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War and genocide History:Good Introduction to WWII Genocides. No De-Germanization of the Nazis; Limited Holocaust Supremacism; German Genocide of Poles

Saturday, December 9, 2017
Author Doris L. Bergen is Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto. This book is excellent in terms of its relative de-emphasis of Holocaust supremacism. That is, it avoids Holocaustspeak and the mystification of the Holocaust, and it gives nontrivial coverage to the long-neglected non-Jewish victims of the Nazis, notably the Poles. I focus on a few salient subjects in this comprehensive introductory book. >>more...


Saturday, December 2, 2017
  Żydzi przez Gomułkę zostali odsunięci od koryta władzy w PRL-u w porozumieniu z Chruszczowem, gdyż żydowska frakcja w PZPR otwarcie popierała Izrael za napaść na Arabów w 1967 w tzw. wojnie czerwcowej w 1967 roku. Wtedy ZSRR zbroiło Arabów i pilnowało też swoich wpływów tam gdzie jest najwięcej ropy naftowej na świecie. Popieranie „imperializmu amerykańskich” sojuszników jak Izraela w latach 1960-ch było sabotażem polityki Kremla, więc Chruszczow kazał wyrzucić obywateli polskich żydowskiego pochodzenia z PZPR-u i centralnych stanowisk władzy w Polsce. Chruszczow to samo w tedy zrobił w ZSRR.W 1981 roku cała granda „komandosów” tzn. synusiów „puławian” („puławianie” – to była frakcja obywateli polskich, ale żydowskiej narodowości w komunistycznym PZPR-e z lat 1944-1968) typu Michnik, Geremek, Mazowiecki itp. finansowani przez żydów amerykańskich, przygotowywali się latami i wyczekiwali na kolejny bunt sfrustrowanych polskich robotników przeciw kremlowskiemu reżimowi PRL-u, aby wykorzystać odpowiedni moment i zająć dogodne pozycje polityczne do kolejnego przejęcia władzy w Polsce. Pomagał im w tym Mossad.   06.09.1981 Gdansk Oliwa Pierwszy Krajowy Zjazd Delegatow NSZZ ” Solidarnosc ” n/z Jacek Kuron dzialacz opozycji demokratycznej , czlonek KSS KOR i Karol Modzelewski historyk , mediewista , dzialacz opozycji demokratycznej fot. Anna Beata Bohdziewicz/FOTONOVA Po roku 1968, żydzi latami w Polsce knuli intrygi i szykowali się zawzięcie do ponownego przejęcia władzy w Polsce. Sami żydzi w Polsce nie mogli by od razu samodzielnie stanąć na czele buntu robotników w Polsce, gdyż byli skompromitowani politycznie w oczach Polaków >>more...

Big Israel: How Israel's Lobby Moves America Paperback – February 5, 2016 by Grant F. Smith;Outstanding, Well-Supported Research on Jewish Influence, Pro-Israel Initiatives, and Holocaust Supremacism

Friday, December 1, 2017
On the back cover, author Grant F. Smith recounts the depth of his research. It also included some lawsuits to pry-loose the unwelcome information. This book centers on American Jews and the induced U. S. government support for the State of Israel. In my review, however, instead of repeating other reviewers, I focus on the induced pre-eminence of the Holocaust in the USA. It extends much beyond just the maintenance of popular support for Israel.


Bad Rabbi: And Other Strange but True Stories from the Yiddish Press (Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture) 1st Edition by Eddy Portnoy;Inadvertent Validation of Polish Cardinal Hlond’s Much-Maligned 1936 Statements

Friday, December 1, 2017
Author Eddy Portnoy is a researcher with the YIVO Institute. The setting of this fascinating work is foreign-ruled Poland, and the Jewish immigrant community in New York City, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Much of it focuses on the everyday foibles of Jewish life. These are of no interest to me, and I instead focus on matters of lasting significance in the understanding of Jewish life >>more...

