of this work, and I will not repeat them. I take a totally different approach. Although this is not a book on Polish-Jewish relations, I write this review from that vantage point. >>more...


Monday, December 29, 2014
The oenerowcy did evaluate their political philosophies in juxtaposition with various fascist movements in Europe at the time. However, the ONR did so not in order to emulate them, but rather to compare them with its own, especially in the light of Poland's realities. (p. 19). >>more...

More Than Independence: Polish Political Thought 1918-1939

Monday, December 29, 2014
This anthology features many authors and political movements. Owing to its breadth, I focus on a few items.


Jan Jachymek introduces this movement to the reader, (quote) The people's movement was a current of thought of genuinely Polish origin, representing the interests of the numerically strongest social class, the peasantry, from whom the whole Polish nation arose. The first people's movement advocate was, in the general view, Tadeusz Kosciuszko, who epitomized the ideas of fight for the state's independence and the proper position of the peasants in it. (unquote). (p. 211). >>more...
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