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Saturday, July 18, 2009
Who lies? Across of our spectrum; presidents, senators representatives of every   branch of government, employees, of municipal, or other institutions, parents, children, grand-parents, wife’s, husbands, cardinals…  other religious leaders We lie more than we think. Without exaggeration everybody and anybody. Except. The parrots…do we have so many lies. It’s difficult to classify according to certain keys: For our sake of discussion, we can try to distinguish some most popular ones. Between others we can distinguish like: >>more...

Visas waiver for Poles

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Recent Poland’s exclusion from the list of states allowing visiting USA without required tourist visa procedures is like a slap in the face of pragmatically friend and long time associate of Poland and its people. USA governmental exotic explanation of failing some bureaucratic quota is rather chimerical and mildly put off mark. >>more...

Misinformation in information: AIG Obfuscation of Facts, false premises for right information.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
At the present time it’s known, that Secretary Gaithner knew in advance about bonuses to be paid by the Financial Products Group of AIG to its employees. Chris Dadd knew too. He was negotiated the payments between the Company and Administration. Edward Liddy agreed for bonuses in advance of the public fury and anger. AS “ad hoc” explanation, they gave: the fear of the law suits against Government costing more that bonuses. Does the explanation hold the ground? Are the Government lawyers, or AIG are knowledgeable as the other ones? >>more...
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