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Visas waiver for Poles

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recent Poland’s exclusion from the list of states allowing visiting USA without required tourist visa procedures is like a slap in the face of pragmatically friend and long time associate of Poland and its people. USA governmental exotic explanation of failing some bureaucratic quota is rather chimerical and mildly put off mark.

 Naturally, each country in its own self and national interest puts some bureaucratic rules and regulations to protect its borders and well being of its citizens.  Rules and regulations are rational when they serve the purpose they are created for, or prevent expected real or imagined dangers. Application of those rules and regulations must be done by governmental employees with purpose inside and applied to the conditions existing in the given reality. Fortunately for Poland and its citizens, these rules and regulations  at the present time and in the future are not only outdated, but they don’t serve the purpose , or are applied against any common sense ,not to mention against any rational purpose, or taking in to consideration actual facts existing in Poland. First of all, many Polish citizens documented, or not, are leaving USA at the staggering numbers. Air line tickets are bought one way USA –Poland only.  Polish   travel  agencies organizing leisure in USA are 80-90% geared to the temporary visitors from Poland staying here three weeks to two months the maximum. Not to mention many private site seeing excursions organized by families or friends for comings for temporary visit from Poland.  Immediate  access to the container shipments of goods is impossible. Long lines are formed for it. According to real estate agencies, there is increasing trend of Polish citizens baying real estates in the tourist attraction areas of USA, purposely omitting some South American regions. Previous USA labor market attraction for Poles is replaced definitively by more attractive EU labor market awarding better salaries, closer to home country, even a lot cheaper transportation costs. Recent student exchange programs between USA and Poland were vivid testimony of this trend. USA citizens of polish origin( about 10 millions ) , often are uncomfortable and feeling discriminated against  that they can’t  enjoy  their  cousins , or friends from Poland freely and without burden  of being suspected   seeking unauthorized work  in USA. At the present time, when elections are coming, American Polonia will go to the pools and be part of big democratic victory at many levels of the government, firmly expecting that very soon Poland would be part of privileged countries like South Korea, Slovakia, or Latvia.  We urge Polish descendants to vote democratic and show that we are serious to expect that democratic victory will be overwhelming and this same time we will receive firm commitments to pass proper legislation to void discriminatory practices against our friends, neighbors, or cousins from Poland. Sincerely ours, Marian Baginski Ph.d.. Interpolonia’s Public Affairs 
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