The Politics of TRauma and memory:“Confronting Injustice”? Same-Old Song: Everything Blamed on Poles and Catholics. Revealing: Anti-PiS Politics

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
The same small circle of authors is behind books of this nature. Thus, for example, author Janine Holc has especial thanks for Brian Porter-Szucs, whose views are at least borderline cultural Marxist [check out my reviews of his books, and especially his blog, as I did]. There also are uncritically-cited “winners” such as Robert Blobaum, Barbara Engelking, Konstanty Gebert, Bozena Szaynok, Feliks Tych, Joanna Tokarska-Bakir, and of course the biggest hero of them all--Jan T. Gross. >>more...

Jabotinsky's Children: Polish Jews and the Rise of Right-Wing Zionism;Disciples of Trumpeldor: The Betar and Its Complex Relationship With the Pre-WWII Polish Government

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
This book contains a wealth of information. I focus on a few salient matters.


One commonly-voiced exculpation for Jews in Communism states that Jews were just seeking a better world [Who doesn’t?], and that they had no idea that Communism relied on violence and totalitarianism. This is patently untrue. Heller candidly writes that, “Despite knowledge of the violence and repression that had accompanied the early years of Soviet rule, many socialist Zionists were mesmerized by the romance of the Communist revolution, with its promise to promote social justice, abolish unearned privilege, and fight antisemitism.” (p. 48). >>more...

The first tithe;“Acquisitiveness” of “Post-Jewish” Property By Jews Themselves. Jewish Spies for USSR. Jews Desert Anders’ Army en Masse

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
The translator points out that Eldad was born in 1910 in Eastern Galicia, and his family lived in Lvov (p. 9) [Lwow, Lviv]. The author was in the Betar. Disappointingly, he has little to say about the Betarim in Poland, and most of his book is about anti-British violence in the Yishuv. Other reviewers have focused on this, and I will not repeat them.

Some takeaways from this book (not listed according to chronology of events):


holocaust and the european societies;Goodbye, JUDENJAGD. The German-Terror Object Lesson at Podborze: The REAL Reason That Poles Started Killing Jews

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
My review is limited to the eye-opening chapter by Tomasz Frydel, titled “The PAZIFIZIERUNGSAKTION as a Catalyst of Anti-Jewish Violence. A Study of the Social Dynamics of Fear”. It is outstanding.


Frydel’s work is refreshingly objective. It stands out in stark contrast to the standard narrative, especially as propounded by neo-Stalinist authors such as Jan T. Gross, Jan Grabowski (especially his JUDENJAGD), and Barbara Engelking. According to the standard narrative, Poles, apart from a handful of enlightened individuals that rescued Jews, were a terribly primitive people steeped in Catholic-patriotic traditions, making them (what else?) anti-Semitic, and therefore prone to denounce and kill fugitive Jews. >>more...

German Reparations and the Jewish World: A History of the Claims Conference 1st Edition;2-nd editionHolocaust Industry: Lack of Transparency. Post-WWII Polish-Jews-Feared-Poles Myth. Poland Targeted. “Holocaust Survivors” a Bait

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Author Ronald W. Zweig is a researcher, on the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. He is at Tel Aviv University. The author buys-in into Holocaust supremacism and into the mystification of the Holocaust. That is, he repeats, as fact, the presumed uniqueness of the Holocaust (in terms of moral issues and human experience), and endorses its presumed divorce from its genuine historical setting of war and destruction. (p. 9). Just saying it, over and over, does not make it so! >>more...

German reparations to Israel byNicholas Balabkins by WEsst Germans;Germans Voted-In Hitler. German Equipment to Israel. Holocaust Industry “Compassion to Holocaust Survivors” Racket

Friday, November 17, 2017
Although this work was published in 1971, it remains relevant. This owes to what nowadays is called the Holocaust Industry. It also relates to current German attempts to whitewash themselves.
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